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Easy DIY Rice Heating Pad for Cramps or Back Pain

October 27, 2018

Add this simple Rice Heating Pad to your companion list on those cold winter nights. Warm these DIY heating pads in the microwave and simply reuse them for whenever you need a heating pad that doesn’t use electricity.rice filled heating pad

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Just this past week I got a call from my oldest son that he had thrown out his back. This was like de-ja-vu to the time when I started getting back pain when I was younger. He said he twisted to stretch his back and it just gave out on him. He had the hardest time in the car on the drive to take him home. I gave him some Aleve Back & Muscle Pain that I had on hand and told him to go lay flat on the floor on his back with this DIY Rice Heating Pad. 

I started getting back pain around age 13. I’ve seen specialists, physical therapists, alternative medicine doctors all to try and get my spine to act the way it’s supposed to act. I still have good days and bad but, taking Aleve Back & Muscle Pain when I have a flare can help neutralize the pain that my back causes me.

I know this is the same route my oldest son is headed. It’s a good thing for me as a mother to have experienced this same issue so that I can assist him in him finding what medicines and routines work for his own back pain.

I know that for him and I, heat works the best to help calm down the back and muscle pain. Find what works best for you and if ice is better for you, do that in conjunction with some OTC medication or prescribed medication.

Supplies for your DIY Rice Heating Pad

Cricut Maker
Cricut Design Space File


Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
Acrylic Ruler


Flannel Fabric (1/3 yd cuts)
Long Grain White Rice
Heat N Bond Iron-On Adhesive Tape

buffalo check flannel pouches filled with rice

I’ve decided to make us some rice-filled heating pads that will warm up in a few minutes and can be taken with you wherever you may be. Just warm these homemade rice heating pads in the microwave and it will retain its heat for around 15 minutes. That’s the perfect amount of time for heat therapy that works for me.

How do you make a Rice Heating Pad?

To make your DIY rice heating pad, you’re going to need a few things. I used my Cricut to cut the flannel but you can just use a rotary cutter if you do not own a special crafting tool.  I’ve included the special file for the rice heating pads that you can cut with your electronic cutter or just cut your fabric to be 8”X11”. how to put fabric on the Cricut mat remove fabric from Cricut matYou’ll lay right sides together and sew a ¼” seam around the edges. Reinforce your first and last stitch so that the fabric won’t unravel as you add your rice. Leave a 3-4” opening at the top. Grab a small plastic or paper cup and remove the bottom so that this will act as a funnel for your rice in your rice heating pad. matching seams of fabricFill your DIY rice heating pad with the rice and then use some Heat n’ Bond tape to seal the edges. You can top stitch if you’d like but that’s just one extra step for me. Use your iron to seal the edges by pressing for about 30 seconds. turning fabric pouch ride side outsealing flannel fabric together

That’s it for automatic relief and it’s inexpensive. Heating pads at the store have cost me upwards of $30 and so if I can make this for pennies, why not you either?

How long do you heat Rice Heating Pads?

Start heating your rice-filled heating pad at one minute. Two minutes in the microwave if you want your DIY rice heating pad to be extra warm. Keep an eye on your heating pad so that it doesn’t smoke. Just warm your heating pad at one-minute intervals in the microwave. diy rice heating pad

I’m dedicated to helping heal my son and I want him to have a fulfilling life free of back pain. He is a lover of sports and I’m so happy to see him at his happiest on the field. 

Making this homemade heat pack is so easy and you’ll be on your way to an all natural health kick. Turn this into an aromatherapy heating pad by using a few drops of essential oils.  

Home Decor

Ruffled Easy Burlap Wreath

July 26, 2018

Create this easy and quick ruffled burlap wreath. It takes less than 15 minutes and it’ll be something that can hang on your door year-round. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

This ruffled easy burlap wreath was a breeze to make and to put together. Just use some simple burlap ribbon, hot glue, and a wreath form and you’re set with a wreath that will be beautiful through any season. We’re back at it for more Craft Lighting and this time our medium is Burlap. Burlap isn’t a favorite thing of mine to use but I do use it because I love the finished product. When I touch it, it stinks and makes me itchy. I’ve learned just to buy the ribbon in the width that I need and that helps alleviate some of the things I hate about working with burlap. You can make an easy burlap wreath in minutes so follow along below.Create this DIY Burlap Wreath using 3 items. Ruffle the burlap ribbon to give your wreath dimension. #burlap #craftlightning


Start with your wreath form and burlap ribbon. Place a dot of glue on the back of the form and place your starting point of the burlap ribbon. Every inch or so, fold a piece of the burlap ribbon to create the ruffle for your easy burlap wreath.If you have a sewing machine and a ruffle foot, you can do it that way as well. That would be the easiest way to do it but not everyone has those at their disposal. You could also use some straight pins to attach the burlap ribbon to your wreath form. Create this DIY Burlap Wreath using 3 items. Ruffle the burlap ribbon to give your wreath dimension. #burlap #craftlightningI like to use materials I have on hand to make simple and easy crafts. I go to the craft store too often so I need to use what I have rather than always buying more. But what is crafting if you don’t have every tool you think you’ll need? Create this DIY Burlap Wreath using 3 items. Ruffle the burlap ribbon to give your wreath dimension. #burlap #craftlightningI’d love for you to make this easy burlap wreath and hang it on your front door for all seasons to come.

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Disney DIY Cars Pillow using your Cricut Maker

June 22, 2018

I made this adorable Cars Lightning McQueen for Malakai. He’s been obsessed since Cars 3 was released. This Cars Pillow is even easy and fun to put together for your
Disney Pixar Cars obsessed boy or girl. Create your very own Lightning McQueen pillow using your Cricut Maker. #disneycraft #disneycars #cricutmade #cricutmaker #diyThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Disney Cars came out last year with their third instalment of the series. I don’t know if it’ll be the last and I’m kind of hopeful it’s not. It is a little played out but I’ll still see it and Malakai will watch it all.day.long. This DIY Cars Pillow was perfect for him to lay his head down and turn on the movies.

Supplies –

Create your very own Lightning McQueen pillow using your Cricut Maker. #disneycraft #disneycars #cricutmade #cricutmaker #diyIf you can see in the picture above, I have no black Iron-On Vinyl on the DIY Cars Pillow. I used the black fabric as the black color and I saved some money because I didn’t need to buy that color. Create your very own Lightning McQueen pillow using your Cricut Maker. #disneycraft #disneycars #cricutmade #cricutmaker #diyBegin by cutting out your fabric with the Cricut Maker. You’ll cut one black circle and 2 black rectangles that you’ll sew together to make one long strip.

After you’ve cut your black circle, place the Iron-On Vinyl. Us your EasyPress or Iron and start with the red. Next, line up your yellow bolts and then lay the white on the top. Use a towel or a protective mat to protect your red and yellow HTV as you press the others. Create your very own Lightning McQueen pillow using your Cricut Maker. #disneycraft #disneycars #cricutmade #cricutmaker #diy

Cut the other circle with your Cars patterned fabric. You don’t have to use Cars fabric but it’s just an added bonus. Pin your black strip to one of the circles and then sew the ends of the strip together when they meet. Now sew one of the circles to the side strip.Create your very own Lightning McQueen pillow using your Cricut Maker. #disneycraft #disneycars #cricutmade #cricutmaker #diy You will now sew the second circle to the side strip. Leave an opening about 4 inches wide and then stuff with filler. Hand stitch the pillow closed. So easy and it’s such a fun Disney Cars craft.Create your very own Lightning McQueen pillow using your Cricut Maker. #disneycraft #disneycars #cricutmade #cricutmaker #diy


Cricut Crafts - Easter

How to Cut Burlap with your Cricut Maker and Make a Fun Easter Banner

March 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered how to cut burlap with your Cricut Maker? Use the rotary blade for the smoothest cut ever!Learn how to make this fun Easter craft using burlap and your Cricut Maker.This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

This month for the Create with Cricut challenge, our material is Burlap. See how easy it is to cut burlap with your Cricut Maker.

Supplies –

Learn how to make this fun Easter craft using burlap and your Cricut Maker.I found some laminated vinyl at my locals Michaels near their small section of fabric. It came in a roll that is 12″x47″ and is perfect for laying it on my cutting mat. You can absolutely cut non-laminated burlap but I like this because it won’t fray after I cut it.Learn how to make this fun Easter craft using burlap and your Cricut Maker.Cut your pennant shapes out of the vinyl using the rotary blade and your pink fabric mat. I have used my other mats with my rotary blade and I haven’t had any issues. It may dull the rotary blade a little faster but I try to save the fabric mat for items that won’t leave a lot of fuzz behind.Learn how to make this fun Easter craft using burlap and your Cricut Maker.Next cut out your bunnies. You can use different colors of Iron-On Vinyl or just one color. Another fun material would be felt. Just back it with some Heat n’ Bond and use your rotary blade to cut it out as well. Since this design is essential the same, I didn’t worry about mirroring my image. If you do letters or words, be sure to mirror your image. But you do need to make sure that you place the Iron-On right side down on your mat.Learn how to make this fun Easter craft using burlap and your Cricut Maker.Use your EasyPress or your Iron to secure the image onto the burlap. Use it on the foil setting at 385°F for 25-30 seconds. Be sure to warm your burlap before to wick out any moisture that may be there. Moisture and applying vinyl do not go hand-in-hand.Learn how to make this fun Easter craft using burlap and your Cricut Maker.Now just weave your banner through some ribbon and hang. I like to add junque bows in between my letters so that they don’t bunch together and I can control the spacing.

I love this burlap Easter banner and it’s going to go up every year!

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DIY Sleep Mask using your Cricut Maker

March 20, 2018

Go Away! Not really but that’s what I want to tell people when I’m trying to sleep. Create this DIY Sleep Mask using your Cricut Maker and grab the free cut file to use with any cutting machine.DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

There is nothing more important than taking care of yourself. I’m joining in with a few other bloggers to share different ways to take care of yourself and to show you other self-care items you can make with your Cricut.DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.Jessica with The Do It Better Yourself Club has released a fun woman’s pajama pattern and to celebrate she’s put together a free ebook with all of our projects. Check it out here.


Begin by uploading the Go Away! png into Design Space. You can use this method here. Cut your interfacing to size so that it will fit your pink fabric mat. When cutting fabric, you want to have it right side down. Use your rotary blade to cut both the interfacing and the cotton material.DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.Now cut your Go Away! image using a coordinating color of Iron-On Vinyl. When cutting the vinyl, be sure to mirror your image and to use the fine tip blade. Apply your image to your sleep mask before you being to sew it. Use an iron using these settings or use your EasyPress at 305°F and press for 25-30 seconds. Warm up your surface first for 10 seconds, press and then turn it over and press again for 10 seconds then peel.DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.Take your cotton front and place the elastic band so that the ends are meeting with the ends of the mask. Now lay your other cotton piece, right sides facing together, and then lay your felt interfacing on top. Sew a 1/4″ seam 3/4 around your DIY sleep mask. Turn it so that the cotton pieces are facing out and your elastic band is secured. Press the mask so that it lays flat and tuck in your fabric edges that weren’t secured originally.DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.Top stitch over the sleep mask completely and you’re set to have the best night sleep of your life!DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.For me, sleep is always hard, because with Fibromyalgia, your brain never shuts off. My mind is always going and I seriously have the weirdest dreams. Using a sleep mask (and some Tylenol PM) is really the only way that I know how to get a good night sleep. Everything is dark and I have zero distractions. It’s pretty easy now but it has taken a long time to get to this point.DIY Sleep Mask all cut on your Cricut Maker. Sewn together in 5 minutes. Make such a fun gift for girlfriends.

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DIY American Girl Doll Jumpsuit using Natalie Malan Fabrics

March 15, 2018

This American Girl doll jumpsuit was so fun to make. And the mini pockets! Use Natalie Malan’s
Crisp Petals fabric to make them timeless.This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support. I did receive this fabric in exchange of this post. All opinions are my own.

Supplies –

Begin by prepping your Crisp Petals fabric. I used three pieces for each romper that were 12″x24″. I like to have the fabric store cut them in the 12″ increment so that I don’t have to do it at home but it’s not essential.I am a very impatient seamstress. Taking my time is not my forte but the end product is worth the time investment. Don’t ask me to actually make my own clothes with pockets and a cinched waist! The instructions for this project are really straight forward. Before you purchase a pattern through Design Space for your Cricut Maker, you’re offered the instructions for the project to see if it’s something you can actually achieve. For me the hardest part of these doll clothes is the shoulder seam where the straps meet. I just ended up sewing them under the seam so you can’t see that part. The Crisp Petals line designed by Natalie Malan is now a new favorite of mine. The cotton is sturdy and it feels soft. Coats did a wonderful job manufacturing this fabric. Cricut also offers a coordinating cardstock to this fabric. All her work is gold!While I don’t show you step-by-step in this blog post how to construct this American Girl doll jumpsuit, the instructions by Simplicity are pretty easy to follow for anyone familiar with sewing. If you’re new to sewing, making mini clothes is not a route I suggest taking first. Cricut offers many quilt patterns that you can easily incorporate Natalie’s fabrics on. I plan to make some cosmetic bags using some other of Natalie Malan’s Crisp Petals line and use coordinating zippers by Coats. You can grab her coordinating cardstock at your local Joann store or look on Cricut.com.

Cricut Crafts - Valentine's Day

Dollar Spot Valentine Place Mats Customized with Cricut

February 5, 2018

These Valentine Place Mats are so darling and then customize it with your Cricut and EasyPress. Perfect for your Valentines dinner. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I love using my EasyPress to customize items you normally wouldn’t. I grabbed these heart shaped place mats from the Target Dollar Spot and used these cute sayings to customize them.


Go ahead and open the public Design Space file. You can now open shared canvases on your mobile app. That is huge news for me and anyone else who cuts using the Bluetooth capability on your Explore or Maker.Once your canvas is open, send it to your machine. Be sure to mirror your image! The Explore models have the smart dial and you can easily choose Iron-On vinyl.When you have a Cricut Maker, everything is chosen just like it’s a custom material. You have a list of items to chose from. There is either Iron-On Vinyl or HTV. Some people have chosen HTV and it cuts through the carrier sheet. Choose the Iron-On setting and you’ll have a perfect cut every time.Weed out the negative space of your Iron-On Vinyl and preheat your EasyPress to the correct setting. If using Iron-On Lite, choose 305 degrees.Plave a folded towel on a firm surface and place your Valentine place mats on the towel. Pre-heat the place mats for around 10 secondsand then plave your image where you want it. Press for 25-30 seconds, turn the placemat over and press again for the same amount of time.Peel off the carrier sheet and you’re ready. TO care for your items, wait at least 24 hours to wash. These placemats can’t be turned inside out but if you have clothes, be sure to turn them inside out when washing them.

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DIY Monthly Milestone Baby Blanket using Iron On Vinyl

January 10, 2018

Milestone baby blankets are everywhere. Learn how to use your Cricut and the Cricut EasyPress to create your very own monthly milestone baby blanket to have as a keepsake for your little one.monthly milestone blanket for baby

This post does contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support. 

I’m so excited to be joining the Inspire My Creativity Link Party each month until June this year. It’ll bring some new challenges which I always love. Link up your post below! This month is DIY anything your heart desires.

This DIY milestone baby blanket was so easy to create using my Cricut Maker and using my Cricut EasyPress to secure the iron-on. Begin by installing the Autumn in November font to your computer, the link is below.

If you’re creating doing this on your tablet or phone, you’ll have to choose a Cricut font that works. Each number is 6″ tall and about 6″ apart. Lay it out beforehand to help reduce the stress of making the milestone blanket.

Supplies needed to make your own baby milestone blanket –

how to make a monthly milestone baby blanket

How to make a monthly milestone baby blanket

Next, cut out each number and I’ve also included the words month and months if you want to add that at the bottom.

When using Cricut Iron-On, it’s important to remember to mirror the image.

You’ll want to place it shiny side down on the mat and cut using the iron-on setting. Do not use the HTV setting with your Maker. For some reason, it is cutting completely through. You just want it to cut the vinyl and keep the carrier sheet intact. how to make a milestone blanket with cricutyou’ll remove all the negative space and then cut each month number separately so that you can lay it out before you press. I did not follow any milestone blanket template. I laid them out and used my eye to make them even. There is a big difference between 1 and 12 so you want to make sure they’re spaced how you want them beforehand.

The nice thing about HTV or Iron-On Vinyl is that when you removed the excess from the carrier sheet, it leaves you with a sticky carrier sheet that can adhere easily to your milestone blanket.

When using the Cricut EasyPress, you need a hard surface and then a folded towel on that hard surface. They have now released some Cricut EasyPress Mats that take all the guesswork out. You do not want to use your EasyPress on an ironing board. You want a tiny bit of cushion under your project. Do not press directly on your hard surface. You know you’ve got a great adhesion when you can see the texture of the cotton weave come through the Iron-On Vinyl.
how to adhere iron on vinyl

How to make a milestone blanket with Cricut

Preheat your Cricut EasyPress to 305ºF and lay your cotton on your mat or towel. Warm up your material for 5-10 seconds to take all the moisture out of the fabric. Lay your Iron-On Vinyl where you want it adhered and press for 25-30 seconds. Peel off the carrier sheet and finishing pressing the rest of your milestone numbers.make your own baby milestone blanket Once you’ve adhered all your numbers are words, turn the blanket over and press on the back of all the numbers and words for an additional 15 seconds. Wait 24 hours to wash your blankets or go ahead and prewash it and then adhere the words.

Now you’re done. So super easy but it takes a little bit of time to get your numbers evenly spaced and to finish the edges of your material. You’ll never need to spend $40+ on a monthly Milestone baby blanket again.cricut milestone blanket

These DIY baby milestone blankets are the best baby shower gifts you can give. They’re even better knowing you put your hard work into something so special.


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