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Cut Snowflake Window Cling with Cricut

October 22, 2014

Snowflakes and a Cricut Explore Giveaway on seelindsay.comTeam 16 is still going strong on our Cricut Explore Giveaway and there are two more days until this grand adventure of Round 4 ends. Makes sure to check out my previous two entries and to see the other entries here on Cricut’s Pinterest page. You can also follow me here too!


Snowflakes and a Cricut Explore Giveaway on seelindsay.comI love snowflakes and I love the intricate cuts that the Explore can cut in any material. I used their new Window Cling material in white. Right now it’s available in White, Black an Orange and they just released Red and Green! It’s so fun for the holidays and to have the kids put them up on the windows. For me this is one of my most vivid memories, being able to decorate the windows with the clings. We got one room that we could decorate and my mom had a special tree that she’d decorate in her porcelain ornaments. I for sure get my control issues from her!

Snowflakes and a Cricut Explore Giveaway on seelindsay.comI used the cartridges from Teresa Collins’ December 25th, Winter Lace and When It’s Cold Outside. They had several choices to choose from and really intricate cuts. The snowflakes measure about 2.5″, they cut and came off like butter! To see my tutorial on how to cut the window cling, go here. I can’t wait to see it when there is snow outside and with the lights glowing. It’s my favorite time of year!

Snowflakes and a Cricut Explore Giveaway on seelindsay.comDon’t forget to enter our giveaway! We’re so fortunate to be able to share our love of this machine and to have one of our readers win one for themselves! Thanks so much for stopping by!

XOXO, Lindsay
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Fashion Finds Friday - Giveaway - Kids

Freshly Picked Review

July 1, 2014

Freshly Picked, Frenchie and a Giveaway

Babes, have you ever in your life been so impressed with someone and what they’ve done with their lives that it’s made you question your path and what you want to be and do? I got the chance to meet Susan at The Pinners Conference in November of 2013 when I started on my Frenchie journey. She changed the way I was thinking about a lot of things. She has such an inspiring story and has a killer vibe for style and for styling children.

Freshly Picked and Frenchie for a Giveaway

I contacted Freshly Picked in April and everyone there was so sweet. They take the time to answer whichever question you may have. Whether that be on Instagram, Facebook or through their website. They have people in their office working but they also have everyday moms helping with their social networks. Susan has perfected the social network game for sure!

Freshly Picked and Frenchie for a Giveaway

FP’s Moccs come in so many fun colors and go up to size Toddler 10. I really thing that they need to have adult sizes but I can only imagine how ridiculous we’d all look with these on our feet. Kids look so cute with them – us, not so much!

Freshly Picked and Frenchie for a Giveaway

The colors are really the hardest part. I want them all! The colors that I chose for Leila girl were Platinum and the Neon Pink. Platinum is perfect cause it goes with anything and everything. You have to have one of those pairs and you have to have a fun pair. These Neon Pink ones are insane. Neon is so in this summer and it’s absolutely unisex.

Freshly Picked and Frenchie for a Giveaway

The other part of these you can tell is the wear. She wears these all day, everyday. In fact, when we first got these, she was so in love with them that she slept in them. She can just do the silliest things and it can be so practical, because the leather on these are some of the softest leather I’ve ever felt. Along with sleeping in them, she destroys them and they take it. She colors on them, rubs her feet in the asphalt, hops around, you name it and she done it. These have still stood the test of time. I love how Kaylynn from Among the Young, showed her daughters foot prints in her FP Moccs so undoubtedly I had to show you Leila’s.

Freshly Picked and Frenchie for a Giveaway

You know the best part of this post? I get to offer you a pair to win! Leave a comment below and enter using the Rafflecopter . The rules are simple, in order to win, you just cannot have won a pair of FP Moccs within the last 60 days. You can choose any size and color that is in stock on their website at Freshly-Picked.com

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Good Luck! XO, Lindsay