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Crafting DIY - Thanksgiving

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards with Xyron + Waffle Flower

November 12, 2018

Create the perfect Thanksgiving place setting with this place card ideas using Waffle Flower stamps and your Xyron adhesive. diy thanksgiving place cardThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve said it so many times, I don’t do Thanksgiving but now that I have a blog, I need to actually have something that you guys will want to make yourselves. I do however love a good table setting so these Thanksgiving place cards are perfect to add to your tablescape. These Thanksgiving place cards are unconventional and I love them! 

Supplies for your Thanksgiving place cards

supplies to make a thanksgiving place card

Being by spraying the wooden discs with your Color Shine. I started with the Peach Color Shine and finished with the Mustard Color Shine. This dries almost immediately so you can move on to the next step ASAP.

Now let’s start with adding the names to your wooden discs. I took some printed off names that I liked the look of the font. This font is called Solidar Light and it’s a perfect script font. Use your paper and a pencil and draw across the back of the paper and then you’ll turn it over on the wood block (script font upwards) and then draw over the script font. The lead of the drawing on the back of the paper will create a tracing template for your wooden discs. I used a similar technique on my DIY Wooden Disc Sign years ago.

If I was to do this again, I’d just get a black sharpie from the beginning but I do love how it’s iridescent in some places. I used the gold marker and then went over it in a black ink so that’s why it looks so iridescent.

Next, stamp your Waffle Flower stamps onto your paper. Use watercolor paper or any other kind of paper that will be able to handle the ink blending.  I use Tim Holtz archival ink and then allow it to dry for 5 minutes.  Color in your cute little mice however you want to match your Thanksgiving tablescape and your scrapbooking paper. I used these Derwent Markers on my cupcake toppers but I didn’t use any water when I made those. Experiment and have fun.

Fussy cut around the stamped and colored image. The festive mice can be used from Fall to Winter and really can be customized any way you want.

Use some 3D adhesive foam to add the mice to your Thanksgiving place cards. I added some leaves for a little extra touch. I then took some of my scrapbooking scraps and cut banner pennants out of them. Use your Xyron Mega Runner to add them behind the mice. 

Your last step will be to attach the “stem” to your pumpkin place card. Cut a floral wire in half and thread it through the hole at the top. Use a pencil and wrap the wire around to create the curl.

These DIY Thanksgiving place cards are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving tablescape. 

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Harry Potter Socks | Harry Potter Party Favors

October 30, 2018

These DIY Harry Potter socks are perfect for your next Harry Potter party. Create the perfect Harry Potter party favor and attach the free Harry Potter printable.  Harry Potter socksThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve partnered up with LEGO to bring your next Harry Potter party to a whole new level. Create your very own Harry Potter socks and attach the LEGO Harry Potter printable to the top of the bag. Manage your own Mischief with these Mischief Managed socks made with your Cricut.

I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted that I’m addicted to any LEGO game and LEGO Harry Potter is my favorite of them all. I can’t decide if I like the Harry Potter years 1-4 or Harry Potter years 5-7 but they’re amazing. They’re even more amazing when you can be the only player in a family of 6. But now you can buy them both at the same time and you know I bought it again for my XBox One.

supplies for Harry Potter socks

Supplies for your DIY Harry Potter Socks

lego VoldemortTo make your Harry Potter party favors, cut the Mischief Managed picture with your electronic cutter. Be sure to mirror your image before it cuts. Lay your socks upside down on your surface. The opening will be on the table and the hole will be away from you. Pay attention to your sock position so that you can get your Mischief Managed socks facing the correct way.putting itv on socks put iron on vinyl on socksI use an EasyPress Mat but you can also use a folded towel. Use a surface that will help distribute even heat and won’t bend. Ironing boards are not ideal to use with the EasyPress. The middle easily bends and won’t allow you to get an even pressing. I use a wood board because that is what I have for my blogging backdrops. You can use your countertop but some materials will pull the heat from the EasyPress and the temperature will drop. using the small EasyPressPress your iron-on vinyl according to manufacturers instructions. Cricut has a new interactive guide to what kind of heat setting you need and how long to press it using an iron or the EasyPress. If you’re going to use an iron, read this post on how to really get your iron-on vinyl to stay.

Once you’ve pressed your Mischief Managed socks, go ahead and fold them and place them into your cellophane bag. It’s easier if your cellophane bag is flat so that you won’t have issues when you go to staple your Harry Potter treat topper on.  Harry Potter bag topper

More Harry Potter Party Ideas

I love LEGO’s and they’ve been a favorite of my boys. Malakai even loves the smaller LEGO’s and that works great for his small motor skills. I have yet to figure out a LEGO storage situation in our house though.

These Harry Potter socks are the perfect party favor. I’ve been having lots of Harry Potter fun with my Luna Lovegood confetti and I’m working on more felt ornaments for our Harry Potter Christmas tree to go along with Hedwig. Grab the free printable for personal use only above.  Harry Potter movie confetti  felt Hedwig ornament

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Make your own custom shoes with your Cricut

October 12, 2018

Custom shoes are not cheap but making your own can save you a whole lotta money so try this hack today and make your own custom shoes. black, grey and black shoes with halloween decalsThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Have you ever searched the clearance center and buy things because they’re cheap. You have no clue what to even do with it but you saved a lot of money…this is my save a lot of money project. I bought size 11 sneakers from Target for $3 each and figured I’ll give them to my sister because that’s her shoe size. I did have to make my own custom shoes though before she got them in her hot little hands.

I like these DIY custom shoes because the vinyl is the same color as the actual shoe. It’s glitter iron-on vinyl and it just adds a bit of shine when it hits the right light. I’m all about wearing subtle glitter.

To make your own customized shoes you’re going to need a few things.grey shoes with skeleton on the back

DIY Custom Shoes Supply List

Do I need a Cricut to cut Iron-On Vinyl?

You do not need a cutting machine to use iron-on vinyl, however, I recommend one. The Cricut or Silhouette will be able to make perfect cuts of your iron-on vinyl. You can hand cut your own iron-on vinyl, you just need to remember to do it as a mirrored image. You can even use some decorative paper punches but each HTV is different so I’m not sure what force you’d need to cut through the shape and the carrier sheet.

When you cut iron-on on your Cricut or Silhouette, the image will kiss cut the carrier sheet, almost like stickers are. You’ll have whatever image you want to adhere stay on the carrier sheet and remove anything you do not want.customize your own shoes with iron on vinyl

How do I make customized shoes?

This is really easy. Measure the area of your shoe that you will use your glitter iron-on vinyl. Be sure that your image will fit and will be cohesive with your shoes.

Use the shape that you’ve cut out of iron-on vinyl. Use the mini iron and have it on it’s highest setting for glitter iron-on. Just move your mini iron over the cut image and go over it until you can see it releasing from the carrier sheet.

Glitter iron-on does ok without the carrier sheet but you have to be careful. You cannot hold it in one spot for longer than 3-5 seconds. Just swiftly move your mini iron over your image until you’re satisfied with the adhesion.

That’s it. It’s so easy to make these DIY customized shoes and you can make it match any season or any wardrobe. I remember my great grandma had a striped rainbow shirt and the matching Keds shoes and she was fly. You can be just as fly as Grandma Jarvis if you try hard enough.spider vinyl ironed on to shoes

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Easy Skeleton Halloween Garland

September 26, 2018

To celebrate the new book, Hot Glue: Hacks and Crafts, I’m making the cutest Skeleton Garland. The perfect DIY Halloween Garland.Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmade This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.\

I love quick and easy Halloween crafts. One of my favorite projects are these Pumpkin Pillow Boxes that I made for Craft Lightning last year. See how easy it is to create this inexpensive Halloween garland using items from the dollar store. Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmade

Supplies for your Skeleton Halloween Garland

Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmadeYou’re going to begin by cutting your mini party hats for the Halloween garland. Just print off the party hat template above or if you have a Cricut, use the Cricut Design Space File already made for you. (It got crunched in the process so don’t cut the lines that squiggle ;))

How to fold a cone party hat –Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmade

To fold a cone-shaped party hat, you’re going to want to start by rolling the edges on a pencil just to get it in the rounded shape. I just rolled each side with a pen I had on hand and then I placed a small dot of hot glue on to the tab. Fold over your party hat by matching the pointed end first. Then align the bottom while the glue is still warm. Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmadePlace a bead of glue on the inside of your mini party hat and add the Halloween Tinsel to it. I cut the tinsel into 3″ sections and just stuffed it in the party cone. Trim any excess if you’d like. Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmadeAdd a large amount of the hot glue to your skeleton’s head and then place their mini party cone hat on top. Give your skeleton a haircut if he needs it. You’re going to do this to all of your skeletons. Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmade

You can run your twine through the ribcage of your mini skeletons or add it and wrap it around each of the skeletons necks. You may have to also use some hot glue to get the skeletons to stay where you’d like them as you’re hanging them.

Where can I find these Halloween Garland Supplies?

I found all of the tinsel and the skeletons at the dollar store. My paper is from My Mind’s Eye but they’re sold out and I don’t want to point you in that direction. Just your local scrapbooking store or even a Joann or Michaels will work great. I linked all the supplies above to Amazon so that you can find these easily online.

That’s it! So easy and such a fun DIY Halloween garland and it’ll be a classic to have around for years. Make your dollar store purchases go even further with thiseasy halloween skeleton garland. They're ready for the party with their adorable mini party hats. #halloween #hotglue #cricutmade

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Crepe Paper Leaves turned into a stunning DIY Fall Wreath

September 24, 2018

Create the perfect Fall Wreath by using your ClearSnap ClearBox pigment inks to add dimension to your crepe paper leaves. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

This is one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever made. I love that it’s the perfect DIY Fall wreath for the Thanksgiving holiday and that I can switch it out with my paper Christmas wreath I made a few years ago on my Cricut. 

Supplies for your DIY Fall Wreath

How to make a DIY Fall Wreath

So begin by opening up the Cricut Design Space file for your Fall leaves. I bought the package of Crepe Paper from Lia Griffith and it’s seriously the best stuff. I cut each color a total of 3 rounds on the mat so I was able to get 18 leaves in each color for my DIY Fall wreath. Use your Cricut Fabric Grip mat and the rotary blade for the crepe paper leaves.

After you’ve cut all of your leaves, you’re going to want to assemble them using some floral wire stems. Dip the stems into some white craft glue, just straight down the nozzle and pull up. This will coat your wire in the glue and then you’ll lay it on the seam of one leaf and then lay the other half on top so it creates one full leaf. I used an extra styrofoam round that I had laying around and placed each of the stemmed Fall leaves into it so it could dry. I allowed these to dry overnight so that when I used my ColorBox pigment inks, they wouldn’t tear the fragile crepe paper.

Use your blotter tool to dip into your Colorsnap pigment inks and then start from the bottom center of the leaves and work your way up and outward. Once your leaves are inked, slowly stretch the outer parts of your crepe paper leaf and bend your floral wire so that it looks like a leaf from nature.

How to assemble your Crepe Paper Fall Wreath

After your leaves are formed and you have your wreath base, go ahead and start with your lightest color and fill in the wreath having the colors form an ombre as you go around. There was a bit of white wreath from coming from my crepe paper Fall wreath. You can always make more but I just finagled my fall leaves so that they’d cover the form. 

How do I make a chipboard banner with my Cricut?

For the banner, you’re going to cut your shape with the Cricut Knife Blade. Cut out both pieces of the banner with the chipboard. The base of the chipboard banner is like a puzzle and the top pieces of the banner will cover it. Spray the large chipboard piece with gold paint and set aside to dry.

As that paint is drying, cut the orange cardstock just like the top piece of the chipboard banner. You will take the largest part of the cardstock and iron on the brown autumn words. I tried cardstock and the font was just too thin so Iron-On Vinyl was the perfect alternative.

Yes! You can use Iron-On Vinyl on cardstock or other paper products. See how I used it here on napkins. You need to have you EasyPress set at 250ºF and then press for 5-10 seconds. If you use an Iron for the HTV, just have your settings on low and press lightly so you don’t crease your paper.  Now run all the orange cardstock through your Xyron Disposable 3″ Sticker Maker Be sure to pay attention to putting the cardstock pieces in right-side up. Place the cardstock and then pull the Sticker Maker paper and the pieces will come out the other end as stickers!

Adhere your cardstock pieces to the cut chipboard and set aside. Use some craft glue and use it on the small pieces of the chipboard banner to be placed on the long, gold chipboard. Use some clips or some kind of weight to be placed on the assembled chipboard banner.

Once that piece is assembled and dry, use some hot glue to just adhere it wherever you want on the wreath. 

How to make paper acorns

The acorns were really the easiest part. You’ll just need some cardstock and craft glue. I used some shimmer cardstock in gold and brown. Cut the paper acorns with the Cricut machine. For cutting paper with the Cricut, you can use any Cricut machine. Start with one side of the acorn and then assemble the other and then glued them into one large 3D paper acorn.

They’re almost like pumpkins. There is a small tab on each curve of the paper acorn and then you just place a dot of glue on those and then bring the next curved piece and adhere the small tab so that it will be on the inside of the paper acorn. 

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Cut a Wooden Cake Topper with your Cricut Maker

September 19, 2018

Using your Knife Blade on the Cricut Maker is a game-changer. Learn how easy it is to create a wooden cake topper out of basswood below. Make your own DIY cake topper by learning how to cut wood with your Cricut. #cricutmaker #cricut #cricutmadeThis post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support.

First of all, this princess party turned out better than I could have imagined and it was all made easier with my Cricut Maker. Learn how to cut wood with your Cricut Maker and what wood is best to use when using your Cricut Knife Blade.

Supplies for Princess Cake Topper

What kind of wood can I cut with the Cricut Knife Blade?

You can cut any wood that is 2.6mm thick. I recommend using basswood that is 1/16″ or 3/32″ wide. If you cut balsa wood the passes are not as many with the knife blade but you have a very fragile piece of wood. The best wood for your Cricut cake topper would be something sturdy.

What wood should I use for a wooden Cricut DIY cake topper?

I would 100% use basswood. It will hold up far better than balsa wood. It gives you a sturdy wooden cake topper that can be reused if you store it properly. You can also layer the basswood and make it thicker and sturdy.

What adhesive should I use with my wooden Cricut DIY cake topper?

I really like Aileens Wood Glue to layer the basswood together. You can use binder clips or even quilting binding clips to press it together while it dries. Or even easier, use a heavy book. The only thing that would concern me there is maybe glue can be pressed out and can adhere your wooden cake topper to the book.

For this particular DIY cake topper, I used my Xyron Creative Station and it worked well. It is not sealed on top of the paper so you’re more prone to grease spots if you do it this way.

Make your own DIY cake topper by learning how to cut wood with your Cricut. #cricutmaker #cricut #cricutmadeCan I cut intricate images with the Cricut Knife Blade?

The recommended smallest area you should cut is about the size of a pencil eraser and don’t go thinner than the width of a pencil. I have tried to cut really intricate settings and it either split the wood or would break as I was removing it from the mat.

Should I remove small inner images as I cut with my Cricut Knife Blade?

If you remove the small areas that are lifting as you cut your images, it will throw the cut out of sync. It will begin to cut areas a bit off of the actual cut line because it doesn’t have a surface holding it in-place like before. Some of the smaller intricate pieces will pop up as your cutting but I would only recommend removing it if it’s getting in the way of the blade and stopping the cut.

Make your own DIY cake topper by learning how to cut wood with your Cricut. #cricutmaker #cricut #cricutmadeHow can I make my homemade DIY cake topper food safe?

Many sealants are only labeled food-safe after going through a rigorous FDA approval. I would recommend using Mod Podge because it is non-toxic but it is not declared food-safe. Most craft supplies are not food safe. But since you don’t actually want it to get on your food, I’d cover the stakes of your cake topper with some cling film after you’ve applied your Mod Podge.

If you don’t want to seal it, go ahead. Just stick the wood straight into the cake and call it good. I would only recommend sealing it if you painted or stained it and planned to reuse it. Make your own DIY cake topper by learning how to cut wood with your Cricut. #cricutmaker #cricut #cricutmade

Check out other bloggers ideas on how to cut wood on your Cricut machine.

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The Easiest Fall T-Shirt That You Can Make Yourself!

September 13, 2018

Making this DIY Fall T-Shirt is easier than you could ever imagine. Use the pumpkin SVG file to make your own at home. Plus see how the three of us took the same pumpkin SVG and made it our own. This DIY Fall T-Shirt is perfect to make with your Cricut or Silhouette and all you need is this pumpkin svg file to make your own. #fallfashion #cricutshirtThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve teamed up with Everyday Party Magazine and Pineapple Paper Co. to show you guys the easiest way to use one pumpkin SVG file and create three different projects. We all use a Cricut but this can easily be used with any craft cutting machine.

Supplies for your DIY Fall T-Shirt

To begin, head on over to this shop and purchase your pumpkin SVG file. The top and the bottom are separated at the stem so that you can make it two different colors. I wanted it all solid so I welded the shape and then cut out my whole pumpkin.

How do I mirror an image in Cricut Design Space?

Whenever you’re cutting Iron-On Vinyl or HTV, you want to be sure and mirror your image before you cut. When you use Cricut Design Space to mirror your image, you will be taken to the mat preview screen. You can just slide the indicator over to choose what you want your image reversed.

If you pressed go before you have mirrored it but not yet cut it, you can select the edit button in the lower right-hand side of the mat and then mirror it on that screen

If you forget to mirror your image and you’ve already cut your vinyl, it is ruined. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. You’re going to have your letters turn out backward and no one wants that.

I have wasted a lot of product because I have forgotten to mirror my image. I don’t want to talk about it anymore.

What weeding tools will I need?

A weeding tool is something that is going to remove the negative image from your carrier sheet. Leave whatever part of the image you want on your DIY Fall T-Shirt on the carrier sheet. If a piece happens to fall off, you can stick it back on but save that for the end.

You’ll need something that is sharp and that most likely has a hook. I like to use a spare piece of transfer tape to collect my HTV scraps. I like the Cricut Weeding Tool Set because it has everything you’ll ever need. If you don’t want to buy all of them, just buy the one weeding tool that is packaged separately.

Some people use safety pins and others prefer the tools. I think the weeding tool is something important to have because you’ll use it a lot more than just removing vinyl.

How do I attach my pumpkin SVG to my T-Shirt?

I like to use my EasyPress whenever I am pressing HTV to any surface. A lot of people use heat presses which you can find at a similar cost to the EasyPress. I use the EasyPress because I have zero room in my home to store an industrial heat press.

When using any heating object, always have a cushion of some sort underneath your material. If you use a heat press, that is all in your machine but if you use an EasyPress, I highly recommend getting the EasyPress Mat.

If you are going to use a household iron, remember to use lots of pressure and maybe place a rolled towel on the floor or table and press there rather than an ironing board. Go here to learn all my tips on how I use an iron for my HTV.

This DIY Fall T-Shirt is perfect to make with your Cricut or Silhouette and all you need is this pumpkin svg file to make your own. #fallfashion #cricutshirtFollow all manufacturers instructions on time and temperature when you’re pressing your pumpkin SVG to your DIY Fall T-Shirt. Pay attention to the material of your shirt and what they recommend for that too. Some Iron-On Vinyl will have a high temp but your material won’t handle it. With cotton blend shirts, Cricut recommends 305ºF for 25-30 seconds for their Everyday Iron-On Vinyl.

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Rainbow DIY Bookends with your Cricut Maker

September 9, 2018

Create these perfect Rainbow DIY Bookends using your Knife Blade on your Cricut Maker. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve been super busy at home and mainly my bedroom…not that kind of busy. I’ve been making a craft area in my master bedroom and also using it as my blog studio. When I was designing this area I wanted lots of white with rainbow accents. That’s when I came up with the idea of making rainbow bookends so I figured what better way to make them than with my Cricut! They’re pretty easy to make, just a bit of a long process waiting for the glue to dry. Let’s get started on our DIY bookends! 

Supplies for your Rainbow DIY Bookends

How do I cut wood with my Cricut Maker?

The easiest wood to cut with your Cricut Maker is Basswood. It is still durable even though it’s 1/16″ thick. If you cut Balsa with your Cricut Maker, it can easily break and is too flimsy for this project. It may save you a few dollars on the wood but it’s not worth it.

Where can I buy wood for my Cricut Maker to cut?

I have found that Hobby Lobby has the best selection, then Joann’s and then Michaels. It may just be my certain stores that don’t have a great selection but craft or hobby stores are where you want to go to buy the wood sheets.

How thick of wood can my Cricut Maker cut?

The best results I’ve had is when I cut 1/16″ basswood. You can cut 3/32″ as well. The maximum size that your Cricut Maker can cut is 2.4mm and that is equivalent to 3/32″.

How do I assemble my DIY bookends?

So this is the easier part. I began with painting my rainbow in my desired colors and allowed it to dry. I started by gluing together 3 of the base pieces of the artboard and then glued my base wood piece to it. I used some binding clips to hold it tight as the glue was drying. Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

Next, you’ll do your outer layers of the rainbow. Again, use your binding clips to hold it together until it is dried. You can also use hot glue if you want but my crafting glue is what I had on hand and it dries crystal clear. Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

Don’t put on the rainbow cloud pieces yet! Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricutDid you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

After you’ve allowed your rainbow to dry, adhere it to your clear acrylic bookends. I placed glue on both ends and then placed it on the bookends. I then put some books to either side of it to hold it up straight as I waited for it to dry.

Once it’s completely dried and set, it is now time to add the clouds. I made a notch in the clouds that is 1/8″. This will help me press the cloud straight to the bookend and be square with the shelf. Just use some binding clips to hold it in place again and then allow it to dry.  Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

How long does the Cricut Maker Knife Blade take to cut wood?

The thing that took the longest was the drying of the clue. Since these aren’t intricate, the cutting was fairly fast. The Cricut Maker will make 14 passes when cutting on the 1/16″ basswood setting.

You need to plan on having your Cricut Maker connected to a desktop or a laptop. The reason for this is that the Knife Blade can take sometimes hours to cut and you could have your phone turn off, or get a call and then your project will be lost. For all the Cricut Maker Knife Blade tips I recommend, go here

I’ve displayed these in my Craft Room for some fun motivation to get creative on any project I make. Now check out some more home decor items you can create with your Cricut.