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Silhouette Crafts - St. Patrick's Day

Custom St Patricks Day Napkins using HTV

February 19, 2019

I love using HTV on napkins. They can be fabric or paper napkins and the HTV holds up so well to all the rough wear and tear of meals. Make custom St Patricks Day napkins to make your tablescape pop. Make your own custom napkins using your Silhouette Cameo and some HTV. Turn ordinary napkins into a stunning focal point of your table setting. #silhouettecameo #silhouetteamerica #cricuteasypress #htv #ironon #cricut #stpatricksdaycraft #stpatricksdaytable #stpatricksdayparty

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I learned a trick from my friend Charynn of Pineapple Paper Company. If you can’t find any napkins that match your decor, make them! These custom St Patricks Day napkins were a breeze to make using some Iron On Vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo. Make your own custom napkins using your Silhouette Cameo and some HTV. Turn ordinary napkins into a stunning focal point of your table setting. #silhouettecameo #silhouetteamerica #cricuteasypress #htv #ironon #cricut #stpatricksdaycraft #stpatricksdaytable #stpatricksdayparty

Supplies for your custom St Patricks Day napkins –

I have used Iron On Vinyl on everything from cardstock to girly paper napkins. It can be used for so much more than just fabric. I’ve used HTV on glassware and I’m definitely not done experimenting with it yet.

If you want a more formal looking tablescape, use some HTV on plain fabric napkins and they can be used year after year. I love this kind of speckled holographic vinyl for these St Patricks Day napkins because it looks like a bunch of gold coins piled together. Use any HTV you have on hand or grab some of this cause it’s perfect!

Make your own custom napkins using your Silhouette Cameo and some HTV. Turn ordinary napkins into a stunning focal point of your table setting. #silhouettecameo #silhouetteamerica #cricuteasypress #htv #ironon #cricut #stpatricksdaycraft #stpatricksdaytable #stpatricksdaypartyI cut this on my new Silhouette Cameo and it was fun using one again after only having a Cricut for a few years. Truth be told, I still like the way my Cricut cuts better but it is nice to have both for comparisons for all of you.

Just cut out the shape and have it mirrored before you cut. I used the Heat Transfer Vinyl, Foil setting and took the blade up to a 4 to cut it smoothly. It was only one pass and weeding it was really easy.

Press using a steamless iron or a Cricut EasyPress. I use it on the lowest heat setting and press firmly for 10 seconds at a time. Turn it over and get a good press for about 5-10 seconds and then remove the carrier sheet. Make your own custom napkins using your Silhouette Cameo and some HTV. Turn ordinary napkins into a stunning focal point of your table setting. #silhouettecameo #silhouetteamerica #cricuteasypress #htv #ironon #cricut #stpatricksdaycraft #stpatricksdaytable #stpatricksdayparty

That’s it. These St Patricks Day napkins are perfect for a lucky table setting and lucky friends and family.

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DIY Cricut Cake Topper – Kids Space Party with your Cricut Maker

January 16, 2019

I love creating party decor and so when Cricut released the Knife Blade, I knew I had to make myself a Cricut cake topper. We put together an Outer Space Party to celebrate my nephew turning 11. See how easy it is to make your own cake topper with Cricut.make a cricut cake topper

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I have loved the versatility that my Cricut Maker has given me and I especially love creating things that I normally would buy but wasn’t the aesthetic I was looking for. I’m able to make my own pretty fast and to me, it’s more practical because I have everything I need here at home.

cake on a rocket shaped cake stand

Supplies for your Cricut Cake Topper

cricut maker and bladesHow to make a cake topper with your Cricut

You’re going to, first of all, need a Cricut Maker. Cricut released their Maker’s in August 2017 at a party that was beyond all parties. They have since been released in a few different colors like blush and blue but my trusty champagne color is perfect and gets the job done.

Begin by securing your 3/32″ basswood to a strong grip mat. I use some painters tape or masking tape to hold it on there securely. When you use the Cricut Knife Blade, you want to be sure that your project will not shift as your cutting. The tape helps prevent that. Next, load in your Cricut mat into the Cricut Maker.

Send your Cricut Design Space file to cut and choose basswood from the menu of materials and then it’ll show you to load your Knife Blade and select go.cricut cake topper for space party

Can I use Bluetooth with the Cricut Knife Blade

Yes, but it’s a little tricky. Cricut recommends using the USB cable to hook from a desktop to your Cricut Maker to avoid a call that can interrupt or even a game that can interrupt your cut. This is why the Knife Blade is not available on their mobile app.

I use Bluetooth to my Cricut Maker because my desktop computer is in the hallway and my Maker is in my bedroom and a hassle to move each time. I have only had one issue where it thought my Cricut was done but it was just a long pause so I had unloaded it and it wasn’t cut all the way through.

Don’t think that you cannot ever use Bluetooth with your Cricut Knife Blade, you can but there are risks involved so be aware of that.

how to use a Xyron

What kind of adhesive can I use with Cricut Chipboard and Wood?

You have two choices but you cannot mix the two. You can use a dry adhesive like a Xyron Creative Station or a wet adhesive like Mod Podge. This method is mainly for the Cricut Chipboard but it’s a rule I follow so I don’t ruin other projects.

I prefer to use my Xyron Creative Station with Cricut Chipboard or with any wood cutouts. It won’t leave a sheen or brushstrokes on my project and keep my Cricut cake topper clean.

How long does the Cricut Knife Blade cut for?

This really depends on your design. I can cut a circle in a matter of 3 minutes because it has that one line to follow and it doesn’t need to lift up and rotate the blade. My spaceship Cricut cake topper and stars took about 65 minutes.

Because it can take up to 5-6 hours to cut something, this is also why Cricut tells you to use the USB cord. Believe it or not, this cut was pretty fast and so I didn’t need to lug my Maker near my computer to be sure it wouldn’t cancel or shut down on me.

After I cut all the pieces for my wooden Cricut cake topper, I cut the same images out of cute outer space cardstock from My Minds Eye along with some glitter cardstock and orange cardstock for the mini window. Run them through my Xyron Creative Station and began adhering them to the wood.

I used this same method of making the window float as I did on these 3D rockets. Lay the thread on the back of the silver glitter cardstock and then adhered that as my first layer of the wooden Cricut cake topper. Then lay the second layer of the printed cardstock.cricut glitter cardstock

spaceship cake topperspaceship cake topper

For my wooden stars, I did the same thing.  Just lay the glitter cardstock over the wooden Cricut cake topper and set it aside.

How to make an Outer Space Cake

You’re going to need an 8″ hemisphere cake pan and any cake mix you like. Bake the cake according to package instructions and then allow it to cool completely.

I then took some black gel food coloring and added a small amount to my white frosting. Frost your cake and then you’re going to want to stick some black candy melts to resemble the craters on the moon.

Place your Cricut Cake Toppers into the cake and serve. What child isn’t going to love this space party? space party ideashow to make your own cake topper

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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DIY Space Party 3D Paper Spaceships

January 6, 2019

Create the coolest 3D Paper Spaceships for your next Outer Space Party. It’s the perfect addition to your tablescape and really easy to put together. And find out why I love my Xyron Creative Station.3d paper spaceships

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I have had the honor of being on Xyron’s Design Team the last 9 months and today is my last project of the year for them. I’m going to be having a space party next week and so I wanted to add some space decor to the table to coordinate everything. These 3D paper spaceships are perfect!

What is a Xyron Creative Station?

A Xyron Creative Station is a crafting adhesive that turns your paper into an automatic sticker. It comes in a 5″ size where you can use the 3″ and 5″ refills or a 9″ size which you can use the 5″ and 9″ refills. There are several kinds of cartridges you can find from permanent to removable adhesive or create some laminated magnets or just laminate without heat.

Xyron is one of my favorite companies to use when I have small pieces I need to adhere to something. Usually, I will cut an item that is really detailed and a liquid glue just can’t seem to work very well and often times it soaks the fine cardstock and then you lose the details in your project.

The Xyron Creative Station is perfect for small and large jobs. Below I used it for adhering the cardstock to my 3D paper spaceships but I’ve also used it to make some 3D scrapbook layouts, felt stickers, and some pretty intricate cards for Mothers Day.

This is by far the most versatile Xyron item but it well worth the investment. If you’re really just looking to make tiny pieces into stickers, the 1″ sticker maker is perfect for that. I found, though, that after I purchased my 1″, I moved to a 3″ and then to a 5″ and now I just use my 9″ Creative Station for everything.

Give your past crafts a look and see what Xyron product would be most beneficial to you.

How to make your 3D Paper Rockets

I used my Cricut Maker and created a file in Cricut Design Space. For these paper spaceships, I used my Cricut Knife Blade and some 2mm thick chipboard. Begin by opening the file and getting your paper set out.

I used this “Blast Off” line paper by My Minds Eye and it has the perfect holographic pattern and a minimalistic space theme. I’ve got the matching napkins and a little moon cake that I cannot wait to show you!  supplies to make a paper spaceship

Supplies for your 3D Paper Spaceships

So I began by cutting out my 3D spaceships with the chipboard. I created this file in Cricut Design Space and created a slit that was .1″ wide so that it was wide enough to have the chipboard snug with the scrapbook paper adhered.  cutting adhesive roll off Xyron creative stationAfter I cut matching pieces out of cardstock and my stars, I ran them through my Xyron Creative Station.

How do I make a piece of paper float on a craft?

Begin with the stars. Cut a piece of twine or fishing wire about 3.5″ long. Lay your string on the back of the star and adhere the other side over it. You’ll have two halves put together with a string in the middle. This will help create a floating look on your 3D paper spaceships.  placing invisible thread on yardstick adhering cardstock to Cricut chipboard hook 3d paper model togetherPlace the star in the middle of your chipboard spaceship piece and then lay the cardstock over the chipboard. This will secure the star so that it is actually “floating” on your paper spaceships. Place the other cardstock over the coordinating pieces of chipboard and then place the two slits together so it is standing straight.

3d chipboard paper spaceships

Holiday Parties - Scrapbooking and Stamping - Thanksgiving

DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards with Xyron + Waffle Flower

November 12, 2018

Create the perfect Thanksgiving place setting with this place card ideas using Waffle Flower stamps and your Xyron adhesive. diy thanksgiving place cardThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve said it so many times, I don’t do Thanksgiving but now that I have a blog, I need to actually have something that you guys will want to make yourselves. I do however love a good table setting so these Thanksgiving place cards are perfect to add to your tablescape. These Thanksgiving place cards are unconventional and I love them! 

Supplies for your Thanksgiving place cards

supplies to make a thanksgiving place card

Being by spraying the wooden discs with your Color Shine. I started with the Peach Color Shine and finished with the Mustard Color Shine. This dries almost immediately so you can move on to the next step ASAP.

Now let’s start with adding the names to your wooden discs. I took some printed off names that I liked the look of the font. This font is called Solidar Light and it’s a perfect script font. Use your paper and a pencil and draw across the back of the paper and then you’ll turn it over on the wood block (script font upwards) and then draw over the script font. The lead of the drawing on the back of the paper will create a tracing template for your wooden discs. I used a similar technique on my DIY Wooden Disc Sign years ago.

If I was to do this again, I’d just get a black sharpie from the beginning but I do love how it’s iridescent in some places. I used the gold marker and then went over it in a black ink so that’s why it looks so iridescent.

Next, stamp your Waffle Flower stamps onto your paper. Use watercolor paper or any other kind of paper that will be able to handle the ink blending.  I use Tim Holtz archival ink and then allow it to dry for 5 minutes.  Color in your cute little mice however you want to match your Thanksgiving tablescape and your scrapbooking paper. I used these Derwent Markers on my cupcake toppers but I didn’t use any water when I made those. Experiment and have fun.

Fussy cut around the stamped and colored image. The festive mice can be used from Fall to Winter and really can be customized any way you want.

Use some 3D adhesive foam to add the mice to your Thanksgiving place cards. I added some leaves for a little extra touch. I then took some of my scrapbooking scraps and cut banner pennants out of them. Use your Xyron Mega Runner to add them behind the mice. 

Your last step will be to attach the “stem” to your pumpkin place card. Cut a floral wire in half and thread it through the hole at the top. Use a pencil and wrap the wire around to create the curl.

These DIY Thanksgiving place cards are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving tablescape. 

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Harry Potter Confetti with your Cricut Machine

October 17, 2018

Did you know you can make your own confetti with your Cricut machine? Use your Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore to cut some Cricut party foil and add pizazz to your Harry Potter Party.
Have you ever wondered how to cut Cricut Party Foil? Here are all the answers you need to know. Create this Harry Potter party confetti using Luna Lovegood's Sprectrespecs SVG file and create your own Harry Potter party. #harrypotterparty #lunalovegood #cricutmade #cricutpartyfoil This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

How do you make confetti with your Cricut?

It’s so easy! You just need some party foil and any Cricut machine. Just open the Design Space file and cut away. The smallest image your Cricut can cut is 1/4″. Just keep that in mind. I don’t recommend cutting detailed images that small because the details can get lost. We had Malakai’s first birthday Harry Potter themed and now I’m having a Harry Potter themed Bunco party so my life is basically complete after this.

How do I cut Cricut Party Foil?

Cricut Party Foil is a little bit thicker than the Cricut Vinyl. It doesn’t tear as easily like the Cricut Adhesive Foil. It adds sparkle to any party with the option of 2 types of party foil in each pack. One is holographic and the other is solid. It comes in ten different colors so it’ll coordinate with any theme you want. Have you ever wondered how to cut Cricut Party Foil? Here are all the answers you need to know. Create this Harry Potter party confetti using Luna Lovegood's Sprectrespecs SVG file and create your own Harry Potter party. #harrypotterparty #lunalovegood #cricutmade #cricutpartyfoil

Supplies for your DIY Confetti

The only thing in addition that you’d need to buy is the Cricut Party Foil and the SVG file. Everything else is included with your Cricut machine when you buy it. Look through your Design Space and see what Cricut Access images you like and cut those to coordinate your party.

Is Cricut Access worth it?

Cricut Access costs $9.99 a month for images and $6.99 a month for fonts or you can pay in advance for a year for Cricut Access Premium and it’ll give you access to both images and fonts. It gives you access to any shape or font that has the green A in the upper left corner. Or you can pay around $1-$5 for shapes and they’ll be yours forever regardless. If you want to try it for one month and see if it’s worth it, I recommend that. I use a lot of Cricut Access images and it allows me to be more creative.

What setting do I use when cutting Cricut Party Foil?

The great thing about Cricut machines is that the settings have been preset for all Cricut materials. When you use your Cricut Maker to cut Cricut Party Foil, select All Materials in the middle right-hand side. You’ll search for Cricut Party Foil and select that.

When using the Cricut Explore, you’ll set your smart dial to custom and you’ll select Cricut Party Foil from the drop-down menu. Check your material before you fully unload the mat and see if it is cut completely through. If not, just press the C button again.

If you unload your mat and then try to cut again, the cut lines will not be the same. If you don’t unload it and it’s not cut all the way, press the C and it will cut the exact lines again.

I used my Cricut Maker to cut the Party Foil to make my Harry Potter confetti and I used the custom setting but I did have to cut through twice just because I didn’t want to pick out 300 pieces of confetti off my Cricut mat. Have you ever wondered how to cut Cricut Party Foil? Here are all the answers you need to know. Create this Harry Potter party confetti using Luna Lovegood's Sprectrespecs SVG file and create your own Harry Potter party. #harrypotterparty #lunalovegood #cricutmade #cricutpartyfoil

That’s it. If you’ve ever wondered how to cut Cricut Party Foil, this is how. Check out other Cricut Party Foil ideas below.

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Make Your Own Butterly Party with Tuesday Morning

April 26, 2018

Did you know that Tuesday Morning offers a wide selection of scrapbooking supplies? I love taking everyday things and jazzing them up for the perfect Butterfly Party for spring.DIY Butterfly Party using scrapbook items from Tuesday Morning. #CricutMade #ad #TuesdayMorningThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you to Tuesday Morning for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

I love Tuesday Morning stores. They offer a great selection of name-brand everyday items, quality toys and an amazing scrapbooking selection. When I was there I saw several Cricut’s, We-R Memories Stitch Happy machines and Singer sewing machines. I was most excited to find some Bazzill cardstock that usually retails for $1 a sheet but I got it for $3.99 for 25! I have a lot of cardstock…a lot and I was really excited to add more to my collection.DIY Butterfly Party using scrapbook items from Tuesday Morning. #CricutMade #ad #TuesdayMorning

Supplies –

  • Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker
  • Scrapbook paper in coordinating colors available at Tuesday Morning
  • Adhesive

DIY Butterfly Party using scrapbook items from Tuesday Morning. #CricutMade #ad #TuesdayMorningI love the contrast of the black and white with the colors in the cardstock. These Maggie Holmes papers are some of my favorites. I found a lot of American Crafts brand items at Tuesday Morning. They’re always good quality and it’s even better finding it at a reasonable price.DIY Butterfly Party using scrapbook items from Tuesday Morning. #CricutMade #ad #TuesdayMorningTo create this butterfly party was really easy. I used some shapes in Cricut Design Space and then just assembled them all using some scrapbook adhesive. Just add some candies and ribbons and you’ve tied the entire look of the party together.DIY Butterfly Party using scrapbook items from Tuesday Morning. #CricutMade #ad #TuesdayMorning7Tuesday Morning offers high-quality items at low prices. I love a good find and I love some good scrapbooking materials. I know that this will be my first stop when I’m looking for items from now on. Find your local Tuesday Morning store here.

Birthday Parties

A Fun Unicorn Party

June 23, 2016

unicorn party ideas grahicAre you looking for some fun unicorn party ideas? Look no further. Leila turned 6 recently and we wanted to have a small party for her and some girlfriends. We went to our favorite bakery and just had them make us a unicorn cake using a lot they had on hand.

I have had sculptured cakes in the past but I learned that kids don’t need that. It’s mainly for pictures that the parents want it. It can be worth it and I have seen awesome cakes made but that money can be spent elsewhere for me.unicorn party ideas for kidsI used my Cricut to cut these adorable Unicorns out of Iron-On vinyl. You can get the Cricut Design Space file here. We used some fabric markers to color in the lines and so the girls each had their own personalized shirt to take home. I got this idea from Lindsay at Artsy Fartsy Mama and I knew I had to recreate it. Unicorn party favors using CricutI created the tags for the gift bags by using a glue pen and some foil from ??? I had Leila write the first letter of each girls names and we placed the foil over the glue once it was dry. We then rubbed with all our might and it transferred just the way we had written. I tied it with some pink tulle and they were set with their gift bags to bring home all their crafts. Unicorn party favor ideasThe gift bags, plates and napkins are all Meri Meri and I found them at Homegoods and TJ MAXX at a great price. I grabbed some bubble wands from Walmart because they came in rainbow colors. I got all the balloons from an Etsy shop here. There were also some fun things I got here that included the mini Unicorns cabochons and I glued them to ring banks so they could be worn later. I also used string and keychain holders and the girls used beads to make their own. Unicorn party decorationsUnicorn birthday cake ideasIf there is one thing I know about my daughter is that she loves to create and craft. She’s got a great eye for detail and I can tell she’s going to be just like me but I know even better. She just loves to have the attention and the kids think I put a lot of work and effort into their parties but for me the hardest part is figuring out which stuff I want to buy online. Unicorn party ideas