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Baby Malakai - Christmas - Cricut

FREE First Aid SVG File and How I Keep Us Healthy in the Winter

December 6, 2018

Winter is busy enough as it is but you’ve got to learn ways to help you combat sickness so you won’t add more stress to the holiday season. Here are some tips & tricks to help you stay healthy in
the winter months and how to get your Vick’s Holiday Fix.

This conversation is sponsored by Vick’s available at Walmart. All opinions are my own and this post does contain affiliate links.

If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while, you’ll know that my son Malakai was born 16 weeks early. That’s right on the cusp of survival. In fact, he only had a 10% chance of surviving. He was born at the end of September and so going into the winter months we had to be conscious of us staying healthy so he wouldn’t get sick.

Washing your hands in the NICU was just like a doctor scrubbing in for surgery. You’re given their anti-bacterial soap and a one-time use scrub brush. Wearing jewelry was not recommended and fake nails were also a no-no. Things like those can harbor germs and just add to an already complicated journey.

I decided then, and we still implement them today, that we needed to take precautionary steps to avoid illness and the spreading of germs in the winter months.

For two years he got a Synagis shot which geared up his immune system to fight off RSV. It worked but still when he would get a cold, it just takes him longer to fight it off. A cold for me lasts 7-10 days, he takes over two weeks to get over it.

Supplies for your DIY First-Aid Kit

Depending on what surface you’re going to put your first aid SVG file you’re going to want HTV for fabric and be sure to mirror the image before you cut, or you’ll want standard vinyl if you’re putting your first aid image on plastic or wood and you do not need to mirror your image.

Cut your image and weed off the excess vinyl and then place your image on your surface and press. Use these tips for using iron-on vinyl with your Iron.

Be sure to follow manufacturers instructions before you apply your vinyl to make sure you’re using it correctly.

Gather your Vicks Nyquil with VapoCOOL and your Vicks VaporRub and place it inside your DIY First-Aid Kit. Don’t forget your band-aids, gauze, and some Bacitracin so that you’re covered for any cuts.

Tips & Tricks for Staying Healthy in the Winter

  • Stay inside as much as possible –

I know this is hard with little ones but the more you stay inside, the less you are susceptible to catching germs. You can easily do this more nowadays with Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup service.

Shopping online and choosing online grocery pick-up is so convenient. I just add items to my cart from grocery.walmart.com and choose when I can pick it up. Walmart will have everything ready to go for me and load it up in my car right in the parking lot. I haven’t been the same since I was introduced to Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup service. Find ways to save on Vicks products at Walmart below.

  • Keep your medications organized –

When you are sick, the last thing you want to be doing is looking for the medication that you need. Organize your medications using some bins in a closet or under your sink in the bathroom. Use a label maker and mark each bin with what they contain. Be prepared before you get hit with the cold bug.

  • Use Vicks’ new VapoCOOL formula –

Grab some of your go-to Vicks products with the new VapoCOOL, available at Walmart, to get the relief of your illness with the rush of Vick’s vapors. Keep your symptoms at bay so that you can get all you need to get done this holiday season. My go-to is Vicks NyQuil with VapoCOOL so that I can get a good nights rest before the festivities start gearing up.

  • Wash Your Hands –

This one is a no-brainer but we still need reminding when it comes to keeping our hands clean. Keep some mini hand sanitizer bottles in your purse or your desk so that you can kill germs at all times. This small bottle of sanitizer cost me less than $1 at my local Walmart. I grabbed a few to keep in the car and my bedside table.

  • Stay Warm – 

I see a reflection of my mother in myself when I’m constantly telling the kids that they shouldn’t wear shorts when its 30ºF outside. Grab some cozy socks that are just for slipping on when getting into bed at night or a comfy pair of thermal pajamas. Winter gloves are also a must-have and also be sure to keep spare pairs in your car or your purse so you’re never without them.

  • Humidifier – 

The air is so dry in the winter and since I live in Utah, it’s dry all year-round. I like to use a humidifier in all of our rooms to keep from having our throats dry up and our grossness wet so that we can cough it up. I prefer the cool-mist humidifiers and we have them on almost all winter long.

I use the Vicks VapoRub in addition to the humidifier so that we can have some relief on our chests and I am able to get some good deep breaths in.

Ways to save on Vicks at Walmart:

  • $1 off any Vicks product at Walmart (except drops, Sinex, and ZzQuil) – BrandSAVER coupon from the 11/25 newspaper
  • $1 off Vicks Nyquil at Walmart – iBotta offer
  • $0.75 off Vicks VapoDrops at Walmart – iBotta Offer
  • Bonus $1.25 rebate when you use both iBotta offers

I love using the Ibotta app to get rebates on my shopping. Just scan in your receipt and see the savings start rolling in. 

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Vicks. The opinions and text are all mine.

Cricut - Holiday Parties - New Years

New Year, Same Mess & More FREE SVG Files for New Years

December 4, 2018

Ring in the New Year but also don’t forget that you’re still a complete mess! Grab this and many other free SVG files for your next handmade New Years shirt. 

This post contains affiliate links thank you for your support.

Celebrating New Years is always something I look forward to. My husband is from Tonga and they’re right on the International Dateline so they’re the very first ones to celebrate the New Year.

We ring in New Years in Tonga at our local church meetinghouse. We grab lots of balloons and string and have the most fun time dancing around the sports court.  No lie, it’s one of the most fun nights we have on the island. Here is our Christmas tree that we have in Tonga and we had a craft night where all the kids cut paper snowflakes and we blew up more balloons for the tree. I remember my husband telling me that some Christmases all they got were balloons and they were so excited. Here is the family a few years back on our trip. We try to go to Tonga every few years but it’s getting expensive since we all require seats on the plane. It’s definitely a humbling experience going there and I tell you all about our trip to Tonga in this post.

But enough about Christmas lets talk about New Years and how you can get 12 free New Year SVG files!

Like I said above, New Years is always a fun time of year for us. But believe me, when I say, I’m the same mess that I was in 2017. I can’t get my act together so this New Year, Same Mess SVG file is perfect in describing me.

Supplies for your New Years shirt

Click on the link above to the free SVG file and save it to your computer. You’ll then upload it into your electronic software. To upload an SVG file into Cricut Design Space, follow these instructions. To upload an SVG file into your Silhouette software, Persia Lou has a great step-by-step tutorial on how to do that.

Next, cut your free New Years SVG file with your electronic cutter. Remember to mirror your image so that it cuts properly. I prefer using my Cricut and that’s just because I’m used to it. I haven’t used a Silhouette in a few years but they cut the iron-on vinyl just as good.

After you’ve unloaded your vinyl from the cutter, you want to remove any of the images that you do not want to go on your New Years shirt. Use a weeding tool or a safety pin and take off the vinyl. You now have your entire New Year, Same Mess image still attached to the carrier sheet.

Being by preheating your fabric to the suggested settings. Lay your iron-on vinyl on top of the shirt and then press for the recommended amount of time. Turn the shirt over and press again. Depending on what material of HTV you use, you want to check if it is a warm peel or cool peel.

Use this handy Iron-On Vinyl Guide to know what setting you should be using with your HTV.

What does it mean to cool peel or warm peel heat transfer vinyl?

It’s simple, cool peel means to allow your HTV to come back down to room temperature before you peel off the carrier sheet. Warm peel means to pull the carrier sheet off of your material while it is still hot.

A lot of foil iron on is cold peel. You want to allow it to cool down so that your foil HTV doesn’t wrinkle. You’ll have to use a little bit of force to take the carrier sheet off of the cool HTV but it won’t peel off your shirt.

What if I don’t want a workout shirt?

Easy, put this on any shirt you own to let your friends, family, and strangers know you are one hot mess! It looks super cute on this baseball shirt and quite frankly, you can wear it all year round.

You can use these free SVG files on anything. Make yourself a mug like I did last month with our Christmas SVG file hop. Follow the links below to grab your own and make whatever your heart desires.

Now for your other FREE SVG files, just click on the link and you’ll be taken to the blogs to download their own files.

Pop! Clink! Kiss

That’s So Twenty Eighteen

Champagne Squad and Rose Squad

Midnight Kisses, New Year Wishes

New Year, Same Mess

Kiss Me Now, Midnight is Past My Bedtime

New Years Resolution: Be Just as Awesome as I Was Last Year!

Kiss Me… at Midnight

This is My Year to Sparkle

Available for Midnight Kisses

Happy New Year 2019

Cheers Y’all

free New Years svg file

Christmas - Clothing DIY - Cricut

Toddler Christmas Shirts for the Holidays

November 26, 2018

We all love Christmas but we love it more when our kids look the part. Create this children’s Christmas shirt using the FREE Christmas SVG file. free Christmas svg on shirtThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Malakai has been all over the place lately. I often wonder how I ever did parenting with three kids, not in school and my house was clean. I blame the cleanliness on one thing – we have too much crap laying around here. While cleaning out drawers of old clothes I came upon this red baseball tee. I figured it was perfect to make Malakai a cute Christmas alphabet shirt with this free Christmas SVG file.

Supplies for your Kids Christmas T-Shirt

So now that Malakai is in preschool, he’s starting to learn his letters. I made these letters in the shape of a tree to bring in more excitement for Christmas.

This free Christmas SVG file doesn’t need to be used for a toddler shirt. Place it on a wood plank or even a shirt for you.

toddler red Christmas shirt

Where can I find FREE Christmas SVG files?

The best places I have found to get FREE Christmas SVG files is blogs. Use Google, use Pinterest, use Etsy as inspiration. Just search for free SVG files and the item you’re looking for and things will pop-up like crazy.

I also like to buy my SVG files. Etsy is awesome, there are also blogs like Hey, Let’s Make Stuff, Happiness is Homemade, Pineapple Paper Co., and Everyday Party Magazine are all sites I like to buy my SVG files from.

Cricut - Thanksgiving

Custom Fall Wood Sign made with your Cricut

October 14, 2018

Grab these wooden leaves at your local Target and then use your Cricut Machine and EasyPress to customize it just in time for Thanksgiving. thanksgiving sign with cricutThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I love swinging into Target and checking out their Dollar Spot. Things are getting a little out of control with their “dollar” concept but sometimes they have awesome things for less than you’d expect to pay. That’s where I found this wooden leaf that was blank so I can use my Cricut machine to personalize it. Create this custom Fall wood sign today.wood leaf with thankful word on it

Supplies for your Custom Fall Wood Sign

Easy peasy. Just cut your image using your Cricut machine and then weed the vinyl so that your image is on the carrier sheet. weeding gold vinylWarm up your EasyPress to 315ºF and preheat your wooden leaf for 5 seconds. Lay your image onto your wooden leaf cutout and press for an additional 40 seconds.using EasyPress on wood Remove the carrier sheet and then add some ribbon or accents to the rope. I just have this sitting on a shelf but if you wanted to have it as a door hanger, just switch it upside down. removing the carrier sheet from itvwooden leaf with gold thankful words on it

Can I use Foil Heat Transfer Vinyl or Iron-On Vinyl on wood?

No. There are some things that Cricut doesn’t recommend but you can usually do it but using foil iron-on vinyl on wood just won’t stay. The adhesive on the back of the foil HTV just doesn’t attach as well as the Everyday Iron-On does. It will lift where it doesn’t attach and stretch and tear. I included a picture for reference.ruined foil iron on vinyl It’s so easy to make this custom fall wood sign using your Cricut and the Cricut EasyPress. The small EasyPress 2 is really handy and I have found that I use that one 95% of the time. I do a lot of sewing and so using the small EasyPress 2 on seams is a time saver. Check out other Fall crafts that your Cricut can make below.

Fall Paper Leaf Wall Hanging / Wooden Pumpkin for Fall- Larger Than Mat Cricut / Felt Flower Grapevine Wreath / Chipboard Pumpkin / Wooden Fall Leaf customized with Cricut / Quick & Easy Fall Banner / Welcome Fall Wood Pumpkin Sign / How to Cut Die Cuts for Your Planner / Halloween T-Shirt

Cricut - Halloween

Hocus Pocus Tombstones – Make your own graveyard

October 11, 2018

Emily Binx, Thackery Binx, and William Butcherson are remembered making these easy
Hocus Pocus Tombstones. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Making these wooden mini tombstones was really quite simple. I just used 3 different colors of spray paint and some pigment ink. Spray until you don’t think it needs any more. Learn my techniques below.

The trick to making your wood look like concrete is to vary the color. I had two tones of grey and one tone of brown. I chose the Kryon colors because they have that little removable tab. You want the removable tab so that when it sprays, you will achieve spurts of color rather than a continuous stream. 

Supplies for your DIY Hocus Pocus Tombstones

How do I make wood look like cement?

Begin with your lightest shade of grey/beige and use it to base coat your wooden blocks. Next, use your brown but make sure you remove the small plastic tab so they paint will splatter. Do a few strokes of that. Don’t do too much and try and focus on the edges. Now use your mid-tone paint and repeat the steps. Now that you have your big globs of paint on the wood, you’ll put the small plastic tab back on the paint and just do an overspray. Hold your paint vertically and then move the can as you spray. Rotate between the three colors and spray in various areas. I had this in a box and kept moving it around so some of the paint would smear. Just add paint until you’re happy with the end product.

After the paint had dried on my Hocus Pocus tombstones I took some green pigment ink and blended it into the edges. Use as little or as much as you like, I just like to smear it on there and then use some of your blending sponges to have it look like faux moss.wooden headstone

How do I put vinyl on wood?

Use some standard vinyl and weed your image, use some transfer paper and apply that to your weeded vinyl. Make sure your wood is cleaned and free of any lint or sawdust. Peel the transfer paper off the carrier sheet and you vinyl should be stuck to the transfer paper. Lay the vinyl image on your piece of wood and use a credit card or scraper tool to press down the vinyl. Slowly lift the transfer paper off of your wood, leaving the vinyl image adhered to your wood.

What I recommend is using some iron-on vinyl, better known as HTV, on your wood. I weeded my image and kept what I want to keep on my carrier sheet. With the Cricut EasyPress, I used 305°F and pressed for 20 seconds. Warm your wooded surface before you place the image. Warm it up for about 5 seconds, place your HTV and then press for the 20 seconds.

There it is, a super cute Hocus Pocus Halloween craft. It ties in perfectly with my Hocus Pocus Door Decoration or my Hocus Pocus Spellbook Door Mat. I have a transom window on my front door and I added these really cute zombie hands out of Cricut Window Cling to remind me when William Butcherson jumped right out of his grave. Grab the Cricut file here. Happy Haunting!


Tips and Tricks for using Cricut Iron On Vinyl

July 12, 2018

Want to learn all the tips and tricks to Cricut’s Iron On Vinyl? I’m here to show you some pointers on how to get the best looking project. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I am so excited to be teaching the reversed canvas class at the Cricut Make-A-Thon at the end of this month. It’s going to be filled with making great items and making great friends. For the reversed canvas class, we’re going to be using Cricut’s new Everyday Iron-On vinyl and I’ve been pleased with the results.

Have you been wondering how to use the Cricut Iron-On Vinyl? I'm sharing my tips and tricks to easier use the material. #cricutmade #cricut What’s the difference between Iron-On and HTV?

  • Absolutely nothing, they’re just called different names. Cricut uses the words Iron-On Vinyl so that people can easily differentiate between HTV and standard vinyl. Iron-On and HTV come in a variety of brands and styles so it’s important to choose a reputable seller.

Where can I buy reputable Iron-On Vinyl or HTV?

  • Most craft stores carry Cricut Iron-On Vinyl in store but their selection can vary. I love going online to Cricut.com and choose from a selection they have. They are phasing out their Iron-On Lite and transitioning to their Everyday Iron-On.
  • Expressions Vinyl is also a reputable seller that carries Siser and their own brand of HTV. I like their HTV and find it very similar to Cricut’s Iron-On Lite.
  • Happy Crafters is also one I like to use but I don’t order from them too often. I like them because I can buy shirts and HTV all in one place.

Have you been wondering how to use the Cricut Iron-On Vinyl? I'm sharing my tips and tricks to easier use the material. #cricutmade #cricutWhat is the difference between Cricut’s Iron-On Lite and Cricut’s Everyday Iron-On?

  • When I’ve used both, I notice that the weeding process is smoother on the new Cricut Everyday Iron-On. It seems to feel like it is a bit thicker so it doesn’t tear or stretch as easily.
  • Cricut’s Iron-On Lite leaves texture to know that you have a good stick. You can see the fibers of the material you’re pressing on through it. Since the Cricut Everyday Iron-On seems thicker, I haven’t been able to see the fibers like I have in the past.
  • Cricut Everyday Iron-On has the StrongBond guarantee and that right there has been a life changer. I’m able to do more active shirts because of the StrongBond grip and I feel more comfortable throwing it in the wash.

What temperature setting should I use with my Cricut Iron-On?

  • Cricut has a great guide to knowing what settings you should use. They have household iron settings and EasyPress settings. They also include a guide for if you have the EasyPress mat or you’re using a towel.
  • Siser is also a great resource. A lot of Iron-On or HTV have similar settings. The Cricut and Siser and the only guides I recommend using. Unless your HTV came with settings specifically for their HTV, use these other guides.

Do I need a heat press or the Cricut EasyPress?

  • The short answer is yes. If you’re going to make shirts that last, you’re going to want some kind of press. The EasyPress is perfect for someone starting out that does occasional shirts and doesn’t have space to house a large heat press.
  • If you’re going to be turning your craft into a business and have the room for a heat press, by all means, get one.
  • The EasyPress Mat is a perfect accessory for the EasyPress. Do not press on an ironing board or an uneven surface. I use my wood floor and the mat and it presses perfectly each time. If you use a surface that draws the heat out, your temperature on the EasyPress will drop. Your design will also lift because it didn’t get the same pressure on the entire design.
  • You can always use an iron, don’t feel like you can’t make something because you don’t have a press. Irons are just tricky because they don’t have even heating elements and you can easily burn your HTV.

Have you been wondering how to use the Cricut Iron-On Vinyl? I'm sharing my tips and tricks to easier use the material. #cricutmade #cricutHow do I remove HTV or Iron-On from my materials?

  • If you’ve made a mistake, don’t fret. You can remove HTV but it is a painstaking process. Just place your heat directly onto your design and take some tweezers and pull it off. Go slow and you will be able to press another design.

Crafting DIY - Cricut

DIY Military Countdown with Cricut

July 10, 2018

You all know how much I love my Cricut, but I love my brother more. Create this DIY Military Countdown to count the days you have until you get to see your deployed family member. Make your own military countdown for deployed family members. It's the perfect military craft to make with your Cricut. #cricut #cricutmade #militaryThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

My brother was deployed this past May. While I miss my brother, I’m sure his wife and kids miss him more. I made this DIY military countdown for them to write in how many days he has left in his deployment. Make your own using your Cricut machine or any cutting machine.

Follow all the bloggers along as we create with Cricut Iron-On Vinyl and then at the end of this post, see how you can win your very own EasyPress and EasyPress Mat!


To start, open the Cricut Design Space file. The font I used is Acier BAT and it’s available through TypeKit. If you don’t have an Adobe account, go ahead and use a font you love. Select Make It and then be sure to mirror your image for Iron-On. Cut and weed your Iron-On and set it aside.Make your own military countdown for deployed family members. It's the perfect military craft to make with your Cricut. #cricut #cricutmade #militaryI bought this box sign from a local shop called The Wood Connection. It was around $10 and worth every penny. I stained the outer frame with some Early American wood stain and then painted the interior with chalkboard paint.

When your frame has dried, go ahead and lay your Iron-On Vinyl on the chalkboard and press. The chalkboard paint melted when I placed the iron on top of the deisign so I just used the tip of the iron and pressed. It took arounf 5 minutes to get a good adherance to the board. Take off your carrier sheet and you’re done! Make your own military countdown for deployed family members. It's the perfect military craft to make with your Cricut. #cricut #cricutmade #militaryThis project is something I love and I can’t wait to see my nieces face when I give it to her. This military countdown is going to be something special for the next year. Make your own military countdown for deployed family members. It's the perfect military craft to make with your Cricut. #cricut #cricutmade #military

Now, if you want to win a Cricut EasyPress and EasyPress Mat, enter below. The more items you do, the better your chances. XX
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Clothing DIY - Cricut

DIY Mermaid Shirt with Cricut Iron-On Designs

April 23, 2018

This DIY Mermaid Shirt was so fun to make and is perfect for Leila and her cousins. See how easy it is to use the new Cricut Iron On Designs available now. Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Leila and two of her cousins are obsessed with these t-shirts I made them coincide with a mermaid themed birthday party they’re going to be having later in May. Super cute and super easy and created in less than 2 minutes.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress

Supplies –

To use your EasyPress without the mat, preheat your Cricut EasyPress to 340°F and then set the timer to hold for 50 seconds.

When using the EasyPress Mat and EasyPress together, preheat your EasyPress to 340°F and then set the timer for 30 seconds. 

Wait 24 hours before washing and wash inside-out.

Allow your EasyPress to heat up while you prepare the t-shirt. I grabbed each girl a hot pink shirt from Happy Crafters. They have really good prices and they’re better quality than the ones you can grab from your local craft store. For the Cricut Iron On Design, I chose this super cute mermaid. I made Leila and her two cousins matching ones for all under $20.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressPlace the EasyPress on your blank shirt and preheat it for 10 seconds. Lay your design straight out of the package onto your desired spot of the shirt. Then place your EasyPress over the design and use medium pressure. Press for 50 seconds.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressThe EasyPress fits over all their larger designs perfectly. There is no need to move it around, just press and you’re set.

After you’ve pressed your Cricut Iron On Design for 50 seconds, turn your shirt over, while the carrier sheet is still attached, and press the back of your shirt for an additional 10-15 seconds.Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPressPlace your shirt to the side and allow it to cool 2-3 minutes before you pull the carrier sheet off of your Iron On Design.

When you begin to pull it, it takes a little bit of force to initially get the carrier sheet off. Your design has adhered so don’t worry. Begin with one corner and pull straight back. Voila! Your DIY mermaid shirt is complete and awesome!Make this DIY Mermaid shirt using Cricut's new Iron On Designs. Use a household iron or EasyPress to adhere. The easiest way to do Iron On. #Cricut #CricutMade #CricutEasyPress

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.