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American Flag Wall Art with Ribbon – Quick Patriotic Craft

May 16, 2019

Create this quick & easy Patriotic American Flag Wall Art using some ribbon, hot glue, and a stick. This American Flag decor is sure to welcome anyone into your home for 4th of July.

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I am more of a Fall and Spring kind of girl but I love decorating for Independence Day. This American Flag Wall Art is easy to complete in less than 15 minutes and will be perfect for your own 4th of July patio.

So you’re going to need ribbon, lots of it. I would have run to the store to grab more but I didn’t have any time. You can make this as full or as sparse as you want it but you’ll at least need 4 yards of each.

Supplies For Your DIY American Flag

I stuck with the color palette of Red, White, and Blue but I also added some silver to give it some dimension. All the ribbon is different textures and widths but they all stay within my color palette.

I cut the Blue and Silver dotted ribbon to be about a 1/2 yard and the Red/other ribbons to be 1 yard each. I also worked from the front back so anything that I wanted in the front of my American Flag decor had to be glued first.

Just place a bead of glue along the back of the dowel and begin placing your ribbon any way that you’d like. I started in the smaller corner of the blue and then I laid the red ribbon behind it.

How To Hang Your American Flag Wall Hanging

I bought some picture hanger screws from my local Michaels but you can just use a plain screw in the back. I used one on each end of my American Flag on the back of the stick. It had loops in the hardware where I just threaded some ribbon through to create a suspension. You can do that before or after your paint your stick.

Next, on the back side of your door, use some mini command hooks and hang it upside down. Place your suspension ribbon in the hook and then let it hang over the front of your door. I hang a lot of my other door hanging decor this way too.

I love all the different weights of the ribbon and how they blend together to create the stripes of the American Flag.

What other things are you planning to create for your 4th of July decor?

You can grab the Red, White, and Boom free SVG file here and make your own custom doormat following these directions here.

Christmas - Cricut Crafts - Holiday Parties

Make your own Christmas Gift Bags using stencils from DecoArt

December 11, 2018

Creating these DIY gift bags is easy as 1, 2, 3! Use your Cricut to cut the paper and add some stenciled art with DecoArt stencils and acrylic paint.

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Last week I used some DecoArt Americana acrylic paint to create these super cute buffalo plaid wrapping paper and today I’m showing you how easy it is to create your own Christmas gift bags.

Supplies for your Homemade Gift Bags

Cut all your gift bags out using your Cricut. You’re going to want to leave the bags flat to decorate the DIY gift bags.

Using washi tape to hold your stencil down is helpful. You’ll want to dip your brush in the color you want and blot off the excess. Pounce your brush until it’s fairly dry to help prevent seeping. I used the small brush to go over the berry area in the opposite color of the stencil. For the red cardstock, I used the Thicket paint for the stencil first and then I went over the berries using the red. I did the same thing for the blue paper but just reversed the colors. Add some coordinating ribbon to your homemade Christmas gift bags for the final touch.

That’s it. So easy and it makes such a difference in presentation. People will know that the gift is ultra special by these homemade touches. It’s simple and makes all the difference in the world.

Christmas - Cricut Crafts

DIY Disney Ugly Christmas Sweater Garland

December 5, 2018

This Disney ugly Christmas sweater garland can’t get any easier. Use your Derwent Academy acrylic paint to achieve a custom colorway and then attach them together using your Xyron adhesive. See how easy it is to make this sweater garland below.ugly Christmas sweater garland

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Derwent acrylic paint suppliesI love using my Xyron to adhere small pieces of cardstock. It’s a game-changer when you’re scrapbooking tiny details on your cards or layouts. For this Disney Christmas sweater garland, I used my Derwent Academy acrylic paint to create a custom colorway for my ugly sweater garland.

But really, are these actually ugly? I love them in garland form but I wouldn’t be caught dead actually wearing a full-size sweater.

Supplies for your Disney Ugly Christmas Sweater Garland

Begin by loading your Derwent Academy Acrylic Paper into your Cricut machine and then cut out the larger sweater pieces out of it. Then cut the other pieces in coordinating cardstock. Cut the base sweaters out of white cardstock so that it has a contrast to your marbling.

Now use your Derwent Academy Acrylic Paints and put some coordinating colors into your bowl of shallow water. Mix them however you want. You can make a marbling effect by using one color and then swirl in a contrasting color but don’t mix completely. Just lay your cut sweater into the water and allow it to dry.

I used a towel to blot my papers as they came out of the water and just laid them to the side to dry. After you’ve made your ugly sweater garland, use your Xyron Creative Station and run your small pieces through and the other parts of your sweater and adhere it to the base.

Use your twine as your garland string and just some tape to tape the string to the back of the Disney Christmas Sweaters.

What setting do you use for art paper on Cricut?

I use the cereal box setting and a deep cut blade when I’m cutting the acrylic paint art paper on my Cricut. After your cut is complete, do not unload it. Instead, just hit the C again and it will cut in those exact same areas. If you unload your mat from the Cricut and then try to cut the same canvas, it will not line up. Hang your paper ugly sweater garland wherever your heart desires. It looks super cute on a mini tree and you can even just make them as ornaments. Have a magical holiday!

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Buffalo Plaid DIY Wrapping Paper with Deco Art Craft Paint

December 3, 2018

Buffalo Plaid is so trendy right now and I am here for it. Create the most glamorous Buffalo Plaid DIY wrapping paper easily by using DecoArt paint and stencils.

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Thank you to Deco Art for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Supplies for your Custom DIY Wrapping Paper

Use your Dove Grey first for the base of your buffalo check wrapping paper. Because this wrapping paper is white, I’m just going to use the grey and black colors to add to my design. You could use white tones and do this on black wrapping paper too.

When making your own Buffalo Check DIY Wrapping Paper, be sure that each color is dry before you move on to the next step.

Begin with your crosshatching lines using Dove Grey. Allow at least one inch in between the lines and do two coats. Once your first coat is dry, take your Lamp Black paint and where the first lines cross over, put a square of your black ink. I just dabbed around the square with my foam brush and then filled in the remaining area with my additional paint.

Repeat the steps now using your Neutral Grey and going over the crosshatched lines in black.

I wanted rustic looking squares for my DIY wrapping paper and so I wasn’t worried about getting lines straight. If you want lines straighter, use a painters tape and a thicker base paper and you should be just fine. 

What kind of paper do I need to make my own custom wrapping paper?

You don’t need anything special to make your own wrapping paper. I love using the kraft mailing paper that costs maybe $4 each. Add any stamps or marker to the paper and you have your own custom wrapping paper.

I used this white postal paper and there is no sheen to it. It’s thin enough that it’ll crease well and thick enough so that you won’t see what’s inside. 

Did you also know you can make stamps with your Cricut?

True story, folks. Your Cricut can cut stamp material. You’ll need to use the Cricut Knife Blade if you’re cutting the thick orange rubber but Brother makes a stamp material that you can cut with the Cricut Explore models.

See how easy it is to make your own holiday wrapping paper using Deco Art Americana acrylic paints?! I did this on my dining table and had two going at the same time with about 30 minutes dedicated to drying. I’m definitely using this on meaningful gifts and not my kids’ because they don’t appreciate stuff like this. Head to your local craft store and pick up all these supplies and begin making this today! 

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DIY Wooden Hocus Pocus Tombstones

October 11, 2018

Emily Binx, Thackery Binx, and William Butcherson are remembered making these easy
Hocus Pocus Tombstones. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Making these wooden mini tombstones was really quite simple. I just used 3 different colors of spray paint and some pigment ink. Spray until you don’t think it needs any more. Learn my techniques below.

The trick to making your wood look like concrete is to vary the color. I had two tones of grey and one tone of brown. I chose the Kryon colors because they have that little removable tab. You want the removable tab so that when it sprays, you will achieve spurts of color rather than a continuous stream. 

Supplies for your DIY Hocus Pocus Tombstones

How do I make wood look like cement?

Begin with your lightest shade of grey/beige and use it to base coat your wooden blocks. Next, use your brown but make sure you remove the small plastic tab so they paint will splatter. Do a few strokes of that. Don’t do too much and try and focus on the edges. Now use your mid-tone paint and repeat the steps. Now that you have your big globs of paint on the wood, you’ll put the small plastic tab back on the paint and just do an overspray. Hold your paint vertically and then move the can as you spray. Rotate between the three colors and spray in various areas. I had this in a box and kept moving it around so some of the paint would smear. Just add paint until you’re happy with the end product.

After the paint had dried on my Hocus Pocus tombstones I took some green pigment ink and blended it into the edges. Use as little or as much as you like, I just like to smear it on there and then use some of your blending sponges to have it look like faux moss.wooden headstone

How do I put vinyl on wood?

Use some standard vinyl and weed your image, use some transfer paper and apply that to your weeded vinyl. Make sure your wood is cleaned and free of any lint or sawdust. Peel the transfer paper off the carrier sheet and you vinyl should be stuck to the transfer paper. Lay the vinyl image on your piece of wood and use a credit card or scraper tool to press down the vinyl. Slowly lift the transfer paper off of your wood, leaving the vinyl image adhered to your wood.

What I recommend is using some iron-on vinyl, better known as HTV, on your wood. I weeded my image and kept what I want to keep on my carrier sheet. With the Cricut EasyPress, I used 305°F and pressed for 20 seconds. Warm your wooded surface before you place the image. Warm it up for about 5 seconds, place your HTV and then press for the 20 seconds.

There it is, a super cute Hocus Pocus Halloween craft. It ties in perfectly with my Hocus Pocus Door Decoration or my Hocus Pocus Spellbook Door Mat. I have a transom window on my front door and I added these really cute zombie hands out of Cricut Window Cling to remind me when William Butcherson jumped right out of his grave. Grab the Cricut file here. Happy Haunting!

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DIY Hocus Pocus Spellbook Door Mat

October 10, 2018

This Hocus Pocus porch decor has been my favorite Halloween project to date, well, it’s a close second with my Maui costume for Malakai, but it’s still awesome. This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

So for years, I’ve had the same outdoor Halloween decorations and I needed a change. I’ve made myself (yes, myself and not my kids) a Hocus Pocus themed porchscape for Halloween.

I love the movie and since they’re celebrating 25 years since it’s release, I figured it was about time I treated myself. The Hocus Pocus Spellbook has always been one of the creepier parts of the movie so I wanted to turn the book into my doormat so that I can step on his eye anytime I want. 

Supplies for your Hocus Pocus Spellbook Doormat

Grab this Hocus Pocus Spellbook clipart here. Just upload it into your Cricut or other electronic cutter and cut the freezer paper. The images will need to be sliced because you can’t fit all of this onto any mat so just be aware of that process you’ll have to do. I used Cricut stencil vinyl and I don’t recommend it. I don’t recommend stencil vinyl for fibrous material because it won’t adhere. I recommend using freezer paper to make your homemade doormat.

After the freezer paper stencil for your homemade doormat has been placed, use some spray paint to get the areas exposed and leave to dry. After it has dried, take the same brown and just dust over the corners. I did use some gold spray paint in some areas just to help give it the aged look that the actual Hocus Pocus spellbook has. Add it to your front porch for the perfect Hocus Pocus Halloween decoration addition to your front door. Learn how to make the Halloween banner below.three paper rosette

Celebrations - Crafting

Create a Faux Birthday Cake

August 2, 2018

This was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Create this easy faux birthday cake for your next celebration and save some money to put into other areas of your party. Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidpartyThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

Leila turned 8 this past May and was baptized in the LDS church. She wanted to have a mermaid theme party and I had a cake/cookie lady all set aside to make amazing decorative food for us. Unfortunately, about a week before the party I found out she was expecting and was super sick. I had empathy for her because I had been in that same sick position almost three years ago. I called around to try and find someone who could do similar work and they were charging a lot more than she was and so I just decided I’d make a faux birthday cake and then we could just make some guava cakes to serve. Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidparty


You’re going to start by glueing the foam cake rounds together. Let it sit for a few hours to make sure they’re stuck together before you put your Smooth Finish on it. Smooth Finish is just like spackle, it spreads on easily and once it’s hardened, you can sand it to get your desired look.Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidparty Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidpartyCreate a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidpartyUse your spatula to spread it on and cover the entire cake. I was able to get a “crumb coat” on the first layers and then I waited for it to dry and sanded it roughly. Next, I added some paint swooshes. I didn’t mix the colors with the Smooth Finish, I just added them directly to the first layer of the Smooth Finish.Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidparty Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidpartyAfter the paint had dried, I added another thicker coat of the Smooth Finish and allowed it to dry. I wanted it to look like the “buttercream” was spread on rather than smoothed out. I also wanted the colors to show through but I didn’t like the starkness it was before I added the second coat.Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidparty Use some glue and a paintbrush to have the gilding sheet stick to certain parts of the cake. I made it very random and I love how it turned out. I saved myself about $150 by going this route. Having four kids is expensive and so anytime I can save money, it makes my husband a happy man. Create a faux birthday cake with some foam and smooth finish. Perfect for a Mermaid birthday party. #mermaidpartyI don’t usually do this elaborate of backdrop but this was a fun change of pace. Making this faux birthday cake is something that I will definitely do in the future. I’m so glad it was easier than I thought it would be or else I wouldn’t do this again. 😉

Cricut Crafts - Fourth of July

Patriotic Wood Plank Sign using your Cricut Maker Knife Blade

June 10, 2018

Creating this Patriotic Wood Plank Sign couldn’t be easier when you use your Cricut. Use the Cricut Knife Blade to cut thick chipboard and then adhere it to your store-bought wood plank sign. Create this easy Cricut Patriotic Sign perfect for Fourth of July. So easy to make using the Cricut Maker and Knife Blade. #CricutMadeThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I use my Cricut to make the most awesome patriotic crafts. I created this wood plank sign using my Cricut Maker and Knife Blade to get this sign to look the way it does and I love it.


Create this easy Cricut Patriotic Sign perfect for Fourth of July. So easy to make using the Cricut Maker and Knife Blade. #CricutMadeUse your Cricut Knife Blade to cut the stars. Each shape took around 20 passes of the knife blade to ensure that it cut through the entire shape. Then use that same Cricut Design Space file to cut your paper stars to go on top of your Cricut chipboard stars.Create this easy Cricut Patriotic Sign perfect for Fourth of July. So easy to make using the Cricut Maker and Knife Blade. #CricutMadeWhen using adhesive with the Cricut Chipboard, do not mix a wet adhesive with a dry adhesive. So I shouldn’t run the cardstock through my Xyron and then paint Mod Podge on top. I need to decide ahead of time what adhesive I’m going to use. Since the white craft paint has a metallic sheen to it, I’m going to just use some Mod Podge for the Cricut patriotic sign. Create this easy Cricut Patriotic Sign perfect for Fourth of July. So easy to make using the Cricut Maker and Knife Blade. #CricutMadeJust paint the chipboard with Mod Podge and then lay the paper stars on the corresponding Cricut Chipboard stars. Next, use some more Mod Podge to layer your Cricut patriotic stars on top of each other.

I’m going to use some E6000 to adhere the star to the wood plank sign. This will make sure that my Cricut patriotic sign will last a long time.

You can only use the Cricut Knife Blade with the Cricut Maker. The Cricut Explore models do not have the force ability to use the Cricut Knife Blade. For all your Knife Blade questions, see this post here. Be sure to use a Strong Grip Mat and some masking tape for the edges.Create this easy Cricut Patriotic Sign perfect for Fourth of July. So easy to make using the Cricut Maker and Knife Blade. #CricutMade

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