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Dr. Seuss Party Invitation with Silhouette and Xyron

February 25, 2019

Make your Dr. Seuss party the best in all the town with these Dr. Seuss party invitations that can be made with your electronic cutter and your Xyron adhesive.Celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday by making your own Dr. Seuss Invitaion and passing it off to those lucky guests. Give this card as a sentiment for a graduate or just to display the cute little fishbowl card. #drseuss #cricut #silhouettecameo #drseussbirthday #drseuss #partyinvitation

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Dr. Seuss’ birthday is celebrated in American schools during February. My kids are having a Snacks With Seuss breakfast celebration and they’re dressing up all week almost like Red Ribbon Week. I wanted to make some Dr. Seuss party invitations to commemorate a wonderful author and one that had a unique art style.

I love Dr. Seuss’ art because he didn’t care if it looked perfect. Everyone had their own uniqueness and quirks and I think that is true in real life. If you use a Cricut for this card, you can download the SVG file available in the Silhouette Online Store for an extra $.50. I love Silhouette’s shapes and so this is a win-win for Cricut users.Celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday by making your own Dr. Seuss Invitaion and passing it off to those lucky guests. Give this card as a sentiment for a graduate or just to display the cute little fishbowl card. #drseuss #cricut #silhouettecameo #drseussbirthday #drseuss #partyinvitation #xyron

Supplies for your Dr. Seuss Card

How do I turn my Silhouette shape into a card?

You’re going to first have the fishbowl shape and you’re going to want to duplicate it. Take your shape and use the replicating tool in your Silhouette software and mirror the shape to the right. Nudge the shape over about .10″ and then weld the shapes together.

To add a score line on your card, draw a line down the center of the two shapes and then change the line style to be perforated. Attach the fishbowl shape and your score line together before you cut your card.

If you’re making a score line in Cricut Design Space, you’ll just create a single line and then choose to have it as a scoring line rather than a cut line. Again, attach the scoreline and then fishbowl shape together before you cut your card.Celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday by making your own Dr. Seuss Invitaion and passing it off to those lucky guests. Give this card as a sentiment for a graduate or just to display the cute little fishbowl card. #drseuss #cricut #silhouettecameo #drseussbirthday #drseuss #partyinvitation #ohtheplacesyoullgo After you’ve cut out all your shapes, you’re going to want to run all your small shapes through a Xyron Sticker Maker. You can use the 3″ Disposable Sticker Maker for all the tiny shapes and you’re not going to have your fingers all up in the adhesive. Or if you have the 1″ sticker maker, all you have to do is drop and then pull and your shapes will become a sticker. Celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday by making your own Dr. Seuss Invitaion and passing it off to those lucky guests. Give this card as a sentiment for a graduate or just to display the cute little fishbowl card. #drseuss #cricut #silhouettecameo #drseussbirthday #drseuss #partyinvitation #xyronstickermaker

If you want to have your Silhouette or Cricut write the words for you, you can skip all the tiny letters in the sticker maker.Celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday by making your own Dr. Seuss Invitaion and passing it off to those lucky guests. Give this card as a sentiment for a graduate or just to display the cute little fishbowl card. #drseuss #cricut #silhouettecameo #drseussbirthday #drseuss #partyinvitation #diyparty

If you want to learn how to write with your Cricut, check out this post here.

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DIY Space Party 3D Paper Spaceships

January 6, 2019

Create the coolest 3D Paper Spaceships for your next Outer Space Party. It’s the perfect addition to your tablescape and really easy to put together. And find out why I love my Xyron Creative Station.3d paper spaceships

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I have had the honor of being on Xyron’s Design Team the last 9 months and today is my last project of the year for them. I’m going to be having a space party next week and so I wanted to add some space decor to the table to coordinate everything. These 3D paper spaceships are perfect!

What is a Xyron Creative Station?

A Xyron Creative Station is a crafting adhesive that turns your paper into an automatic sticker. It comes in a 5″ size where you can use the 3″ and 5″ refills or a 9″ size which you can use the 5″ and 9″ refills. There are several kinds of cartridges you can find from permanent to removable adhesive or create some laminated magnets or just laminate without heat.

Xyron is one of my favorite companies to use when I have small pieces I need to adhere to something. Usually, I will cut an item that is really detailed and a liquid glue just can’t seem to work very well and often times it soaks the fine cardstock and then you lose the details in your project.

The Xyron Creative Station is perfect for small and large jobs. Below I used it for adhering the cardstock to my 3D paper spaceships but I’ve also used it to make some 3D scrapbook layouts, felt stickers, and some pretty intricate cards for Mothers Day.

This is by far the most versatile Xyron item but it well worth the investment. If you’re really just looking to make tiny pieces into stickers, the 1″ sticker maker is perfect for that. I found, though, that after I purchased my 1″, I moved to a 3″ and then to a 5″ and now I just use my 9″ Creative Station for everything.

Give your past crafts a look and see what Xyron product would be most beneficial to you.

How to make your 3D Paper Rockets

I used my Cricut Maker and created a file in Cricut Design Space. For these paper spaceships, I used my Cricut Knife Blade and some 2mm thick chipboard. Begin by opening the file and getting your paper set out.

I used this “Blast Off” line paper by My Minds Eye and it has the perfect holographic pattern and a minimalistic space theme. I’ve got the matching napkins and a little moon cake that I cannot wait to show you!  supplies to make a paper spaceship

Supplies for your 3D Paper Spaceships

So I began by cutting out my 3D spaceships with the chipboard. I created this file in Cricut Design Space and created a slit that was .1″ wide so that it was wide enough to have the chipboard snug with the scrapbook paper adhered.  cutting adhesive roll off Xyron creative stationAfter I cut matching pieces out of cardstock and my stars, I ran them through my Xyron Creative Station.

How do I make a piece of paper float on a craft?

Begin with the stars. Cut a piece of twine or fishing wire about 3.5″ long. Lay your string on the back of the star and adhere the other side over it. You’ll have two halves put together with a string in the middle. This will help create a floating look on your 3D paper spaceships.  placing invisible thread on yardstick adhering cardstock to Cricut chipboard hook 3d paper model togetherPlace the star in the middle of your chipboard spaceship piece and then lay the cardstock over the chipboard. This will secure the star so that it is actually “floating” on your paper spaceships. Place the other cardstock over the coordinating pieces of chipboard and then place the two slits together so it is standing straight.

3d chipboard paper spaceships

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Cool Gaming Wall Art, Perfect for Teens

December 12, 2018

My teenage sons are too cool for me anymore. They’re obsessed with Fortnite and so I decided to make them some cool gaming wall art that they can hang from their room with pride.
Check out the easy tutorial below. 

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Supplies for your Video Game Wall Art

Begin by unwrapping your frames and cutting about an inch off the edge of your Wild Whispers scrapbook paper. Use some tape to center your image on the mat and then go ahead and put the backing back on the frame and close it up.

Then out of your black cardstock, open up the Design Space file above and cut out the gaming art pieces. Run the cut video game art pieces through your Xyron Creative Station and then adhere them to the front part of the plexiglass to the frame.  I used the repositionable cartridge for my Xyron because I wanted to make sure I could get the artwork lined up straight. Placing straight items, in this case, was not my strong suit. 😉 three frames with video game artUse your Command Strips and put them in the upper corners of your frames and then line them up on your wall.

That’s it! These gaming art pieces were so easy to create and it’s perfect for any teen room decor.  desk with video game artwork

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DIY Disney Ugly Christmas Sweater Garland

December 5, 2018

This Disney ugly Christmas sweater garland can’t get any easier. Use your Derwent Academy acrylic paint to achieve a custom colorway and then attach them together using your Xyron adhesive. See how easy it is to make this sweater garland below.ugly Christmas sweater garland

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Derwent acrylic paint suppliesI love using my Xyron to adhere small pieces of cardstock. It’s a game-changer when you’re scrapbooking tiny details on your cards or layouts. For this Disney Christmas sweater garland, I used my Derwent Academy acrylic paint to create a custom colorway for my ugly sweater garland.

But really, are these actually ugly? I love them in garland form but I wouldn’t be caught dead actually wearing a full-size sweater.

Supplies for your Disney Ugly Christmas Sweater Garland

Begin by loading your Derwent Academy Acrylic Paper into your Cricut machine and then cut out the larger sweater pieces out of it. Then cut the other pieces in coordinating cardstock. Cut the base sweaters out of white cardstock so that it has a contrast to your marbling.

Now use your Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints and put some coordinating colors into your bowl of shallow water. Mix them however you want. You can make a marbling effect by using one color and then swirl in a contrasting color but don’t mix completely. Just lay your cut sweater into the water and allow it to dry.

I used a towel to blot my papers as they came out of the water and just laid them to the side to dry. After you’ve made your ugly sweater garland, use your Xyron Creative Station and run your small pieces through and the other parts of your sweater and adhere it to the base.

Use your twine as your garland string and just some tape to tape the string to the back of the Disney Christmas Sweaters.

What setting do you use for art paper on Cricut?

I use the cereal box setting and a deep cut blade when I’m cutting the acrylic paint art paper on my Cricut. After your cut is complete, do not unload it. Instead, just hit the C again and it will cut in those exact same areas. If you unload your mat from the Cricut and then try to cut the same canvas, it will not line up. Hang your paper ugly sweater garland wherever your heart desires. It looks super cute on a mini tree and you can even just make them as ornaments. Have a magical holiday!

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DIY Thanksgiving Place Cards with Xyron + Waffle Flower

November 12, 2018

Create the perfect Thanksgiving place setting with this place card ideas using Waffle Flower stamps and your Xyron adhesive. diy thanksgiving place cardThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I’ve said it so many times, I don’t do Thanksgiving but now that I have a blog, I need to actually have something that you guys will want to make yourselves. I do however love a good table setting so these Thanksgiving place cards are perfect to add to your tablescape. These Thanksgiving place cards are unconventional and I love them! 

Supplies for your Thanksgiving place cards

supplies to make a thanksgiving place card

Being by spraying the wooden discs with your Color Shine. I started with the Peach Color Shine and finished with the Mustard Color Shine. This dries almost immediately so you can move on to the next step ASAP.

Now let’s start with adding the names to your wooden discs. I took some printed off names that I liked the look of the font. This font is called Solidar Light and it’s a perfect script font. Use your paper and a pencil and draw across the back of the paper and then you’ll turn it over on the wood block (script font upwards) and then draw over the script font. The lead of the drawing on the back of the paper will create a tracing template for your wooden discs. I used a similar technique on my DIY Wooden Disc Sign years ago.

If I was to do this again, I’d just get a black sharpie from the beginning but I do love how it’s iridescent in some places. I used the gold marker and then went over it in a black ink so that’s why it looks so iridescent.

Next, stamp your Waffle Flower stamps onto your paper. Use watercolor paper or any other kind of paper that will be able to handle the ink blending.  I use Tim Holtz archival ink and then allow it to dry for 5 minutes.  Color in your cute little mice however you want to match your Thanksgiving tablescape and your scrapbooking paper. I used these Derwent Markers on my cupcake toppers but I didn’t use any water when I made those. Experiment and have fun.

Fussy cut around the stamped and colored image. The festive mice can be used from Fall to Winter and really can be customized any way you want.

Use some 3D adhesive foam to add the mice to your Thanksgiving place cards. I added some leaves for a little extra touch. I then took some of my scrapbooking scraps and cut banner pennants out of them. Use your Xyron Mega Runner to add them behind the mice. 

Your last step will be to attach the “stem” to your pumpkin place card. Cut a floral wire in half and thread it through the hole at the top. Use a pencil and wrap the wire around to create the curl.

These DIY Thanksgiving place cards are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving tablescape. 

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Football Scrapbook Page with Xyron & Jillibean Soup

November 8, 2018

Create this easy football scrapbook page layout to celebrate your child’s latest sports adventure. Use the  Jillibean Soup 2 Cool for School line and your Xyron adhesive to make it even more perfect. boys football scrapbook pageThis post may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Just this past weekend my son Siaki won the championship game with his little league football team. I figured because of this fun and exciting time for him that I’d make him a football scrapbook page to commemorate this fun achievement.  yellow and blue scrapbook paper with football team picture

Supplies used for Football Scrapbook Page

jellybean soup scrapbook paper with a Xyron mega runnerI began by cutting some of the papers into small strips. I started out with 1/4″ and then moved up to 1″ wide pieces. They were all random lengths and I wasn’t a perfectionist on how wide they were, I just wanted them cut straight.  jellybean soup scrapbook paperI took my Stitch Happy (or you can use your sewing machine) and just randomly placed the strips of paper. I knew the photo was going to be in the middle and that was about it. I didn’t trim any of the edges because boys are rough and aren’t neat in any way, lol.

I also took some of the hexagons from the die cut paper and just stitched a straight line through there and then layered some more strips over those for some added texture. Use some of the 2 Cool for School puffy stickers and regular stickers to add more to any corner that you’ve done some stitching.  using a Xyron mega runnerUse your Xyron Mega Runner to adhere the small card to the page and lay that next to your embellished corner. Use some 3D foam tape and place it on the back of your photo and adhere it to the page. 3d foam tape on the back of a photoFussy cut some of the pennants from the scrapbooking page and then use your Xyron again to put some adhesive on the edge of the pennants and then secure them to the photo.  That’s it! This football scrapbook page was really easy to make and since I had my Jillibean Soup collection pack, it made it that much more fun. Head on over to the Jillibean Soup blog for projects from their Design Team using Xyron products. Be sure to follow Xyron and Jillibean Soup on Facebook because they’re having some awesome giveaways during the week so be sure to check out each giveaway post on each page.  jillibean soup and Xyron blog swap

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Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade Page Layout with Xyron

October 22, 2018

I love this line from Graphic 45. Learn how I created a 3D effect using my Cricut and the
Xyron Creative Station. Learn how your can win your own goodies from Xyron and Graphic 45 below. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

The Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade paper is some of my new favorite scrapbooking paper. The paper is thick and cuts perfectly when using my Cricut. I used this circle shape from Paige Evans and then layered it on top of the same paper to create this 3D effect. 

Supplies for your Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade Page Layout

I began by cutting the first page of the Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade Paper Pad. I placed it on my Cricut cutting mat and then removed the tabs. Keep the page that is cut up so you can easily match the pieces. I didn’t do this so it took me a while to match up all the pieces. I started with the outside and then moved towards the center.

When I removed the pieces I just took a handful and placed the 3D adhesive dots on some and then ran the others through the Xyron Creative Station. I love the randomness of the 3D shapes and the others that are like a puzzle.

I used a hot glue gun to attach the feathers and then I added some Doodlebug enamel dots in random areas. Graphic 45 Midnight Masquerade is a stunning line with pops of teal, purple and green. Its colors range in the cool range and so finding coordinating scrapbook lines to match.

Now for the giveaway!

Head to the Xyron Facebook Page and find the Graphic 45 creations by the other Xyron Design Team members and comment on the photo. You’ll be entered to win the Graphic 45 Christmas and a Xyron Mega Runner. There will be two winners so good luck!

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Halloween Journal with a Shaker Gift Tag

October 19, 2018

Halloween is right around the corner, what better way to show your excitement by personalizing this Teresa Collins journal and adding a fun shaker tag. teresa collins notebook decorated for halloweenThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your Support.

I love this new Teresa Collins Journal that is available at Hobby Lobby. I also used some of her fabulous giant matte black sequins to add to this Halloween shaker tag to deliver to someone special who has a healthy love of Halloween.

hand holding sequins

Supplies for your Halloween Teresa Collins Journal

Begin by using your nesting dies and cut one large circle out of the white and the acetate sheet. Use the largest and second largest to cut out a black circle and a circle out of the foam. Use your Cricut Machine to cut out the Teresa Collins shapes.

Run your spider, spider web and the black outline circle through your Xyron Mega Runner. running paper through a xyron

Now let’s assemble our Halloween notebook

Start with your base white circle and place the black adhesive foam circle to the outer edges of the circle. Place your spider web in the middle and lay the spider on top. Add your jumbo sequins to the middle. applying spider web to cardround tag with spider putting sequins in a shaker cardNow lay your acetate circle over the top of everything and then adhere your outer black circle to the top. black glitter paper circleUse your orange HTV and cut out whichever word you want. I chose to write “This Halloween”. Weed your excess HTV and lay it on your Teresa Collins journal and press with your EasyPress. weeding htv

How do I use the EasyPress on Paper?

When you use your EasyPress on paper, you want to go for a low temperature. I use the 250ºF setting with a time limit of 10 seconds. applying htv to paper using the easypress on paper how to peel htv

Remove your carrier sheet from the HTV and then tie some ribbon around the Teresa Collins journal. Use some double-sided painters tape to adhere the Halloween shaker tag to the top of the notebook and ribbon.

I love how this Cricut Halloween shaker tag looks almost like a crystal ball. The glitter cardstock I chose goes perfectly with the saying on my Teresa Collins journal and it’s a perfect neighbor or friend gift. Happy Haunting. halloween journal with sequins