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Custom T-Shirt for Valentines Day – FREE Heart Throb SVG

January 4, 2019

Make a Custom T-Shirt for Valentines Day with this super cute free Valentine SVG file. Make it for a toddler or that natural heartthrob in your life. Use your Cricut, Silhouette, or Brother Scan ‘N Cut to create this easy Valentine T-Shirt.

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I love making seasonal SVG files and for the past few months I made a Baby, It’s Really Freaking Cold Outside mug and my New Year, Same Mess t-shirt. I wanted to create a boy version of what I’m planning on showing you on Tuesday (it’s super cute). Create this easy custom t-shirt in no time.

How do I make a custom t-shirt?

To make your own custom t-shirt you’re going to need a few essentials. You’re going to need an electronic cutting machine and some Heat Transfer Vinyl (also known as Iron On or HTV). You will also need a weeding tool, heat press, Cricut EasyPress or an Iron.

To learn how to apply HTV in layers and with an Iron, click here.

You want something that has zero steam. You can use your iron but be sure that the temperature is correct and the steam function is off. Read your manufacturers instructions on what temperature to use and if your HTV is cold or hot peel.

When cutting your image from a Cricut or Silhouette, you need to be sure that the mirror function is on. You want to cut it in mirror mode and then you will weed or peel off what you do not want on your t-shirt. You do not want your image to cut completely through the carrier sheet.

Your entire image will be on the carrier sheet. Obviously, each color is different here so I had three images on three separate carrier sheets. I started with the Heart saying and then pressed for around 20 seconds, then the black for 20 and then the grey for 30 seconds, turned the shirt over and pressed for another 15 seconds.

When using multiple colors of HTV, you want to be sure that whatever you pressed before is covered before you press the next image. Just use the carrier sheet that you peeled off first and lay it over the red after you have laid the black image down.

Just to be clear, start with your red and press 20 seconds, peel off the carrier sheet from the red image and then lay your black image down. Place the carrier sheet from the red back over the areas that would be exposed when you’re pressing the black image. Do the same for the grey heart to ensure that the black and red are covered again.

Supplies needed to make your own custom t-shirt

heart throb valentine t-shirt

Christmas - Clothing DIY - Cricut

Toddler Christmas Shirts for the Holidays

November 26, 2018

We all love Christmas but we love it more when our kids look the part. Create this children’s Christmas shirt using the FREE Christmas SVG file. free Christmas svg on shirtThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Malakai has been all over the place lately. I often wonder how I ever did parenting with three kids, not in school and my house was clean. I blame the cleanliness on one thing – we have too much crap laying around here. While cleaning out drawers of old clothes I came upon this red baseball tee. I figured it was perfect to make Malakai a cute Christmas alphabet shirt with this free Christmas SVG file.

Supplies for your Kids Christmas T-Shirt

So now that Malakai is in preschool, he’s starting to learn his letters. I made these letters in the shape of a tree to bring in more excitement for Christmas.

This free Christmas SVG file doesn’t need to be used for a toddler shirt. Place it on a wood plank or even a shirt for you.

toddler red Christmas shirt

Where can I find FREE Christmas SVG files?

The best places I have found to get FREE Christmas SVG files is blogs. Use Google, use Pinterest, use Etsy as inspiration. Just search for free SVG files and the item you’re looking for and things will pop-up like crazy.

I also like to buy my SVG files. Etsy is awesome, there are also blogs like Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, Happiness is Homemade, Pineapple Paper Co., and Everyday Party Magazine are all sites I like to buy my SVG files from.

Birthday Parties - Clothing DIY - Cricut - Movies

Harry Potter Socks | Harry Potter Party Favors

October 30, 2018

These DIY Harry Potter socks are perfect for your next Harry Potter party. Create the perfect Harry Potter party favor and attach the free Harry Potter printable.  Harry Potter socksThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve partnered up with LEGO to bring your next Harry Potter party to a whole new level. Create your very own Harry Potter socks and attach the LEGO Harry Potter printable to the top of the bag. Manage your own Mischief with these Mischief Managed socks made with your Cricut.

I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted that I’m addicted to any LEGO game and LEGO Harry Potter is my favorite of them all. I can’t decide if I like the Harry Potter years 1-4 or Harry Potter years 5-7 but they’re amazing. They’re even more amazing when you can be the only player in a family of 6. But now you can buy them both at the same time and you know I bought it again for my XBox One.

supplies for Harry Potter socks

Supplies for your DIY Harry Potter Socks

lego VoldemortTo make your Harry Potter party favors, cut the Mischief Managed picture with your electronic cutter. Be sure to mirror your image before it cuts. Lay your socks upside down on your surface. The opening will be on the table and the hole will be away from you. Pay attention to your sock position so that you can get your Mischief Managed socks facing the correct way.putting itv on socks put iron on vinyl on socksI use an EasyPress Mat but you can also use a folded towel. Use a surface that will help distribute even heat and won’t bend. Ironing boards are not ideal to use with the EasyPress. The middle easily bends and won’t allow you to get an even pressing. I use a wood board because that is what I have for my blogging backdrops. You can use your countertop but some materials will pull the heat from the EasyPress and the temperature will drop. using the small EasyPressPress your iron-on vinyl according to manufacturers instructions. Cricut has a new interactive guide to what kind of heat setting you need and how long to press it using an iron or the EasyPress. If you’re going to use an iron, read this post on how to really get your iron-on vinyl to stay.

Once you’ve pressed your Mischief Managed socks, go ahead and fold them and place them into your cellophane bag. It’s easier if your cellophane bag is flat so that you won’t have issues when you go to staple your Harry Potter treat topper on.  Harry Potter bag topper

More Harry Potter Party Ideas

I love LEGO’s and they’ve been a favorite of my boys. Malakai even loves the smaller LEGO’s and that works great for his small motor skills. I have yet to figure out a LEGO storage situation in our house though.

These Harry Potter socks are the perfect party favor. I’ve been having lots of Harry Potter fun with my Luna Lovegood confetti and I’m working on more felt ornaments for our Harry Potter Christmas tree to go along with Hedwig. Grab the free printable for personal use only above.  Harry Potter movie confetti  felt Hedwig ornament

Clothing DIY - Cricut

Make your own custom shoes with your Cricut

October 12, 2018

Custom shoes are not cheap but making your own can save you a whole lotta money so try this hack today and make your own custom shoes. black, grey and black shoes with halloween decalsThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Have you ever searched the clearance center and buy things because they’re cheap. You have no clue what to even do with it but you saved a lot of money…this is my save a lot of money project. I bought size 11 sneakers from Target for $3 each and figured I’ll give them to my sister because that’s her shoe size. I did have to make my own custom shoes though before she got them in her hot little hands.

I like these DIY custom shoes because the vinyl is the same color as the actual shoe. It’s glitter iron-on vinyl and it just adds a bit of shine when it hits the right light. I’m all about wearing subtle glitter.

To make your own customized shoes you’re going to need a few things.grey shoes with skeleton on the back

DIY Custom Shoes Supply List

Do I need a Cricut to cut Iron-On Vinyl?

You do not need a cutting machine to use iron-on vinyl, however, I recommend one. The Cricut or Silhouette will be able to make perfect cuts of your iron-on vinyl. You can hand cut your own iron-on vinyl, you just need to remember to do it as a mirrored image. You can even use some decorative paper punches but each HTV is different so I’m not sure what force you’d need to cut through the shape and the carrier sheet.

When you cut iron-on on your Cricut or Silhouette, the image will kiss cut the carrier sheet, almost like stickers are. You’ll have whatever image you want to adhere stay on the carrier sheet and remove anything you do not want.customize your own shoes with iron on vinyl

How do I make customized shoes?

This is really easy. Measure the area of your shoe that you will use your glitter iron-on vinyl. Be sure that your image will fit and will be cohesive with your shoes.

Use the shape that you’ve cut out of iron-on vinyl. Use the mini iron and have it on it’s highest setting for glitter iron-on. Just move your mini iron over the cut image and go over it until you can see it releasing from the carrier sheet.

Glitter iron-on does ok without the carrier sheet but you have to be careful. You cannot hold it in one spot for longer than 3-5 seconds. Just swiftly move your mini iron over your image until you’re satisfied with the adhesion.

That’s it. It’s so easy to make these DIY customized shoes and you can make it match any season or any wardrobe. I remember my great grandma had a striped rainbow shirt and the matching Keds shoes and she was fly. You can be just as fly as Grandma Jarvis if you try hard enough.spider vinyl ironed on to shoes

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The Easiest Fall T-Shirt That You Can Make Yourself!

September 13, 2018

Making this DIY Fall T-Shirt is easier than you could ever imagine. Use the pumpkin SVG file to make your own at home. Plus see how the three of us took the same pumpkin SVG and made it our own. This DIY Fall T-Shirt is perfect to make with your Cricut or Silhouette and all you need is this pumpkin svg file to make your own. #fallfashion #cricutshirtThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve teamed up with Everyday Party Magazine and Pineapple Paper Co. to show you guys the easiest way to use one pumpkin SVG file and create three different projects. We all use a Cricut but this can easily be used with any craft cutting machine.

Supplies for your DIY Fall T-Shirt

To begin, head on over to this shop and purchase your pumpkin SVG file. The top and the bottom are separated at the stem so that you can make it two different colors. I wanted it all solid so I welded the shape and then cut out my whole pumpkin.

How do I mirror an image in Cricut Design Space?

Whenever you’re cutting Iron-On Vinyl or HTV, you want to be sure and mirror your image before you cut. When you use Cricut Design Space to mirror your image, you will be taken to the mat preview screen. You can just slide the indicator over to choose what you want your image reversed.

If you pressed go before you have mirrored it but not yet cut it, you can select the edit button in the lower right-hand side of the mat and then mirror it on that screen

If you forget to mirror your image and you’ve already cut your vinyl, it is ruined. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. You’re going to have your letters turn out backward and no one wants that.

I have wasted a lot of product because I have forgotten to mirror my image. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

What weeding tools will I need?

A weeding tool is something that is going to remove the negative image from your carrier sheet. Leave whatever part of the image you want on your DIY Fall T-Shirt on the carrier sheet. If a piece happens to fall off, you can stick it back on but save that for the end.

You’ll need something that is sharp and that most likely has a hook. I like to use a spare piece of transfer tape to collect my HTV scraps. I like the Cricut Weeding Tool Set because it has everything you’ll ever need. If you don’t want to buy all of them, just buy the one weeding tool that is packaged separately.

Some people use safety pins and others prefer the tools. I think the weeding tool is something important to have because you’ll use it a lot more than just removing vinyl.

How do I attach my pumpkin SVG to my T-Shirt?

I like to use my EasyPress whenever I am pressing HTV to any surface. A lot of people use heat presses which you can find at a similar cost to the EasyPress. I use the EasyPress because I have zero room in my home to store an industrial heat press.

When using any heating object, always have a cushion of some sort underneath your material. If you use a heat press, that is all in your machine but if you use an EasyPress, I highly recommend getting the EasyPress Mat.

If you are going to use a household iron, remember to use lots of pressure and maybe place a rolled towel on the floor or table and press there rather than an ironing board. Go here to learn all my tips on how I use an iron for my HTV.

This DIY Fall T-Shirt is perfect to make with your Cricut or Silhouette and all you need is this pumpkin svg file to make your own. #fallfashion #cricutshirtFollow all manufacturers instructions on time and temperature when you’re pressing your pumpkin SVG to your DIY Fall T-Shirt. Pay attention to the material of your shirt and what they recommend for that too. Some Iron-On Vinyl will have a high temp but your material won’t handle it. With cotton blend shirts, Cricut recommends 305ºF for 25-30 seconds for their Everyday Iron-On Vinyl.

Clothing DIY - Cricut

DIY Unicorn Nail Decals using your Cricut Explore

May 14, 2018

Did you know you can use stencil vinyl and your Cricut Explore to make DIY nail decals? Read this post to find out how easy it is to create nail stencils and make your own nail art. Create your own nail decal with stencil materialThis post contains affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, I receive a small commission from your purchase. Thank you for your support.
Create your own nail decals using the stencil material from Expressions Vinyl-2

I love DIY nail art just like the next person but I had never tried to create my own DIY nail decals before. I grabbed some stencil vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and cut it with my Cricut Explore and it turned out perfect. Next time I attempt it, I will use brighter colors but I’m not a bright nail person.
Create your own nail decals using the stencil material from Expressions Vinyl-7I already own a mini OPI light so I’m able to do my own gel polish at home and that’s just what I’m going to have to do from now on. You can find a similar system here but I got my OPI kit at Sephora and it came with all the basics. You certainly don’t need a light to do this and this can be done with regular nail polish. Just allow it to dry for quite a while before painting on your decal.


Create your own nail decals using the stencil material from Expressions Vinyl-17I painted my nails with the gel base coat and allowed it to set in the light for 20 seconds each hand. I then painted one coat of black and I had them set under the UV light for another 20 seconds. Next, I  topped it off with the no wipe top coat and let that set under the light for at least 30 seconds. I did wipe them with alcohol before I put that chrome powder on so that I would have a clean nail and I’d get a good shine. Don’t use too much of the powder, a little goes a long way. Rub the powder into your nail until you see the shine that you want. You can use an eyeshadow applicator or a makeup sponge wedge.Create your own nail decals using the stencil material from Expressions Vinyl-18 Next, you’ll apply your Unicorn decal that we’ve cut with our Cricut or any other cutting machine you have and then apply the black paint. Allow it to set with the light for 20-30 seconds to be sure that the decal won’t go anywhere. Place another top coat on and set it under the light for an additional 30 seconds.  Here is a great tutorial on how to cut vinyl with your Cricut and here is one on how to cut with your Silhouette. Because these are so small you won’t really need transfer tape. I just used a weeder tool and removed it straight from the backing and put it straight onto my nail.Create your own nail decals using the stencil material from Expressions Vinyl-19 Create your own nail decals using the stencil material from Expressions Vinyl-21Here is a great youtube tutorial on using it with the Sally Hansen gel polish where you don’t need a UV light. To get a kit of all the colors and applicators without the UV light, click here. Again, you don’t need to use the chrome powder or fancy polish. This is your own, go for it!

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DIY Mermaid Shirt with Cricut Iron-On Designs

April 23, 2018

This DIY Mermaid Shirt was so fun to make and is perfect for Leila and her cousins. See how easy it is to use the new Cricut Iron On Designs available now. Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Leila and two of her cousins are obsessed with these t-shirts I made them coincide with a mermaid themed birthday party they’re going to be having later in May. Super cute and super easy and created in less than 2 minutes.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress

Supplies –

To use your EasyPress without the mat, preheat your Cricut EasyPress to 340°F and then set the timer to hold for 50 seconds.

When using the EasyPress Mat and EasyPress together, preheat your EasyPress to 340°F and then set the timer for 30 seconds. 

Wait 24 hours before washing and wash inside-out.

Allow your EasyPress to heat up while you prepare the t-shirt. I grabbed each girl a hot pink shirt from Happy Crafters. They have really good prices and they’re better quality than the ones you can grab from your local craft store. For the Cricut Iron On Design, I chose this super cute mermaid. I made Leila and her two cousins matching ones for all under $20.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressPlace the EasyPress on your blank shirt and preheat it for 10 seconds. Lay your design straight out of the package onto your desired spot of the shirt. Then place your EasyPress over the design and use medium pressure. Press for 50 seconds.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressThe EasyPress fits over all their larger designs perfectly. There is no need to move it around, just press and you’re set.

After you’ve pressed your Cricut Iron On Design for 50 seconds, turn your shirt over, while the carrier sheet is still attached, and press the back of your shirt for an additional 10-15 seconds.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressPlace your shirt to the side and allow it to cool 2-3 minutes before you pull the carrier sheet off of your Iron On Design.

When you begin to pull it, it takes a little bit of force to initially get the carrier sheet off. Your design has adhered so don’t worry. Begin with one corner and pull straight back. Voila! Your DIY mermaid shirt is complete and awesome!Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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DIY Spring Tote Bag with Cricut

April 8, 2018

Have you seen the new Cricut Iron On Transfers? They’re the perfect addition to turn any old tote bag into a fashionable spring tote bag. See other great spring projects to make with you Cricut below.This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Supplies –

The new Cricut Iron On transfers is really simple to use and come in a variety of designs. I got the chance to see most of them at Cricut headquarters a few weeks ago and they’re amazing. I have seen them available at JOANN stores but I have yet to see them at Michaels but I’m sure they’ll be there soon if they’re not there now.To begin, set down your EasyPress mat onto a firm surface. Use a wooden table or even the floor. You want to avoid using ironing boards or other heat sucking materials (that’s a real term). You also want to avoid any surface that will bend when you apply pressure.Preheat your EasyPress to 340° F and then the timer for 50 seconds. Preheat your blank tote bag for 10-15 seconds.

Your designs will come ready to press. Just remove them from the package and lay it on to your preheated material. Place your EasyPress over the Iron On Design and then press the Go button. It will heat for 50 seconds and then remove it.Turn your piece over and press the back for an additional 10-15 seconds to secure the bond. With the Cricut Iron On Designs, you want to peel it off after it has cooled. Give it 2-3 minutes and then with a firm pull, pull off the carrier sheet.The peel feels a lot different than compared to traditional Iron On. You have to pull it harder and the design almost feels like it’s going to come off with it. Just start with a small corner and then test it. You can always lay the carrier sheet back down and press longer if you need to.There it is! My spring Craft & Create Cricut Challenge. Even though I didn’t use my actual cutting machine that Cricut offers, I do love their EasyPress just as much. The new mat has made pressing a lot more assuring and it’s given me great results. Check out the other projects below and be sure to visit them!

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