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Rainbow DIY Bookends with your Cricut Maker

September 9, 2018

Create these perfect Rainbow DIY Bookends using your Knife Blade on your Cricut Maker. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve been super busy at home and mainly my bedroom…not that kind of busy. I’ve been making a craft area in my master bedroom and also using it as my blog studio. When I was designing this area I wanted lots of white with rainbow accents. That’s when I came up with the idea of making rainbow bookends so I figured what better way to make them than with my Cricut! They’re pretty easy to make, just a bit of a long process waiting for the glue to dry. Let’s get started on our DIY bookends! 

Supplies for your Rainbow DIY Bookends

How do I cut wood with my Cricut Maker?

The easiest wood to cut with your Cricut Maker is Basswood. It is still durable even though it’s 1/16″ thick. If you cut Balsa with your Cricut Maker, it can easily break and is too flimsy for this project. It may save you a few dollars on the wood but it’s not worth it.

Where can I buy wood for my Cricut Maker to cut?

I have found that Hobby Lobby has the best selection, then Joann’s and then Michaels. It may just be my certain stores that don’t have a great selection but craft or hobby stores are where you want to go to buy the wood sheets.

How thick of wood can my Cricut Maker cut?

The best results I’ve had is when I cut 1/16″ basswood. You can cut 3/32″ as well. The maximum size that your Cricut Maker can cut is 2.4mm and that is equivalent to 3/32″.

How do I assemble my DIY bookends?

So this is the easier part. I began with painting my rainbow in my desired colors and allowed it to dry. I started by gluing together 3 of the base pieces of the artboard and then glued my base wood piece to it. I used some binding clips to hold it tight as the glue was drying. Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

Next, you’ll do your outer layers of the rainbow. Again, use your binding clips to hold it together until it is dried. You can also use hot glue if you want but my crafting glue is what I had on hand and it dries crystal clear. Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

Don’t put on the rainbow cloud pieces yet! Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricutDid you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

After you’ve allowed your rainbow to dry, adhere it to your clear acrylic bookends. I placed glue on both ends and then placed it on the bookends. I then put some books to either side of it to hold it up straight as I waited for it to dry.

Once it’s completely dried and set, it is now time to add the clouds. I made a notch in the clouds that is 1/8″. This will help me press the cloud straight to the bookend and be square with the shelf. Just use some binding clips to hold it in place again and then allow it to dry.  Did you know you can make your own bookends? Create these rainbow bookends using your Cricut Maker and wow everybody you know. #cricutmade #cricutmaker #cricut

How long does the Cricut Maker Knife Blade take to cut wood?

The thing that took the longest was the drying of the clue. Since these aren’t intricate, the cutting was fairly fast. The Cricut Maker will make 14 passes when cutting on the 1/16″ basswood setting.

You need to plan on having your Cricut Maker connected to a desktop or a laptop. The reason for this is that the Knife Blade can take sometimes hours to cut and you could have your phone turn off, or get a call and then your project will be lost. For all the Cricut Maker Knife Blade tips I recommend, go here

I’ve displayed these in my Craft Room for some fun motivation to get creative on any project I make. Now check out some more home decor items you can create with your Cricut.

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Our New Painted Piano with Pure & Original Paint

April 24, 2016

Create a new interior look with a hand painted piano using Pure & Original Paints with the Fab Furniture Flippin' Challenge**This is a sponsored post but all opinions are mine. Thank you so much to Pure & Original Paints for providing the materials.

So I’m late as always to the deadline party for The Fab Furniture Flip Challenge. Ugh! I swear if my head wasn’t stuck to my neck, I’d lose it for sure. This months theme was “Pure Colors, Original Elegance”Create a new interior look with a hand painted piano using Pure & Original Paints with the Fab Furniture Flippin' ChallengeWe’ve had this piano in our home for about a year. A friend of ours gave it to us and I didn’t want to make a hasty decision by just painting it a color I would end up not liking. The nice people at Pure & Original Paints sent us two quarts of colors of our choice in the Classico line. I chose Antique White and Tin Kettle. The Tin Kettle was the color I chose to do the first coat so that I could feel the texture of the paint. Create a new interior look with a hand painted piano using Pure & Original Paints with the Fab Furniture Flippin' ChallengeThere are some differences in all chalk paints but this is one of the better brands I’ve used. It’s thick and creamy and gives you the option to thin it out a bit with some water.Create a new interior look with a hand painted piano using Pure & Original Paints with the Fab Furniture Flippin' ChallengeI started with my base coat and when I put on my second coat that I wanted to be smooth, I just dipped my brush lightly in water so that I could get a smoother coat. I used a natural bristle brush and it took two coats. I added these knobs from Anthropology and my little Heidi Swapp art project I made two years ago.Create a new interior look with a hand painted piano using Pure & Original Paints with the Fab Furniture Flippin' ChallengeI love the matte finish that the Pure & Original Paint gives the piece. I’m planning on upholstering the bench as soon as I get my Ryobi One Strike Stapler. Girl can only dream!Create a new interior look with a hand painted piano using Pure & Original Paints with the Fab Furniture Flippin' ChallengeIf you’re interested in seeing more pieces, check out the two hostesses for this month, Thirty Eighth Street and Anastasia Vintage. If other bloggers are interested in joining this contest, email one of these girls at [email protected]FFFC main graphic updated (4.9.2016)

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Frosted Personalized Window

December 15, 2014

DSC_0039I had the opportunity to post this on Hazel and Ruby’s blog before Thanksgiving and it’s instantly become one of my favorite projects! So, so easy and with only needing three products and 30 minutes, you can’t ask for better!


Yeah, taking a photo on a grey wall is not my specialty. I was really impressed with Krylon’s Frosted Finish paint. It doesn’t show up right away, maybe 30 seconds later so just keep that in mind. Just spray and then wait and you’ll see it start to show up almost instantly. Kind of like a fogged up window. Do you like that Ampersand? I’m guest posting on Sugar Bee Crafts today and you can check it out here on how to make it, I’ll also be sharing that with you in a few weeks on my site as well!


I used three Hazel and Ruby stencil masks for this project; Mixed Numbers, Chalk Art Alpha and Broadside Alpha. I placed them on this two-pane vintage window I found at a local scrap yard. If you’re in Utah, head on over to George’s architectural salvage on 900 South and 500 East. I placed my last name on the first pane with the Broadside Alpha and established in Chalk Art and the year my husband and I were married in Mixed Numbers. I used some Frog Tape to tape off the edges to leave a bit of the clear glass revealed.

DSC_0121I let the Krylon paint dry for about an hour and then I used some heavier wire around some screws and drilled them in tighter on the back so I had a taught wire to hang my picture.

DSC_0047I love it paired with my neighbor gift I made using My Minds Eye’s Sleigh Bells Ring line. The frame came painted like this and I left it leaving a lot of character. I just had to clean it really well. I used a softer bristle brush to get all the loose dust out of all the crannies and lots of window cleaner.


This project was tricky to photograph cause it had to catch just the right light and that didn’t always look the best, but it does add a lot to our main room. It’s a piece that can also stay with any season or any decor and I love it. Let me know what you think!

XOXO, Lindsay


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Using Hemp Oil – Revamped Cigar Box to an Awesome School Pencil Box

October 15, 2014

Using Hemp oilOh, how I love Miss Mustard Seed and her fabulousity. I wish she’d come into my home and throw away everything and take me with her and show me what is up in how to find her magnificent finds. I don’t know what it is about Utah, maybe it’s just my lack of travel or my funds but I have a hard time finding that one piece at the right time. I’m 99.9% it’s just me.

DSC_0006If you link up to our weekly link parties, you’ll see that most of us are involved in this Drab to Fab Blog Hop. We decided that we’d each send each other something that we knew could be fabulous but was looking a little drab. I was sent this old cigar box. I really loved it, in fact it sat untouched until yesterday because I was in love with it. I didn’t want to paint it cause the finish I knew could be stellar. I didn’t want to alter it because I wanted to keep as much originality as I could. The only thing I knew I couldn’t keep was the fabulous picture on the inside. Which there is no picture of but just imagine a picture of that woman on the inside.

DSC_0002-001When I started on the project, I wanted to turn it into a little bed for my daughters toys. Then as I was putting the hemp oil on it, it was magical, it was turning into something I wanted on display. I already had some hemp oil on the picture so it was over, my life – that beautiful Hispanic woman washed away. I was so mad at myself but I just had to keep scraping sucking in the tears of failure. It’s really ok, it was just disappointing.

DSC_0003I placed some of Miss Mustards Seed’s Hemp Oil in a plastic cup and used a sponge brush. I used about 2 tablespoons but the beauty of this is that if you poured too much, just pour it back into the jar. You can see above where it immediately put moisture back into the wood and how this box used to look. I let the oil sit for about 5 minutes and then I wiped off the excess with a lint free cloth. It takes about 24 hours to cure but something this small I was ok to put things in it right away to take pictures. Can you tell the desk will be my next MMS project? I’m going to paint it with her Eulalie’s Sky. I’ve already have one dresser done but with life, you’re never done with anything!

DSC_0025I love how dark it is and how rich it looks. I love the turn it took during the process of making this whole project. What was supposed to be a girly looking product ended up being more of a masculine looking piece but really something that can be used for its true purpose but also for years still to come. It didn’t go too far off of its originality so that’s what I love most about this. Make sure you check out the other ladies transformations too!

XOXO, Lindsay



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Halloween - Home Decor

My Fall Mantel

October 13, 2014

Fall Mantel Decor on seelindsay.com | #fallmantel | #falldecor | #fallWelcome to my stop on the Fall Harvest Blog Hop. I’m so glad that Abbey had me and that I get to share my Fall Mantel with you. I’ll share with you some of my inspirations and some of my easy decorating tips to get your shelves/mantels just right. I tend to like the cluttered look if you didn’t notice. For me, the more the merrier!

So I don’t really have a true mantel. The options that they gave us for a fireplace when we built were not my favorite. It really was just straight against the wall with a small niche for a TV. Not my kind of deal. I love traditional fireplaces, with the ornate detail, all painted white – maybe a little scuffed up. I hope to one day have that but for now I have my Chunky Shelves.

Fall Mantel Decor on seelindsay.com | #fallmantel | #falldecor | #fallThey used to be black when we had our old decor and I needed to lighten it up to really bring brightness into our house. I’ve always been a fan of white and now it’s trending so I have a reason to paint everything white! White is classic and it will never go out. You’re always safe painting something white.

Fall Mantel Decor on seelindsay.com | #fallmantel | #falldecor | #fallWhen I decorate these shelves, I really just find all I can and just add and then edit. If you’re ever questioning something, it’s probably not right – I’m always adding and taking away pretty much the entire day I decorate.

My small figures are my most favorite items. I only have them for Halloween and Christmas. The small ones run around $24 a piece but their expressions are so fun. I like to find ones that depict something that we’ve gone through in our lives. That to me is something that I always look for in figurines. My mom has some of these same ones but three little girls to represent the three little granddaughters.

Fall Mantel Decor on seelindsay.com | #fallmantel | #falldecor | #fallAnother thing that I love is filling a vase or object with something interesting. This bird-cage is filled with these ghosts, bats and spiders but they really are bells that hang as ornaments.  Collect small items that you can just place in random places. Target has a lot of great items this year. The decor feels old and vintage and just spectacular! The dollar store is another great place to pull inspiration. Check out my post on how I created this calendar and how I pull a lot of items from the dollar store.

Fall Mantel Decor on seelindsay.com | #fallmantel | #falldecor | #fallThe chalk art I created using the method from The Project Girl. She has these great Fall free printables on her site and she did this same process transferring it onto a slate. I got my slate at Michaels for $10 and followed her instructions to create mine. I love it! To see how I created mine, check out the Hazel and Ruby blog here. I used the Hazel and Ruby Chalk Art Kit that is simply amazing. You can easily use their stencils as well to create a similar look too! I also made some really fun DIY Cork Letter Magnets for my little spellers recently too!

I got the great owl from Target, the dolls and various items are just from some local boutiques. The medicine jars I was able to find at a flea market and I just printed labels from Martha Stewart Online, I added some brown ink on the top of it for some aging. The various letter F’s are from Michaels with the exclusion of the green one which I also found at a flea market. The treat bags are Print Then Cut by Cricut which you can see the full instructions here. The skull is from the dollar store which I just painted with glitter paint. I’d paint it black first before if I were to do it again. It took a lot of paint!

Fall Mantel Decor on seelindsay.com | #fallmantel | #falldecor | #fall

Again, I don’t have a traditional mantel but that doesn’t stop me from decorating a fabulous piece. These cost me less than $45 to construct and they are so fun to decorate for every holiday. Take what you can and make it work to your advantage. You don’t have to spend a lot of money. These things I’ve collected over the years and it’s fun to add it and see what it looks like. Just make sure that you stick with a pretty consistent color palette to ensure that everything is cohesive.

So now here are the other bloggers I’ve teamed up with to share their Fall Harvest Ideas with you! From crafts, to recipes, to home decor and more…we have you covered for Fall inspiration!
75 Fall Harvest Ideas

Check the gallery below and visit some of my blogging friends to see their awesome ideas!!

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DIY Side Table

April 21, 2014

A table that you can make for under $30? It’s true! I had some of the supplies on hand like the stain, white latex paint, and silver spray paint. This looks so chic and clean next to some rustic elements in our family room. I love the ease of this and how easy it was to find these items at my local Target and Home Depot.Easy DIY End Table using two items.

 This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

This DIY Side Table was so easy to make and it was completely dry by the end of the day. Easy projects like this make it why I want to make all the tables!

Supplies for your DIY Side Table

How do you make a DIY Side Table?

I started first by prepping my wood round. I lightly sanded it, even though it came pre-sanded, and wiped it off with a soft, lint-free rag. I began by using my favorite stain, Minwax Weathered Oak. You can tell how much I love my stain by the dented can above! You’ll want to use a skewer to stir your stain. It allows the smaller particles in the bottom to mix more evenly with the mineral spirits. Dip your rag inside and rub your stain in the direction of the grain of the wood. I did 3 coats of stain with about 1 hour between each coat.

Make sure your edges are also filled with the stain. I did that with a sponge brush and a rag underneath to catch any drips. I only had to do one coat of that.

How do I add accent paint to my DIY Side Table?

Now to the accent paint. I used my trusty blue painter’s tape and sectioned off a piece of the wood. I just chose how much I wanted to be the accent color. There was no science to this part, obviously. I made sure I pressed real securely on the edges to make sure I had no bleeding.

How do I paint the wire base of my DIY Side Table?

While the top was drying, I sprayed my base. I could have left it white, but the color of white in my house is a creamy white, not a true white which is the color of this base. It would have looked fine, but for someone like me who can’t handle even the slightest offset of colors, I couldn’t let this fly. I just used some silver spray paint I had on hand leftover from another art project. I just sprayed it on my grass. Now I’ve got a pretty silver circle in my front yard! If anyone is looking for me in the sky, you’ll know where I am! Just do two coats of the spray paint and spray it 12″ away to get an even coat. Allow it to dry in between coats of spray paint.

How do I secure the base for my DIY Side Table?

I placed the top that I wanted on the ground face down then measured 2″ all around. I placed the bin so the open side was facing up and placed in the middle of the wood round. I then took my masonry staples and hammered them onto the wood round. These are very sturdy, I only needed 4 and it held like a champ. I flipped it over, dusted it off, and sprayed a final coat of my quick drying polyurethane from Rustoleum, another one of my faves I keep on hand.

I love how this turned out. It was a day project, but each step maybe took about 5-20 minutes each. This has ended up looking really classy and elegant in our room. I love it paired with our old glass medicine bottles. I live for the old and the new. I live to create. I can’t take all the credit. I did get a lot of inspiration from this original wire side table from Jenna Sue. Take a look at the finished product and let me know how you think it looks.

diy side table

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Updating with Milk Paint

April 10, 2014

Create these farmhouse coffee shelves and update them with milk paint. Easy process to do it alone.DIY farmhouse shelves updated using milk paint. Create this easy DIY today. #milkpaint #coffeeshelves #farmhousedecor This post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Today I am going to give you a sneak peek into my home. We are slowly, and I emphasize the word slowly, trying to go from gold tones to grey tones in this house. We had planned last year for me to return to work and buy a larger home, that didn’t work out. You see, I have Fibromyalgia and it is rough a lot of the time for me. I am still adjusting to everyday life and trying to deal with this weird pain. Going back to work was not easy for me, so we decided that if we weren’t going to move into a new home, then I was going to make this home the way that we wanted. Easy trade right? Nope! I’ve still had paint for a year that my husband hasn’t touched. So in starting this blog, I will show you how we are going to transform this house.

So if any of you follow me on Instagram, you know that my husband and I had the opportunity to be in Costa Rica last week. It was awesome! We had the time of our lives and really won’t have an opportunity like this for a long time to take a childless vacation. Now it’s back to reality… 


We built these shelves about 2.5 years ago using Shelley, from The House of Smiths, tutorial on her DIY chunky shelves. We had them painted black for some time but I’m looking to lighten things up in my life. While attending The Vintage Whites Market, I went to the Sweet Pickins Furniture booth. I grabbed the Window Pane milk paint color. It has a white look but with grey and blue undertones. I talked more with Sausha about mixing and took her small demonstration on how to paint your furniture. Since this paint was not sealed earlier, I didn’t need to use the Extra Bond required on other furniture.

To mix, just use equal parts milk paint powder and warm water and put inside a mason jar. Shake really well to get all the clumps out. I let mine sit for about 15 minutes to get all the air bubbles out. The creamier the first coat, the better. I really should have taken pictures but this is real life! I don’t plan that far ahead. It will have the same the same consistency as latex paint.

You don’t want to use more than 3 coats of milk paint. I grabbed a few .30 cent brushes from my local hardware store and used 1 for each coat. I’m not going to worry about cleaning those out. You’ll see that these are the shelves after the first coat of milk paint.

You can see the milk paint starting to naturally lift with each coat you use. After the first coat, let it dry for 2 hours and sand lightly. Continue with the other 2 coats with 2 hours in between each one. It’s going to feel dry and you may think you can do another coat but wait it out. The smaller photo above shows before I did the final sanding. You can really tell where the milk paint will lift off. If you want more of a distressed finish, then keep sanding. This is pretty fail-proof.

I love the chippy look that the milk paint gives. You can still see some black underneath with a little bit of the natural wood. This project was so effortless. It did help that I had the shelves done and those were pretty dang easy too. I love that these hold my Easter plaques from Poppy Seed Projects so well and some of my antique treasures paired with some new.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. You may just love the results and start painting everything in milk paint.