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DIY Milestone Baby Blanket using your Cricut

January 10, 2018

Milestone baby blankets are everywhere. Learn how to use your Cricut Maker and Cricut EasyPress to create your very own. This post does contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support. 

I’m so excited to be joining the Inspire My Creativity Link Party each month until June this year. It’ll bring some new challenges which I always love. Link up your post below! This month is DIY anything your heart desires.

This DIY milestone baby blanket was so easy to create using my Cricut Maker and using my Cricut EasyPress to secure the iron-on. Begin by cutting your iron-on using my Design Space file. You’ll need to open it on a desktop then you can save it as your own file and cut from your tablet or phone.


I cut out each number and I’ve also included the words month and months if you want to add that at the bottom. When using Cricut Iron-On, it’s important to remember to mirror the image. You’ll place it shiny side down on the mat and cut using the iron-on setting. Do not use the HTV setting with your Maker. For some reason it is cutting completely through. You just want it to cut the vinyl and keep the carrier sheet intact.You’ll remove all the negative space and then cut each month number so that you can space them on your blanket. When using the zcricut EasyPress, you need a hard surface and then a folded towel on that hard surface. You need something that is going to give a little so that all the edges will be securely adhered. You know you’ve gotten a great adhesion when you can see the materials texture.For Iron-On Lite, you’ll need a temperature of 305F and then press for 25-30 seconds. Give your items a good warm up beforehand and after you’re done pressing, turn your material over and press again for a few more seconds. Now you’re done. So super easy but it takes a little bit of time to get your numbers evenly spaced and to finish the edges of your material. You’ll never need to spen $40+ on a Milstone baby blanket again.These DIY baby milestone blankets are the best baby shower gifts you can give. They’re even better knowing you put your hard work into something so special.


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21 thoughts on “DIY Milestone Baby Blanket using your Cricut

        1. Isa Alonso-Ruiz

          Lindsey, I’ve tried several time to open the link but it sends me to the cricut site n the file is not there. Im using an android phone, does this make a difference?

          1. Lindsay Post author

            That does make a difference. I’m so sorry. I don’t know why DS links won’t open on an Android. See you if you can open it on a desktop and then save it to your files and after that, you should be able to open it from your app.

    1. Lindsay Post author

      It’s so much easier than using a heat press. They both have great qualities but I just don’t have the space to have a heat press so this has been a lifesaver!

  1. Jami

    Love this blanket. I’m trying to make one for my nephews new baby. I was just wondering what size you made the numbers?


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