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American Flag Wall Art with Ribbon – Quick Patriotic Craft

May 16, 2019

Create this quick & easy Patriotic American Flag Wall Art using some ribbon, hot glue, and a stick. This American Flag decor is sure to welcome anyone into your home for 4th of July.

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I am more of a Fall and Spring kind of girl but I love decorating for Independence Day. This American Flag Wall Art is easy to complete in less than 15 minutes and will be perfect for your own 4th of July patio.

So you’re going to need ribbon, lots of it. I would have run to the store to grab more but I didn’t have any time. You can make this as full or as sparse as you want it but you’ll at least need 4 yards of each.

Supplies For Your DIY American Flag

I stuck with the color palette of Red, White, and Blue but I also added some silver to give it some dimension. All the ribbon is different textures and widths but they all stay within my color palette.

I cut the Blue and Silver dotted ribbon to be about a 1/2 yard and the Red/other ribbons to be 1 yard each. I also worked from the front back so anything that I wanted in the front of my American Flag decor had to be glued first.

Just place a bead of glue along the back of the dowel and begin placing your ribbon any way that you’d like. I started in the smaller corner of the blue and then I laid the red ribbon behind it.

How To Hang Your American Flag Wall Hanging

I bought some picture hanger screws from my local Michaels but you can just use a plain screw in the back. I used one on each end of my American Flag on the back of the stick. It had loops in the hardware where I just threaded some ribbon through to create a suspension. You can do that before or after your paint your stick.

Next, on the back side of your door, use some mini command hooks and hang it upside down. Place your suspension ribbon in the hook and then let it hang over the front of your door. I hang a lot of my other door hanging decor this way too.

I love all the different weights of the ribbon and how they blend together to create the stripes of the American Flag.

What other things are you planning to create for your 4th of July decor?

You can grab the Red, White, and Boom free SVG file here and make your own custom doormat following these directions here.

Holidays - Printables

National Send a Friend a Card Day Craft with a FREE Printable

February 1, 2019

I miss my friends all the time so what better way to celebrate Send a Friend a Card Day than with a free printable greeting card for your besties.

best friend card printable
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I have three BFF’s. My sister in Arizona, my friend Ree 20 minutes away, and my friend Meg who lives in California. Whether they’re near or far, I need to send more correspondence than just a text every once in a while.

national send a friend a card day printable

National Send a Friend a Card Day is real. what?! It makes sense a bit to me because what better way than an obscure holiday to remind you that you need to stay in touch. These free printable greeting cards are perfect. 

supplies for your printable best friend card

  • Free We’re Better Together Card (Below)
  • Printer
  • Paper Trimmer or Scissors
  • Envelope

Super easy best friend printable card. Print the PDF file on a printer of your own or send it to Kinkos or another copy shop.

national send a card to a friend day

Trim the card to be 10”x7” and then fold in half. Write your cute little sentiment on the inside. Grab an envelope that will fit this 5×7” greeting card. And now send it on its way. 

So, how are you going to be spending Send a Friend a Card Day from now on?

Electronic Crafting - Holidays - SVG Files

DIY Jedi Shirt with FREE SVG File – May the 4th Be With You

January 31, 2019

May the 4th Be With You! Who else loves Star Wars and wants this free Jedi SVG file? Scroll below to find out how I made my own Star Wars t-shirt using my Cricut or you can use a Silhouette.

diy jedi shirt free svg
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May the Fourth is a popular obscure holiday to Star Wars fans so I created this modern Star Wars SVG file to make you a DIY Jedi shirt.

Celebrate May the Fourth by making your own DIY Jedi Shirt. Grab the FREE Star Wars SVG File and make one for yourself or for that nerd in your life. #starwars #starwarsshirt #diyjedishirt #freestarwarssvg #maythefourthshirt #maythefourth

I love the straight lines of this design and the fact that I can take this image and really do anything. It doesn’t need to be a shirt. I can make a Reverse Canvas, make my own Doormat, or even make some DIY tattoos with it!

My brother is a huge Star Wars fan and so this DIY Star Wars shirt is cool enough for him to wear or even my 13-year-old son to wear.

Supplies for your homemade Star Wars Shirt

  • Cricut or Silhouette
  • Iron, EasyPress, or Heat Press
  • Black Iron-On (HTV)
  • T-shirt
Celebrate May the Fourth by making your own DIY Jedi Shirt. Grab the FREE Star Wars SVG File and make one for yourself or for that nerd in your life. #starwars #starwarsshirt #diyjedishirt #freestarwarssvg #maythefourthshirt #maythefourth

Upload your SVG file into your cutting software. I’ve included both SVG and PNG formats of the files so you can trace it or upload it as an image, just whatever method you’re most comfortable using.

Mirror your image and cut and then weed away anything you don’t want on the shirt off of the carrier sheet.

Press your image according to package directions. For Siser EasyWeed or Cricut Everyday Iron-On, I use a temperature of 315 for 25-30 seconds.

Celebrate May the Fourth by making your own DIY Jedi Shirt. Grab the FREE Star Wars SVG File and make one for yourself or for that nerd in your life. #starwars #starwarsshirt #diyjedishirt #freestarwarssvg #maythefourthshirt #maythefourth

Remove the carrier sheet while your image is still warm, turn it over and then press again for an additional 15 seconds. 

This Star Wars shirt is perfect for the May the Fourth holiday and can clearly be work year-round.

Electronic Crafting - Holidays - SVG Files

Reverse Canvas to Celebrate International Women’s Day

January 30, 2019

I’m all about female empowerment and what better way to instill that in my daughter than making her this easy international Women’s Day reverse canvas.

International Women's Day Reverse Canvas
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Making an International Women’s Day craft was kind of a thinker for me. I want my daughter to know that woman can be strong and unapologetic at the same time.

I wanted to make her something that affirmed to her that she should know her worth at all times. Making reverse canvases are extremely low cost and they look great in the end.

To learn how to press different materials to your reverse canvas and what settings, click here.

I created this easy International Women’s Day SVG file so that you can make it all on your own to remind yourself, your mother or your daughter just how strong they are.

Supplies for your International Women’s Day Craft

  • 12×12” canvas (or whatever you have on hand)
  • Craft Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Craft Knife
  • heavy-duty stapler or glue gun
  • Iron-On (HTV)
  • Iron or EasyPress
  • Cricut or Silhouette
  • FREE International Women’s Day SVG (see below)

Remove the backing of your canvas. I don’t even worry about removing the staples. It’s is too hard for me to do with my fibromyalgia. Just take a craft knife and cut on the outside of the staples.

Just leave the staples in your board. They won’t show and you can glue or staple over them. Paint the wood to how you want it to look. I chose a really light grey that I had used when I made this Buffalo Check Wrapping Paper.

To learn how to cut Iron-On (HTV), click here

Lay your canvas flat and apply your weeded image. Press for the recommended time. Because I am using foil iron-on, the setting is 285 for 30 seconds and peel away the carrier sheet once your image has cooled.

It’s not extremely important to get your image exactly how you want it on the canvas at this point. You want to get it centered but it doesn’t need to be exactly straight either.

With foil iron-on, the cooler the image is, the better your foil will look. Foil Iron-On tends to wrinkle when it is peeled away using the warm method. I like to at least allow 3 minutes before I even attempt it. 

Lay your wooden frame and center your image before you begin to adhere it to the canvas. Hold both the frame and the canvas material together and flip it over.

Begin to staple the canvas material back onto the wooden frame. Start on one side and then work your way around, pulling taught.

Cut away any excess canvas material and then you’re done! It doesn’t need to be perfect on the back because, again, it won’t show.

This International Women’s Day craft is easy and it can be displayed year-round. 

Holidays - Printables

DIY Festivus Aluminum Pole & Human Fund Donation Printable

January 29, 2019

If you love Seinfeld, you love the idea of Festivus. George Costanza’s famous Festivus gift is something you can pass on with this Human Fund Donation printable. Add a mini Festivus aluminum pole to add to the festivities. 

human fund donation printable
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It’s a Festivus miracle that we’ve made these George Costanza inspired Human Fund Donation Printable! Festivus is on December 23rd and if you don’t know, it’s a fake holiday that George Costanza’s dad made up. 

festivus free printable

Instead of a tree, they have an aluminum pole but I didn’t want to just give someone an aluminum pole. I don’t even know where I’d go to find one that was 8″ and if I can make one out of PVC for pennies, I’m going to do it this way.

Begin by buying a 1/2″ piece of PVC pipe and then cut it into 8″ sections while you’re at the hardware store. Buy some 1/2″ end caps and place them on each end of the piping.

Use some black craft paint first and just throw it on there. Try to cover up most of the white while you’re doing this step though.

Next, add some of the grey paint and be a bit more sloppy on this layer than you were on the black layer.

paint pvc
how to paint pic
make pic look like aluminum

Lastly, I added some white and really did a dry brush technique with this color.  Set it aside and allow it to dry. Print out the Human Fund Donation Certificate and then cut it into 5×4″ rectangles. Use a small hole punch and some black twine to attach your Festivus printable to your pole.

human fund printable

Celebrations - Holidays - Printables

Free S’Mores Printables to Personalize

January 28, 2019

National S’Mores Day is a thing, really! Create this easy sleepover gift basket complete with a free S’Mores printable to personalize for each camper. free s'mores printable for national s'mores day

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Craft Lightning starts this week and we’re so excited to have all these talented bloggers contributing to our week of quick, obscure holidays. Grab this free s’mores printable to make your campout epic. 

National S’Mores Day is August 10th every year. That is prime camping season and I can’t think of a better or more fun way to go camping than with your own personal s’more pack.

I don’t know where the actual word S’More comes from but I do know that it was a leader for a Girl Scout troop who was originally credited for the recipe. I love s’mores and I love even more different kinds of candy to include in your custom s’more. 

A great idea is to find out ahead of time and grab your guests’ favorite candy and include that as well as a standard Hershey Chocolate Bar. Yummy!

Supplies for your Campout S’Mores Packets

This free s’more printable is super easy to personalize. Just print and write. I’ve left the back of the s’mores bag topper blank so you can write whatever you need in that space.

I love the tiny LePen markers but this year at Creativation, we all got to try their new brush pens and I’m hooked. A lot of brush pens are bulky and these are thin just like the original and I think that’s why I like them. 

How to attach bag toppers to cellophane bags

I don’t mind using a stapler but I hate how they show on the edges. If you’re not a nitpick like I am, staples on the outer edges work great. Just be sure to staple the bag and the free s’more printable together.

Another great way is a stapler and some double-sided tape. Throw all your s’more ingredients into the bag and then staple the top.

Next, grab some double sided tape and put it on the back of both sides of your s’more printable bag topper.

Fold the bag topper over the bag and attach. It’s an easy way to get clean lines when you’re making a bunch of these. Butterfinger S'mores with a free printable bag topper

That’s it! So easy and such a fun way to personalize a campout.

Check out the other bloggers joining us for Craft Lightning and what holidays they chose for their obscure holiday.

Home Decor

Ruffled Easy Burlap Wreath

July 26, 2018

Create this easy and quick ruffled burlap wreath. It takes less than 15 minutes and it’ll be something that can hang on your door year-round. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

This ruffled easy burlap wreath was a breeze to make and to put together. Just use some simple burlap ribbon, hot glue, and a wreath form and you’re set with a wreath that will be beautiful through any season. We’re back at it for more Craft Lighting and this time our medium is Burlap. Burlap isn’t a favorite thing of mine to use but I do use it because I love the finished product. When I touch it, it stinks and makes me itchy. I’ve learned just to buy the ribbon in the width that I need and that helps alleviate some of the things I hate about working with burlap. You can make an easy burlap wreath in minutes so follow along below.Create this DIY Burlap Wreath using 3 items. Ruffle the burlap ribbon to give your wreath dimension. #burlap #craftlightning


Start with your wreath form and burlap ribbon. Place a dot of glue on the back of the form and place your starting point of the burlap ribbon. Every inch or so, fold a piece of the burlap ribbon to create the ruffle for your easy burlap wreath.If you have a sewing machine and a ruffle foot, you can do it that way as well. That would be the easiest way to do it but not everyone has those at their disposal. You could also use some straight pins to attach the burlap ribbon to your wreath form. Create this DIY Burlap Wreath using 3 items. Ruffle the burlap ribbon to give your wreath dimension. #burlap #craftlightningI like to use materials I have on hand to make simple and easy crafts. I go to the craft store too often so I need to use what I have rather than always buying more. But what is crafting if you don’t have every tool you think you’ll need? Create this DIY Burlap Wreath using 3 items. Ruffle the burlap ribbon to give your wreath dimension. #burlap #craftlightningI’d love for you to make this easy burlap wreath and hang it on your front door for all seasons to come.

Easter - Home Decor

DIY Metallic Clay Pot Crafts

March 19, 2018

Making clay pot crafts is so easy and inexpensive. Use some metallic paint and create these farmhouse style clay pots filled with an easy arrangement of faux flowers.Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.Supplies –

Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.Paint your clay pots using two coats of the metallic paint. Allow each coat to dry in between so that you reduce your brush strokes and any paint lifting.

Cut your faux flowers off into individual sprigs. You’ll want to glue the foam ball into the terracotta pot and then begin poking the foam balls with the wired faux flower sprigs.Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.Arrange it to how you like and then display it wherever you desire. I placed mine on this farmhouse style shelf right outside my front door.

Be sure to check out the other clay pot crafts that bloggers did for this months Craft Lightning.