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Dollar Store Organization Bins for your Gamer

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These Dollar Store organization bins are perfect for that gamer of yours. Use your Cricut to customize them with vinyl with these free SVG files.

dollar store organization bins

My boys are a little too comfortable with their Xbox and not so comfortable with putting all their accessories away. I headed to the Dollar Store and grabbed these bins then sprayed them with hammered metal paint and adhered these vinyl labels that I cut with my Cricut Joy. Super easy and inexpensive solution for an out of control problem.

How to paint plastic bins

To paint your plastic bins, you first need to use a primer on them. I chose to use a paint that has a primer already built in but you can always prime beforehand. If you prime them before, wait for it to dry between coats, then add your paint.

Use a polyurethane spray paint sealer and allow it to sit for at least 24 hours before you place your vinyl on it.

painted bins with vinyl

supplies needed for your dollar store organization bins

  • Plastic Bins
  • Hammered Metal Spray Paint
  • Spray Paint Primer
  • Spray Polyurethane
vinyl game labels

Begin by cutting and weeding your vinyl design. I have included an Xbox and Playstation controller SVG files for you to match your gaming system.

Place your transfer paper over your vinyl design and then use a scraper tool to adhere the design to the transfer tape.

vinyl on dollar store bins

When you place it on your bin, only press in the areas of the vinyl or else you'll run the risk of pulling up your paint even though it is prepped. It just reduces any chance of mistakes.

Now you can place your Dollar Store organization bins wherever you know your kids will remember to put them. For us, it was these shelves in the boys' rooms right next to their Xbox. They've used them once so I'm hoping for more consistent usage.

dollar store organization bins with. cricut
cricut dollar store ideas

Dollar Store Ideas with Cricut

dollar store cricut ideas
cricut dollar store organization
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