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Cricut Crafts - Fourth of July

DIY Patriotic Coozies using your Cricut Explore

June 30, 2017

Keeping your drink cold in the summer is essential. Learn how easy it is to make these
Patriotic Coozies using your Cricut Explore. 
Create personalized coozies using your Cricut ExploreThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Fourth of July is the all-time funnest holiday of the year, hands down! I love the fireworks, the food and just the ability to let loose. I created these stars with the Heidi Swapp font from Design Space and I’ve included the file below. Add them to these Dollar Spot Coozies and you’re set.


Create personalized coozies using your Cricut ExploreBegin by cutting your design on your Cricut. Be sure to reverse the image for Iron-On, you’ll be so mad at yourself if you don’t ?. Now remove the excess Iron-On. Leave the actual image on the plastic transfer sheet, only remove what you don’t want. Removing Iron-On is relatively easy. I find it easier than removing actual vinyl because it’s not so sticky. Create personalized coozies using your Cricut ExploreCut your plastic so that your images are separated. Next, place it on your Coozie and press it. I use this method all the time on how I adhere my Iron-On and it works like a charm. The key to get a great adhesion is to press and press hard. Let it cool a little and start peeling off the plastic. If you have a place that hasn’t quite stuck, just lay the plastic back down and press again. Create personalized coozies using your Cricut Explore Create personalized coozies using your Cricut ExploreYou’re finished and it’s so easy to create your own Patriotic Coozies.


“Totes” Crazy about a Beach Bag!

July 8, 2014

Frenchie for Todays Creative BlogI had the opportunity a few weeks ago to guest post on Todays Creative Blog showcasing this super easy beach bag diy. I’ve always said the word ‘totes’ to my best friends and they think I’m a little strange about it but I don’t care! That’s why I decided to embrace it and make this beach bag. I brought it to church Sunday and would you believe it, my husband wouldn’t carry it. LOL. I guess I know that it’s mine. By now you should know my love of Hazel and Ruby and the ease of use with their products. You can now find them at Michaels all over and that to me is totes AWESOME!

Make a customizable beach tote with Frenchie on Todays Creative Blog

Materials needed:

  • Any size desired of plain tote, mine was the larger of the two sizes offered at Michaels for $2.99
  • Color Shine spray from Heidi Swapp, retails for $5.99 at Michael’s
  • Desired font stencils from Hazel and Ruby

Hazel and Ruby have so many styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless with how you can customize this bag. The stencils I have here are the Chalk Art Alpha and the Broad Side Alpha. Their stencils retail from $9.99 to $24.99 but they are reusable. It works as if they are the vinyl stencils. You just apply, paint over them, take it off and wipe it down with a baby wipe. If your paint has dried, that is ok, it will still work but your lines may not be as crisp.

Make a customizable beach tote with Frenchie on Todays Creative BlogYou’re going to need a barrier so the paint doesn’t bleed though to the other end. It just so happens that a half sheet pan fit perfect and gave me some stability.Make a customizable beach tote with Frenchie on Todays Creative BlogWhat you’ll want to do before you work with any type of spray or ink is decide if you want this to be permanent. I don’t intend to use this bag a lot so I went with a water based spray which all of Heidi Swapp’s color shines are. You can do this with an acrylic paint or fabric paint and pounce it on with a sponge brush. However, if you use the spray, you’ll want to make sure that your nozzle is clean. Get a wet paper towel and really get in there and get all the dried ink off. Even if you clean it after you use it, it tends to still have a bit come out. Also, shake it really well. See at the bottom how it is sticking? That is all the shine pigment. You want to really get that mixed well so pay attention to that and give it a couple swirls so that the ball can pick that up.Make a customizable beach tote with Frenchie on Todays Creative BlogNow it’s time to start spraying! You’ll want to keep your hand moving in a sweeping motion whichever direction is comfortable. If you stay in one spot you’ll get a really dark circle and the color won’t be fluid. I wanted to have the pink in the middle and have gold around the outside. I started in the middle and worked out softer towards the middle and then grabbed my gold and just sprayed softly around the edges. You can work on a mat but again, this is water based so it will come out with windex or water. Super easy clean up.

Make a customizable beach tote with Frenchie on Todays Creative BlogYou’ll notice as well that the ink has pooled on the letters, go ahead and blot that so the paper towels can soak it up so you don’t get drips on your tote. Place the letters back on the plastic film and wipe off. Seriously, so easy. You can see for me that I didn’t press hard enough on the first e. You can tell it says ‘awesome’ but it bugs me as a perfectionist. This is where it being a water based ink comes in real handy. If it bothered me just enough, I could wash it and redo the whole thing. Use a different saying, different color, whatever I choose. This was a really fun project to make. I loved guest posting for another blog, this was my first time and she was really nice cause I couldn’t figure anything out. It was a shot in the dark and she totally helped me through it. Her blog is really awesome too. Can’t wait to work with her again!Make a customizable beach tote with Frenchie on Todays Creative Blog


Scrapbooking and Stamping

Memory File for a Brand New Baby

March 31, 2014

In honor of the last day of National Scrapbook Month, and just making it in the nick of time, I created this memory file for a brand new baby of a good friend. This has turned out to be one of my favorite memory file mini albums to date. I was able to use so many techniques on each and every page. Every page is not double sided but I am okay with that. You’re able to use those pages for journaling, extra photos or even baby trinkets.

Heidi Swapp memory file

Heidi Swapp memory file

Pocket pages for this memory file add some more dimension along with a few instaframes. I love the tags and the polyester ribbon sprayed with blush and pink color shine.  Below, I disassembled the photo stack and layered it horizontally in the memory file.

heidi swapp memory file

heidi swapp memory file

Above I used some layering with the borders using the techniques Heidi showed in her My Craft Channel segment when she made her memory file. I used a lot of techniques from this episode. She is a well of information and I am an avid believer that you can never learn too much. Do what you can to use your talents.

heidi swapp memory file

I took my Cinch and an old wood album, punched it, then added it in. I was hesitant to try it but to my surprise, it worked! I love how it turned out for this memory file. I used the same pink and blush color shine combo then stencilled a seafoam butterfly over the top. Since the wood is so porous, I used my heat gun to hurry it up a bit.  I added some lace ribbon along the spine and some tags over a scrap piece of paper. I found these cute mini craft envelopes in the dollar bin at Target and felt it was the perfect addition.


I love the collaboration of all these colors. It’s the perfect mix for a brand new baby, everyday cards or shabby chic scrapbooking. Clearly, I am a Heidi fan and her memory files, but there are also so many other lines that are great. I love to get my hands on things that extend my creativity that I can showcase to others.

About My Life - Scrapbooking and Stamping

Call me a blogger! Oh, and a Little Heidi Swapp too!

March 26, 2014

I can now be officially called a blogger! I’m excited to take this new step in my life, but also a little nervous. I’ve been taking small steps out of my comfort zone for a few years now, and now is the time I take it public. I thrive on creativity. I get inspiration from others. I want to see others succeed and bloom into who they are truly meant to be and hopefully, this is a way that I can do it. My life didn’t start so creative, I had a mom, aunts, grandmas, and friends all guide me. Now we have PinterestFacebook and Instagram. We all feed on these and it’s so easy to follow and create off each other.
I’ve decided to start my first post to talk about how I fell out of my creativeness when I had my first son. I wasn’t looking to add more stress to my life, I thought. Creativity for me is a release. A way that I relax, a way to block out the rest of the world. While I know getting these supplies can be expensive, I want to try and use what I have and up-cycle.
I used a wooden Heidi Swapp frame that I had around the house and sprayed it with Blush color shine. It sat on the frame for a good 5 minutes to absorb all that shine.
Next, I took 2 stencils, my butterfly from the Hello Today collection and the 6×6 polka dot. I took white acrylic paint and a cosmetic wedge and pounced in random areas to create a background.
I took those same stencils and layered them over the butterfly individually, then placed them on white Bazzil cardstock. For the scallop stencil, I used the gold color shine and for the polka dots, I used the seafoam color shine. I then cut them out so they looked like personal punched out butterflies (super gorgeous). I then stapled them together, added a large background stamp and pulled up their wings to add dimension. Heidi did a segment on My Craft Channel for this technique if you’d like to watch.
I started to assemble my frame piece by piece. I added some stamping on the background from her Hello Today collection available at Michaels. I found in my stash some Maggie Holmes ephemera and added the tag behind my butterfly. I sprayed some polyester ribbon with some mint color shine and with my tiny attacher, stapled it to the center of the butterfly. I then added some pins to pierce the middle of the butterfly and added a pearl to add a feminine touch. On the left side, I added some more of Heidi’s acrylic letters and spelt “bloom” to mark the season. I folded some papers and ran them through my Xyron and stuck them to the paper. I bought a Martha Stewart crafters clay kit a while ago and made this cute mini frame. I figured it matched and let’s add it. More is more and I like that!
heidi swapp spring frame
I then added some banners, again from the Hello Today collection, to the right corner. I built up quite a few layers of these wanting a big, bold look. I found these laser cut wood butterflies at Michaels and sprayed them with seafoam and mint color shine. Once that was on there I took my gold color shine and just halfway pumped the bottle and it leaves these big splashes of gold on the project which I just love.
heidi swapp frame
heidi swapp frame
I love how this frame turned out and I love how I got my groove back! Who else didn’t love watching that movie with Taye Diggs in all his glory? Ha! Life has been good to me lately and I can only see it going up from here. I hope to see you back here more often. I’ve got a lot of things to share and it’s part of me, all of me.