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Easter - Home DIY

Metallic Clay Pot Crafts with an Easy Arrangement

March 19, 2018

Making clay pot crafts is so easy and inexpensive. Use some metallic paint and create these farmhouse style clay pots filled with an easy arrangement of faux flowers.Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.Supplies –

Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.Paint your clay pots using two coats of the metallic paint. Allow each coat to dry in between so that you reduce your brush strokes and any paint lifting.

Cut your faux flowers off into individual sprigs. You’ll want to glue the foam ball into the terracotta pot and then begin poking the foam balls with the wired faux flower sprigs.Create these metallic terracotta pots using clay pots from the craft store and some metallic paint.Arrange it to how you like and then display it wherever you desire. I placed mine on this farmhouse style shelf right outside my front door.

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Cricut - Home DIY

Make your own Fixer Upper style Kitchen sign with your Cricut Explore

March 27, 2017

Fixer Upper is one of my all time favorite HGTV shows. Learn how easy it is to create this Fixer Upper style sign for your kitchen using your Cricut.Create your own Fixer Upper style sign with your Cricut ExploreThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you to Cricut for sponsoring this post.


magnolia homes kitchenFirst, begin by downloading the Kenzo font for free and use this pre-made Cricut template for your Fixer Upper kitchen sign. Everything is done for you. Just load your black vinyl onto your 12X24″ Cricut mat and select Go! You’ll want to use a standard blade for the vinyl and I used the Vinyl+ setting on my smart dial just to be sure I got a smooth cut. My German blade has lasted 2+ years and I’ve really never had to replace it. Once I start getting missed cuts or tears in my paper, that’s when I know it’s best to change my Cricut blade. It’s super easy, just press the button on the top and pull out the blade, throw the new blade in there and release the button. It’s so easy!After I’ve cut my vinyl, I’ll use the hook tool as a weeder and remove all the negative space. I then add my transfer tape on top of it and give it a good scrape using my scraper tool or a credit card will work just as well. Be sure to use quite a bit of pressure so that the image will lift easily when you’re ready to pull up the image.Prepare your wooden surface by sanding it lightly and then brushing off the dust remnants. I spray painted my sign black, to begin with, and then once I place the letters on it I’ll spray it white to reveal a reverse effect.

The pre-made template is just the right fit for the 3’X6″ wooden board. I had leftover wood so I just used that for the size. Whatever you have on hand or whatever size works for your space, be sure to edit the image so that it’ll look great on your board. I made the letters 5″ so that I had a bit of a white edge but I didn’t want too much of an edge because that doesn’t seem to be the look of the Fixer Upper kitchen sign that says SUPERMARKET.Now that I’ve weeded out my vinyl and attached it to the transfer tape, adhere it to your dry board. It’ll go on directly over the black spray paint. Use your scraper tool and be sure the letters are pressed down well. Lift off your transfer tape and begin to spray with white paint. My board had some imperfections and I loved that, If you want a cleaner look, paint at least 2 coats of white spray paint.After the white paint has dried, use your weeder tool and peel up the letters from the board. You should have crisp letters that are black and a white background. I used the scraper tool to rough my board up a bit. You could also use a metal spatula and just brush it along the edges and a little over the writing. Age that wooden board as much as you like or as little as you like.Adhere some foam mounting tape or some command strips and hang it above your kitchen sink. I love all the projects the Cricut Explore allows me to do and I’ve made so many different things for my home, my children and myself especially! Also, if you know me well, you know that I had to move everything out of the way to get a ‘clean’ shot of my home. There is crap everywhere and I have no space for anything. Do I throw it away or just buy a new house??

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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Christmas Clock DIY with your Cricut

November 6, 2016

*This post does contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support.modern-wall-clockFor this series of Craft Lightning I decided that I wanted something easy. This modern clock DIY took me all of 10 minutes and it was really just painting. I bought this clock at Target for $8 and it came with the modern pieces, I was in love from the start.An easy and modern Christmas gift diy


I started by spraying my raw clock with some white spray paint and I really loaded it on there. I then took a dry paper towel and wiped most of it off so I had a whitewash finish. Now you can stop here but why would you?An easy and modern Christmas gift diyI then took some painters tape and taped a straight line down the middle. I used some Folk Art craft paint and a foam brush to give me the bright Chartreuse contrast I wanted.An easy and modern Christmas gift diyI wanted it to fit in with the Christmas holiday so I added some ‘Have you been naughty or nice’ black vinyl. It can easily be taken off once Christmas is done so that it will fit in with my other decor. I kind of love this. Click here for that Cricut file.

An easy and modern Christmas gift diyToo see all the other fun Craft Lightning project, head on over to these sites and see everyone’s! XX

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DIY Farmhouse Style Cafe Shelves

July 28, 2016

Thanks so much to our friends at the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company for sponsoring this post.Ever wanted to diy farmhouse shelves? Use this milk paint trick to learn how to get the look.I made these shelves a few years ago using this tutorial and I’ve loved them ever since. They were black and then a grey/white and now I’ve decided to use Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. in Soldier Blue. I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to go that dark again but I did know that the shelves needed more of a contrast.  Ever wanted to diy farmhouse shelves? Use this milk paint trick to learn how to get the look.I joined the Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest this month and the theme was Farmhouse Fun. I had a hard time deciding what project to do but I’ve always known that these shelves have needed a rework for quite sometime.Ever wanted to diy farmhouse shelves? Use this milk paint trick to learn how to get the look.The trick to mixing Milk Paint is getting the consistency right. You want to have a 50/50 mix of powder to water but I have found that using a tiny bit less water and using it warm has always worked well for me. I also like to blend it in an old Bullet mixer so that I don’t have those chunks of powder in my mixture.Ever wanted to diy farmhouse shelves? Use this milk paint trick to learn how to get the look.Paint one coat and allow to dry and then add your second coat. The paint will give you a cracked look and those are the places that haven’t adhered well to the surface. The way to get the chippy look for these DIY farmhouse cafe shelves is to use a metal spackle knife. Just lightly go across the top of your surface and it will scrape off any paint that hasn’t stuck.Ever wanted to diy farmhouse shelves? Use this milk paint trick to learn how to get the look.I then mixed the Safecoat Acriglaze Matte Finish so that it almost resembled glue. I painted that over the top of the milk paint and it almost gives me a look of white wax. It’ll protect the surface while showing off the paint well. Ever wanted to diy farmhouse shelves? Use this milk paint trick to learn how to get the look.There are a bunch of us doing projects this month so be sure to check out Evey’s Creations post and Anastasia Vintage’s post. If you’re interested in joining the FFFC, email info@fabfurnitureflippincontest.comEver wanted to diy farmhouse shelves? Use this milk paint trick to learn how to get the look.

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How to Tie-Dye using Ice

June 3, 2016

tie-Dye with ice how toWant to know something about how to tie-dye using ice? This method is way easier than the traditional tie-dyeing method we all know. You just need a few items and no prewash which is kind of fantastic.How to tie dye with ice

What you’ll need:

  • T-Shirts
  • Tie-Dye
  • Ice
  • A surface you can get dirty

Easy how to tie-dye DIYSo I grabbed some t-shirts at Michaels and I usually pick up extras when they’re on sale. I also grabbed some tie-dye that comes already in the bottles that all you have to do is add water, except for this we will use the ice rather than water. Easy DIY tie dyeSpread your shirt out on a surface that you don’t care what it’ll look like after this is done. I chose my grass cause it can just be cut afterwards. Squeeze your powder on to the shirt dry to where ever you want that color. Easy tie-dye for kidsTie-dye with ice instructionsNext you’ll spread the ice on the shirt and allow it to melt then the shirt will dry. Go ahead and wash it and you’re ready to go. The colors will fade quite a bit but that’s just the nature of tie-dye.How to tie dye

Crafting DIY - Scrapbooking

How to make a Vinyl Sign with a Reusable Stencil

May 20, 2016

Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. There are many things that I use my reusable stencil masks for but I’ve never shown an in-depth tutorial on how to use them and most of all, how to clean them. This is the method I’ve been using for years and it gives me the opportunity to use stencils I’ve had since 2013 to this day. There aren’t that many products in the scrapbook industry that can do that.Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. To make your vinyl sign, you’ll need the following:


Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. I had this old board lying around that was painted a distressed black. I needed it to be cleaned up so I just took some flat black paint and sprayed it over the top. I use Huggies baby wipes to clean my stencils, just seems to be a lot more effective than the thinner ones.Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. After my surface is prepped with the bottom color which will eventually be the color of my text, go ahead and add the stencils to make your design or your saying. Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. Now you’ll want to apply your paint that you want your sign to actually be. For this sign I chose a creamy white so that the black font will stand out. While your paint is still wet, remove the stencil and place back on the plastic carrier sheet. Go ahead and just start wiping off the paint. There may be some around the edges and as long as it’s minimal, it shouldn’t be a problem. I like to use a safety-pin or a vinyl weeder tool for removing the reusable vinyl. To avoid bleeds, use a roller or brayed and push the stencil down nice and tight. I clearly skipped that step. Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. Now when I say it shouldn’t be a problem, of course its a problem for me. I decided to go along with the look and take my Huggies wipes and try to rub out some of the paint to look more distressed. I also added some scrapbook embellishments on the sides to add some character.Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further. I decided to make this sign for a lovely young lady that is apart of the youth in my church. She was just recently diagnosed with cancer and if I can make her feel positive every time she looks at this sign, I’ve done my job. There are so many times when we feel useless or we can’t sympathize with someone who is sick but I think that if we can serve them in any way, that’s the best we can do. We’ll never truly know what they’re feeling unless we’ve experienced it for ourselves so be there with a listening ear and an open heart.Ever wonder how to use reusable vinyl and get it cleaned? Look no further.



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Pottery Barn Superhero Sign Knock-off

April 16, 2015

Every Brother is a SuperheroWell this was super easy and free so it’s a score! I love PB but hate the prices but I can’t complain about the quality so it’s just a struggle for me sometimes. However, when I saw this sign for my boys’ room, I thought that I could easily do that. Hazel and Ruby Makery Members are joining up to do a pallet post remake so be sure to check everyone’s projects out. Hazel and RubyI used my power tools cause I’m really strong like that and cut some cedar fencing slats that cost about $1. Again, I said this was free because I had them on hand but if you needed to buy them and didn’t have a pallet, these are the things to buy. I cut them to 22″ in length and I used 4 of them. I also cut 2 pieces that would fit along the back of it so I could nail it and hold them all together.

Wood Pallet SignI stained it using Rustoleums driftwood for a greyish color and used Hazel and Ruby’s Broadside Alpha stencil masks. I laid out the saying “Every Brother is a Superhero” and then sprayed it in Krylon’s Blue Ocean Breeze. I gave it a light spray because I still wanted a lot of the stain to show.

Vili and EfiI allowed it to dry for 30 minutes and removed the stencils and sanded the corners. Really easy and really cute. I love how this project turned out and it’s pretty fab for the boys’ room. I also love finding pictures of my husband in his youth. He’s the one in the green. We don’t have too many pictures of him but he looks the exact same, head size and everything! 


Master Bedroom Inspiration

March 19, 2015

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #InspiredHome #CollectiveBias

Frenchie bedroom inspirtaionWhat can I say about my master bedroom other than that it’s a hot mess. My husband and I have been talking about redecorating it for 2 years now and it’s not moved in a single direction. I’m getting antsy and I’m starting to get frustrated. I now know that what look I want and I’ve known for a while so I’m going to start doing things on my own and hopefully he’ll get the clue I’m moving on without him.

One place that I don’t want to spend a ton of money on but I know it’ll be worth the most investment is the flooring. I knew when we were building this house that there were a few things that I wanted to spend the money to upgrade with the builder because I knew we could pretty much do the rest ourselves. One of those was flooring. I wish I spent more money on the padding and really upgrading to the finest of the finest.

We don’t have terrible carpet but it’s only been 8 years and we’re already needing to upgrade the heavier traffic areas. 

I just thought I had done enough research on my own but I didn’t check with the experts and that’s where I went wrong. I really should have taken the time to talk to more people and one of the experts I had a chance to talk to recently were some people at Carpet One. Right now is a great time to buy because they are having an awesome #DDIY sale (Don’t Do It Yourself). You can check out some more options they are offering on the above link but some things I don’t want to tackle, and that’s flooring. I stopped by their store recently and they were able to give me a free estimate. I was so pleased with their customer service and the products they were able to offer to me. Another great service they offer is a free in home estimate. They’ll come to your home and do the measurements and bring you all the samples so you won’t even need to go into the store yourself. 

I feel comfortable with a store like Carpet One because they are all individual owned and operated and my mom has had a window covering store for 20 years that is also a franchise business. They really stand behind everything and they can really get some great products and have good connections because of their name. The other great thing is that if you’re not satisfied, they’ll replace it for free! 

Of the few things that I can do on my own, the things I know I can’t do well is build large pieces of furniture. I leave that to the pros. That’s why I purchased a bed, similar to the one in the picture. I surprised my husband with it, lol.  How do you just buy something like that in secret? How can you just hide something like that?

Check out this YouTube channel full of #DDIY fun. I do hope that I can style my room as close to the board above and I’ll keep you update on how that comes along.