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Cricut Kids Crafts with the Cricut Joy

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Have you thought about getting your child a Cricut Joy of their own? The Cricut Joy is the perfect starter machine for all those aspiring crafters to be like their parents. Check out some fun Cricut Kids Crafts that my 9-year old daughter made using the Cricut Joy.

Cricut Joy

Even before this whole scenario of the world came to be, my daughter has been using my Cricut Maker and my Cricut Explore to make fun crafts and school projects. Now she has the Cricut Joy to help her and it's the perfect companion for her because it's easy to use and takes up minimal space.

With all the Cricut Joy Smart Materials to choose from, she can easily make different fun projects. For this project, I'm going to show you how easy it is to create these birthday cards using the new, exclusive insert cards that can be made in a moment's notice.

How to make Cricut Insert Cards with the Cricut Joy

cricut insert cards

Supplies that you'll need to make your Cricut Birthday Cards

Time needed: 5 minutes

Easy Cricut Joy Birthday Card

  1. Use the Cricut Card Mat

    Begin by placing your card on the Cricut Card Mat by opening your card and sliding the inside of the card underneath the plastic divider. The top of the card is where it will adhere to the adhesive and act just as a regular Cricut Mat would. Be sure to remove the clear carrier sheet that is protecting the adhesive before you cut your image. Cricut Joy Card Mat

  2. Place the Cricut Joy Pen into the Blade Adapter

    If you're going to be writing on your card, insert the Cricut Joy pen into the adapter and place the blade onto the machine where a magnet will hold it. Load your Card Mat and press Go.writing with the cricut joy

  3. Replace the Pen with the Cricut Joy Blade

    Open the lever and remove the pen and replace it with your Cricut Joy Blade. Press Go again on your screen and watch it cut! Once it is finished, press the unload button on your screen. Cricut Birthday Cards for kids

  4. Remove your Card from the Card Mat

    It is harder to remove the card from the Card Mat because you don't have that much of wiggle room to bend the mat backward and take the paper off. The spatula tool works great for this to be able to reach under the fold and pull the paper up. Or just go for it and use your fingers.i

  5. Insert the Card Insert

    Those four notches in the corner are for you to add your card insert. Bend the insert slightly and carefully insert it into each corner one at a time.

cricut boy birthday card

As you can see, the new Insert Cards are a quick and easy solution to last-minute cards and they're easy enough that kids of any age can make. Leila has also loved personalizing some things she's had laying around the house.

cricut girls birthday card

What is the Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl?

cricut joy smart materials

The Cricut Joy Smart Materials are designed to be used exclusively with the Cricut Joy and you're able to cut without a mat. These are sized to be loaded directly onto the base and the materials have already been loaded by Cricut so you get perfect cuts every time.

The Cricut Joy has sensors that can tell if you have enough material for the image you're cutting. You can cut up to 20 feet of vinyl with the design repeating every 4 feet. Other Smart Materials are Iron On, Infusible Ink, Labels, and Adhesive Cardstock.

personalized notebooks with cricut

We had these mermaid notebooks and this super cute image from Rad and Happy that was in Design Space. I cut it using some of the new metallic Smart Vinyl. Then I used the perfectly sized transfer tape and was able to use the scraper tool to adhere my vinyl onto the paper cover.

cricut kids crafts

Another great project to make is some personalized luggage tags. These luggage tags were made using permanent vinyl but Iron On would actually be a smarter choice. She just used some permanent vinyl we had on hand and used the 12″ Cricut Joy Mat to cut it on. We got a perfect cut every time.

cricut personalized luggage

What other Cricut Crafts can my Kids Do?

Leila has helped me more than once creating projects. We've made these Avengers masks for her little brother using the Cricut Explore. She's also helped me make her some floral crowns using some crepe paper on our Cricut Maker.

But by far she has had the most independence using our new Cricut Joy. She's able to design easily now in Design Space and create almost anything she has done in the past. She made some perfect Infusible Ink Coasters but, of course, she doesn't use them – LOL.

Even if you have other machines, the Cricut Joy is definitely a welcomed companion and I love that I can keep it on my desk and it takes up very little real estate. I'm able to complete projects faster than I was before.

Be sure to check out for all your Cricut Joy answers and to buy it online. You can also get it from your local Joann and Michaels using their drive-up service. Just be sure to follow the instructions in your email for pick-up.

cricut joy insert cards
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