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Free Coffee SVG Files – Tired AF

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Grab these free coffee SVG files and let everyone know how much of a wake-me-up you really need.

tired af svg file on coffee mug

Are you tired? Do you need coffee all. day. long? I'm not a daily coffee drinker. My drink of choice is a dirty Chai whenever I'm flying to help with those headaches but other than that, I am a Diet Coke drink through-and-through. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm always tired AF.

These coffee SVG files can be used on shirts, mugs, signs, decor, whatever your heart imagines! I particularly like to make mugs and applying vinyl using the hinge method is the way to go. If coffee isn't your thing, check out these other mug ideas that you can create with vinyl.

What is the Hinge Method for Vinyl?

The hinge method is when you apply your vinyl in two steps. You're going to place transfer tape over your image after you've weeded it. Place a piece of tape over your weeded image with the backing on to your surface right down the middle. Then you'll remove the backing off half of your design. Cut off that piece of backing leaving the image on your transfer tape and place the vinyl onto your clean mug or other rounded objects.

Use a scraper tool to adhere your vinyl and then carefully remove the backing off the other half and transfer. The hinge method helps avoid any bubbles or folds in your vinyl and gives you a smooth finish.

If you're more of a visual learner, Karley Hall has a great YouTube tutorial.

Supplies to Create Your Own Personalized Coffee Mug

Free Coffee SVG Files

coffee svg file
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