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Baby, It’s Freaking Cold Outside – FREE Winter SVG Files

November 6, 2018

Who doesn’t love free? Grab these FREE Christmas SVG files available to download below. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

To follow along with our free Thanksgiving SVG files, we’ve now made you 16 FREE Christmas SVG files for you to make your own Baby, it’s cold outside Christmas coffee mug using some vinyl. Head to the bottom of the post to learn how you can win your very own 12X10″ Cricut EasyPress.

Supplies for your DIY Christmas coffee cup

Easy peasy to get this DIY holiday mug. Cut your vinyl using your electronic cutter. I prefer to use the Cricut machine. I just feel like my cuts are a lot cleaner and it cuts through material better compared to my Silhouette. I haven’t had the opportunity to use a Silhouette machine for about 3 years now so they may have gotten better.

Now weed out the excess vinyl. You can use a weeding tool or a safety pin to pull up the extras. Just remove whatever you don’t want as your image you’re transferring.

How do I apply vinyl to a cup?

After the image is weeded, cut your transfer tape to fit the image. Lay the transfer tape onto your image and then use your scraper tool to get it adhered. Do not press it too hard because you want the vinyl to come back off. Peel the transfer tape off. You should have the image onto the transfer tape.

Lay your transfer tape and image on your coffee mug and then use your scraper tool to transfer your image. Use your scraper tool to press on top of the transfer tape over your shape. Slowly lift the corner of the transfer tape and pull up. Your vinyl will remain on the mug.

Sometimes it helps to pull your transfer tape in a rocking motion and that will help loosen it off the vinyl.

Where can I find FREE Christmas SVG files?

grab tour FREE Christmas SVG files at the like below. They’re perfect for aprons, towels, shirts, and bags. Use your EasyPress, Heat Press or iron to apply the Iron-On Vinyl. And don’t forget to head to Creative Family for a 12X10″ EasyPress Giveaway! 

  1. Elf (Movie) Quote
  2. Hallmark Movie Watching Shirt
  3. Merry Christmas Y’all
  4. Baby’s 1st Christmas
  5. Farm Fresh Christmas Tree Sign
  6. Cookies for Santa Plate
  7. You Serious Clark?
  8. 3D Paper Ornament
  9. Baby, It’s Really Freaking Cold Outside
  10. Baking Spirits Bright
  11. My Favorite Color is Christmas Lights
  12. The Stars are Brightly Shining
  13. Christmas Calories Don’t Count
  14. It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Shopping
  15. You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out (Christmas Story)
  16. I’m A Christmas Songs Kinda Girl

free christmas svg files to cut on your Cricut or Silhouette


Cricut Maker vs. Cricut Explore Air 2 – Should you upgrade?

October 31, 2018

Should you upgrade your Cricut Explore to the Cricut Maker? The short answer is yes. I’m going to show you all the capabilities you will have and more opportunities you have to create when you upgrade your Cricut machine. 
This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

What’s the biggest difference in the Cricut Maker vs Cricut Explore Air 2? You can cut so many more materials and it’s just not a machine for crafters anymore. So many uses and so I’m going to show you why you should take your Cricut Explore Air 2 and upgrade it to a Cricut Maker.

What Cricut Machine should you own?

I have both machines. I started originally on the 6″ Cricut and then wanted to try the Expression so badly because I wanted more opportunity with my machine. The attached screen to show what your were designing was confusing so I never took the plunge. I waited a long while to get a new electronic cutter because I had to compare all makes and models before taking the plunge.

A few years later I won a Silhouette off of the internet and so I was Team Silhouette for a while. I would get so frustrated with the dang thing because the software wasn’t newbie friendly and then it would always tear the paper or not cut through the material and I was frustrated, to say the least. 

After I had all but thrown it in the bin, I got the opportunity to start working with Cricut and they provided me with their first Cricut Explore. I was so happy with the cuts and so thrilled I could cut more materials with the Explore. And then they released the Cricut Explore Air 2, and in mint no less. I had all the opportunities to do the same work I had been doing but now I wasn’t tied down to wherever my computer was, I could craft on the go and it was fun!

I didn’t start having real fun or pushing my capabilities as a crafter until I started using the Cricut Explore Air 2. I was finally trying new things and different materials and I thought it couldn’t ever get better. And then in August 2017, they announced the Cricut Maker.

The Cricut Maker can do all the same things your Cricut Explore can but more! You still have the classic blades like the Fine Point Blade and the Deep Cut Blade that the Cricut Maker can use. But now you have the Rotary Blade (which is included), a Cricut Knife Blade and the new Scoring Wheel. Let’s break down what each of these blades can cut that you won’t be able to cut on your Cricut Explore Air 2.

What fabrics can the Cricut Maker Rotary Blade Cut?

Bamboo Fabric
Burn-Out Velvet
Chantilly Lace
Charmeuse Satin
Cotton, Bonded
Crepe Charmeuse
Crepe Paper
Crepe-back Satin
Denim, Bonded
Dotted Swiss
Double Cloth
Double Knit
Duck Cloth
Dupioni Silk
Faux Fur
Faux Suede
Flex Foam
Fusible Fabric
Fusible Fleece
Fusible Interfacing
Grois Point
Homespun Fabric
Insulbrite Batting
Interlock Knit
La Coste
Light Cotton
Light Cotton, 2 Layers
Light Cotton, 3 Layers
Linen, Bonded
Melton Wool
Monk’s Cloth
Oil Cloth, Bonded
Panne Velvet
Peau de Soie
Pima Cotton
Pique Cotton
Polyester, Bonded
Printable Fabric
Quilt Batting
Raschel Knit
Rayon Lyocell
Rib Knit
Rip-Stop Nylon
Satin Silk
Shantung Santeen
Silk China
Silk, Bonded
Slinky Knit
Terry Cloth
Ultra Firm Stabilizer
Velvet Upholstery
Waffle Cloth
Wool Crepe

What can the Cricut Knife Blade cut?

Balsa – 1/16 in
Balsa – 3/32 in
Basswood – 1/16
Basswood – 1/32
Birch, Permanent Adhesive
Cereal Box
Corrugated Cardboard
Craft Foam
Cricut Cutting Mat Protector
EVA Foam
Flat Cardboard
Foil Poster Board
Gel Sheet
Heavy Chipboard – 2.0 mm
Kraft Board
Leather -Garment 1-7 oz
Leather – Tooling 1-7 oz
Light Chipboard – 0.37mm
Matboard 4 Ply
Metal Gauge
Plastic Canvas
Plastic Packaging
Poster Board
Stencil Film

What is the Cricut Scoring Wheel?

The Cricut Scoring Wheel works with the Cricut Maker and the Smart Tool Adaptive System. You can only use the Cricut Scoring Wheel in the Cricut Maker. You can use the Cricut Scoring Tool in both Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore.

The Cricut Scoring Wheel comes with the .01 wheel which will produce a single scoreline. You have the option to buy the scoring wheel with both the .01 cap and the .02 cap. These caps are easily interchangeable. You just press the button on the top round area of the Cricut Scoring Wheel and then it will release allowing you to change to the other cap.

The .02 cap has the capability to produce two scorelines which are great for creating 3D objects. The Cricut Scoring Wheel .02 cap allows scoring of thicker materials so that they do not break or rip when you’re folding them along the scoreline.

The Cricut Maker uses more force so that you’re not lost as to why you can’t see the scoreline. In the picture below, I’ve shown you an acetate box that I’ve scored with the .01 and the Scoring Tool in my Cricut Explore Air 2. You can absolutely see the difference and I haven’t even folded the acetate at all when I took these pictures. showing score lines on acetate

Which Cricut Maker tool is your favorite?

I have really loved all of them but the Cricut Scoring Wheel is my favorite. It has made making my own party goods that much easier. I have all the things in the world at my home to make boxes but I couldn’t get a deep enough score or cut to really to create them. When the Cricut Scoring Wheel and the Cricut Knife Blade were released, I’ve been able to use more of my own products and not going to the store because I need that one thing. I can make them all with my Cricut Maker.

Why should I buy a Cricut Maker?

I’m here to tell you that you will do more than you thought you could with your Cricut Maker. I’ve been able to create nursery signs with basswood, I’ve made my sons Halloween Maui costume, I’ve made an awesome front porch using all things Cricut Maker and I’ve loved every second of it.

Just to show you some versatility, I scored these boxes with each a scoring wheel and the scoring tool. You’ll see in the picture above that the scoreline wasn’t very visible with the scoring tool so the dad box is folded by hand and the seams are messy.

I’m a perfectionist so the Cricut Maker helps aide in my OCD by creating perfect projects every time. If you’re wondering when is the best time to buy a Cricut Maker is, usually Black Friday has the best deals because everything is in a bundle rather than the machine alone. It’s worth every penny of investing so I suggest you grab one today!

how to score acetatecricutmas acetate gift boxes

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Birthday Parties - Clothing DIY - Cricut - Movies

Harry Potter Socks | Harry Potter Party Favors

October 30, 2018

These DIY Harry Potter socks are perfect for your next Harry Potter party. Create the perfect Harry Potter party favor and attach the free Harry Potter printable.  Harry Potter socksThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve partnered up with LEGO to bring your next Harry Potter party to a whole new level. Create your very own Harry Potter socks and attach the LEGO Harry Potter printable to the top of the bag. Manage your own Mischief with these Mischief Managed socks made with your Cricut.

I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted that I’m addicted to any LEGO game and LEGO Harry Potter is my favorite of them all. I can’t decide if I like the Harry Potter years 1-4 or Harry Potter years 5-7 but they’re amazing. They’re even more amazing when you can be the only player in a family of 6. But now you can buy them both at the same time and you know I bought it again for my XBox One.

supplies for Harry Potter socks

Supplies for your DIY Harry Potter Socks

lego VoldemortTo make your Harry Potter party favors, cut the Mischief Managed picture with your electronic cutter. Be sure to mirror your image before it cuts. Lay your socks upside down on your surface. The opening will be on the table and the hole will be away from you. Pay attention to your sock position so that you can get your Mischief Managed socks facing the correct way.putting itv on socks put iron on vinyl on socksI use an EasyPress Mat but you can also use a folded towel. Use a surface that will help distribute even heat and won’t bend. Ironing boards are not ideal to use with the EasyPress. The middle easily bends and won’t allow you to get an even pressing. I use a wood board because that is what I have for my blogging backdrops. You can use your countertop but some materials will pull the heat from the EasyPress and the temperature will drop. using the small EasyPressPress your iron-on vinyl according to manufacturers instructions. Cricut has a new interactive guide to what kind of heat setting you need and how long to press it using an iron or the EasyPress. If you’re going to use an iron, read this post on how to really get your iron-on vinyl to stay.

Once you’ve pressed your Mischief Managed socks, go ahead and fold them and place them into your cellophane bag. It’s easier if your cellophane bag is flat so that you won’t have issues when you go to staple your Harry Potter treat topper on.  Harry Potter bag topper

More Harry Potter Party Ideas

I love LEGO’s and they’ve been a favorite of my boys. Malakai even loves the smaller LEGO’s and that works great for his small motor skills. I have yet to figure out a LEGO storage situation in our house though.

These Harry Potter socks are the perfect party favor. I’ve been having lots of Harry Potter fun with my Luna Lovegood confetti and I’m working on more felt ornaments for our Harry Potter Christmas tree to go along with Hedwig. Grab the free printable for personal use only above.  Harry Potter movie confetti  felt Hedwig ornament

Cricut - Sewing

DIY Rice Heating Pad for all those aches and pains.

October 27, 2018

Disclosure: I received compensation from Aleve to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own. #NeverBackDown #Aleve #CollectiveBias #advertisement rice filled heating pad

Just this past week I got a call from my oldest son that he had thrown out his back. This was like dejavu to the time when I started getting back pain when I was younger. He said he twisted to stretch his back and it just gave out on him. He had the hardest time in the car on the drive to take him home. I gave him some Aleve Back & Muscle Pain that I had on hand and told him to go lay flat on the floor on his back with this DIY Rice Heating Pad. Aleve back & muscle pain

I started getting back pain around age 13. I’ve seen specialists, physical therapists, alternative medicine doctors all to try and get my spine to act the way it’s supposed to act. I still have good days and bad but, taking Aleve Back & Muscle Pain when I have a flare can help neutralize the pain that my back causes me. Aleve Back & Muscle Pain is now available at Walmart. Only Aleve offers up to 12 hours of pain relief in just 1 pill*. All Day Strong, All Day long. *Among leading OTC brands,. based on minimum labeled dosing. Use as Directed.

I know this is the same route my oldest son is headed. It’s a good thing for me as a mother to have experienced this same issue so that I can assist him in him finding what medicines and routines work for his own back pain.

I know that for him and I, heat works the best to help calm down the back and muscle pain. Find what works best for you and if ice is better for you, do that in conjunction with some Aleve Back & Muscle Pain. 

Supplies for your DIY Rice Heating Pad

  • Flannel Fabric from Walmart (1/3 yard)
  • Long Grain White Rice
  • Heat N Bond tape

buffalo check flannel pouches filled with rice

I’ve decided to make us some rice-filled heating pads that will warm up in a few minutes and can be taken with you wherever you may be. Just warm these homemade rice heating pads in the microwave and it will retain its heat for around 15 minutes. That’s the perfect amount of time for heat therapy that works for me.

How do you make a Rice Heating Pad?

To make your DIY rice heating pad, you’re going to need a few things. I used my craft tool to cut the flannel but you can just use a rotary cutter if you do not own a special crafting tool.  I’ve included the special file for the rice heating pads that you can cut with your electronic cutter or just cut your fabric to be 8”X11”. how to put fabric on the Cricut mat remove fabric from Cricut matYou’ll lay right sides together and sew a ¼” seam around the edges. Reinforce your first and last stitch so that the fabric won’t unravel as you add your rice. Leave a 3-4” opening at the top. Grab a small plastic or paper cup and remove the bottom so that this will act as a funnel for your rice in your rice heating pad. matching seams of fabricFill your DIY rice heating pad with the rice and then use some Heat n’ Bond tape to seal the edges. You can top stitch if you’d like but that’s just one extra step for me. turning fabric pouch ride side outsealing flannel fabric together

That’s it for automatic relief and it’s inexpensive. Heating pads at the store have cost me upwards of $30 and so if I can make this for pennies, why not you either?

How long do I put my Rice Heating Pad in the Microwave?

Start heating your rice-filled heating pad at one minute. Two minutes in the microwave if you want your DIY rice heating pad to be extra warm. Keep an eye on your heating pad so that it doesn’t smoke. Just warm your heating pad at one-minute intervals in the microwave. diy rice heating pad

Aleve knows that I need to live my best life and they help me do that. I’m dedicated to helping heal my son and I want him to have a fulfilling life free of back pain. He is a lover of sports and I’m so happy to see him at his happiest on the field. 

uncle drew sweepstakes

Head to your local Walmart and grab some Aleve Back & Muscle Pain. When you buy two and submit your receipt, you’ll receive a $5 Walmart eGift Card. Go here for a chance to win $3500 and learn other ways you can enter to win.

  • To claim rebate: purchase two (2) Aleve products (80ct or larger) at any retailer between 9/15/18-10/31/18 on a single receipt, and text ALEVE to 555888 to receive submission instructions. Rebate: one (1) $5 Walmart eGift Card. Rebate offer valid 9/15/18-10/31/18, while supplies last. Limit one rebate per person. Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery. eGift Card subject to printed terms. Reply STOP to unsubscribe or HELP for help. 4 messages per month. Msg & Data rates may apply.
  • NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes starts on 9/15/18 and ends 10/31/18, Legal residents of the 50 US/DC 18+. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules Visit to enter. Legal residents of 50 US/DC only, 18 years of age or older. 

aleve on Walmart shelf

Christmas - Cricut

DIY Felt Hedwig for your Harry Potter Christmas Tree

October 25, 2018

Use your Cricut to cut out this felt Hedwig ornament for your Harry Potter themed Christmas tree. diy Harry Potter ornamentThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Harry Potter. I’ve seen all the movies but have only read the first two books. Don’t get after me for my lack of HP knowledge but I can make a mean Harry Potter Christmas Tree. Create these felt Hedwig ornaments to hang along with your other DIY Harry Potter ornaments.

Supplies for your DIY Harry Potter Ornament

To make your Harry Potter Christmas Ornament, use your Cricut Maker to cut out all of your felt pieces along with your feather detail out of the iron-on vinyl.felt owl cutouts* Because of the small pieces that needed to be cut by the rotary blade, the blade will over cut on those pieces causing them to break away easier from the other felt. That’s ok. Just continue gluing those pieces to the top of the owl cut out and you won’t be able to tell. using the Cricut EasyPressYou can use an iron for your HTV or I have an < EasyPress so I just use that. The most important thing to remember when using iron-on vinyl is that you need to mirror your image. The most important thing to remember when you’re pressing the iron-on vinyl on your surface is to have no steam.

If you’re using foil iron-on vinyl, always wait for it to cool before you peel. I just wait until it is cool to the touch. You will need to give it a firmer pull when you take the carrier sheet off of your foil iron-on.

How do I glue felt together?

I use Aileen’s Fabric Fusion to glue my felt together. It is permanent and gives a great adhesion without having to add heat. It sets in 2-4 hours or there is a quick-dry fabric fusion that dries 5X faster.

Hot glue is also an option but it’s hot and it hurts when you burn your fingers 😉 applying fabric glue to feltglueing felt to feltgluing the beak to a felt owlTake the small tab and place a dot of glue at the end and then fold it in half. Use a clip to hold it in place while it dries.

Now that the front of your Harry Potter Hedwig ornament is mostly dry, it’s time to assemble the entire ornament.

Place glue on the front of your back piece (this will be the middle). Put your tab between Hedwig’s ears and then put a bit more glue on the bottom of that tab. Put your top piece over the glued area and the tab and then set aside to dry. hand holding 3 Hedwig ornamentsOnce your Harry Potter ornament is dry, thread some twine or ribbon through the loop and tie. You’ll now have your DIY Hedwig ornament complete. Stay tuned for more Harry Potter ornaments to be revealed throughout the season. felt Hedwig ornament

Cricut - Halloween - Party Time

Jack Skellington Cupcake Toppers for your next Halloween Party

October 23, 2018

I am not the average person when it comes to the ideas of what can be created during the Halloween season. These Nightmare Before Christmas cupcakes are perfect for ringing in the Halloween season.  This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I haven’t met someone who doesn’t love The Nightmare Before Christmas. When I watch the movie I’m all in it for the songs and the animation. Jack Skellington is one of my favorite characters in the film because of his flair for dramatics. Make this Nightmare Before Christmas party food for your next Nightmare Before Christmas party. 

Supplies for your Nightmare Before Christmas party cupcakes

So the easy part, print off your Jack Skellington cupcake topper using Cricut Design Space. Then you’ll load them into your Cricut machine and allow that to do the cutting. Cut out the black cardstock of the silhouette so that you have something to place your Jack Skellington pictures to it.

How do I print with my Cricut?

So it’s not actually your Cricut that is printing. To print with your Cricut, you’ll need an actual printer which will print off your design and the registration marks. Place that printed paper onto your Cricut mat and then load it into your machine. The Cricut has an electronic reader near the blade and that will read your registration marks so that your machine will know where to cut.

*You will need to have calibrated your Cricut Machine before you’re able to cut precisely on your Cricut. Go here to learn how to calibrate your Cricut.

How to make Jack Skellington cupcake toppers

Use some hot glue to attach the Nightmare Before Christmas toppers to the toothpick or skewer. These Jack Skellington cupcake toppers are sure to be a hit at any party. 

Cricut - Scrapbooking

Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade Page Layout with Xyron

October 22, 2018

I love this line from Graphic 45. Learn how I created a 3D effect using my Cricut and the
Xyron Creative Station. Learn how your can win your own goodies from Xyron and Graphic 45 below. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

The Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade paper is some of my new favorite scrapbooking paper. The paper is thick and cuts perfectly when using my Cricut. I used this circle shape from Paige Evans and then layered it on top of the same paper to create this 3D effect. 

Supplies for your Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade Page Layout

I began by cutting the first page of the Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade Paper Pad. I placed it on my Cricut cutting mat and then removed the tabs. Keep the page that is cut up so you can easily match the pieces. I didn’t do this so it took me a while to match up all the pieces. I started with the outside and then moved towards the center.

When I removed the pieces I just took a handful and placed the 3D adhesive dots on some and then ran the others through the Xyron Creative Station. I love the randomness of the 3D shapes and the others that are like a puzzle.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the feathers and then I added some Doodlebug enamel dots in random areas. Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade is a stunning line with pops of teal, purple and green. Its colors range in the cool range and so finding coordinating scrapbook lines to match.

Now for the giveaway!

Head to the Xyron Facebook Page and find the Graphic 45 creations by the other Xyron Design Team members and comment on the photo. You’ll be entered to win the Graphic 45 Christmas and a Xyron Mega Runner. There will be two winners so good luck!

Cricut - Halloween

Halloween Teresa Collins Journal with Xyron

October 19, 2018

Halloween is right around the corner, what better way to show your excitement by personalizing this Teresa Collins journal and adding a fun shaker tag. teresa collins notebook decorated for halloweenThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your Support.

I love this new Teresa Collins Journal that is available at Hobby Lobby. I also used some of her fabulous giant matte black sequins to add to this Halloween shaker tag to deliver to someone special who has a healthy love of Halloween.

hand holding sequins

Supplies for your Halloween Teresa Collins Journal

Begin by using your nesting dies and cut one large circle out of the white and the acetate sheet. Use the largest and second largest to cut out a black circle and a circle out of the foam. Use your Cricut Machine to cut out the Teresa Collins shapes.

Run your spider, spider web and the black outline circle through your Xyron Mega Runner. running paper through a xyron

Now let’s assemble our Halloween notebook

Start with your base white circle and place the black adhesive foam circle to the outer edges of the circle. Place your spider web in the middle and lay the spider on top. Add your jumbo sequins to the middle. applying spider web to cardround tag with spider putting sequins in a shaker cardNow lay your acetate circle over the top of everything and then adhere your outer black circle to the top. black glitter paper circleUse your orange HTV and cut out whichever word you want. I chose to write “This Halloween”. Weed your excess HTV and lay it on your Teresa Collins journal and press with your EasyPress. weeding htv

How do I use the EasyPress on Paper?

When you use your EasyPress on paper, you want to go for a low temperature. I use the 250ºF setting with a time limit of 10 seconds. applying htv to paper using the easypress on paper how to peel htv

Remove your carrier sheet from the HTV and then tie some ribbon around the Teresa Collins journal. Use some double-sided painters tape to adhere the Halloween shaker tag to the top of the notebook and ribbon.

I love how this Cricut Halloween shaker tag looks almost like a crystal ball. The glitter cardstock I chose goes perfectly with the saying on my Teresa Collins journal and it’s a perfect neighbor or friend gift. Happy Haunting. halloween journal with sequins