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How to clean tile grout with Borax

August 29, 2017

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Have you ever tried to clean your tile grout using Borax? I’m going to show you how easy and
effective it is.
How to clean your tile grout with Borax
Have you ever used 20 Mule Team® Borax for your cleaning needs? I have always used it to clean my tile grout and it’s such a great booster. For this post I’m going to show you how easy it is to clean tile grout with Borax.How to clean your tile grout with BoraxI grabbed some 20 Mule Team® Borax from my local grocery store, Lee’s in the “additives” section of the laundry aisle, and just mixed it with some baking soda. Follow the recipe below to create your paste and get scrubbing.

  • 1/3 cup 20 Mule Team® Borax
  • 1/2 cup baking soda
  • hot water to form a paste
  • toothbrush or grout cleaning brush

Once I mixed the mixture up into a thick paste, I slathered it onto the grout lines between my tile and let it sit for a minute or two. If your paste starts to become non-pliable, just add more water to continue with a paste consistency.How to clean your tile grout with BoraxAfter it sat for a minute, I began to scrub with a non-important toothbrush. The dirt lifts up almost immediately. 20 Mule Team® Borax is such a great booster and it helps in the cleaning process and makes it a little bit faster. Not only can you clean your tile grout – it can help you remove mattress odors and even help you clean your silverware. So many options with Borax.How to clean your tile grout with BoraxAs you can see the paste should last you almost your whole floor. You can reuse the dirty paste if you’d like or just mix up a new batch. I used a lot of paste and you don’t have to use this much if you don’t want. How to clean your tile grout with BoraxWhen I chose this tile and grout, I was not thinking clearly. I didn’t think how dirty it would become just after a short while. We’ve lived in our house for almost 10 years and I’ve had the tile professionally cleaned with no result ever coming into comparison for the Borax method. How to clean your tile grout with BoraxIt does take a bit of elbow grease but the fact that the grout is now the same color it was 10 years ago is a miracle all in of itself. I won’t clean my grout any other way now. Even though it is commonly used in the laundry room, there are so many other ways to use Borax. I especially like to use it to help clean my cast iron sink. What are some of the ways you plan on using Borax to help you in your home?

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