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DIY Bo Peep Costume with Cricut

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I'm obsessed with the Bo Peep in Toy Story 4. Malakai wanted to be Buzz Lightyear so I decided I'd go ahead and make me a DIY Bo Peep costume using my Cricut.

diy bo peep costume

This DIY Bo Peep costume is a lot less complicated than the Maui costume I made Malakai a few years ago but it can be made with any version of Cricut you have. I say Cricut because I have included the links to the Cricut Design Space files below for easy creating.

toy story 4 costume

Supplies for your Bo Peep Costume

How to cut Infusible Ink

Cutting Infusible Ink is really simple. You'll lay your sheets, color side up, on the cutting mat and mirror your image. Try not to touch your sheets too much because the oil on your hand can cause it to lift and it'll leave you with some blotchy marks on your Infusible Ink.

toy story costume

How to Press Infusible Ink

Use the included butcher paper and place a sheet inside your shirt and then preheat your shirt for about 10 seconds.

When pressing your Infusible Ink, you want to use a Heat Press or an EasyPress. Get the entire image under the heating plate for even pressing. Press down with slight pressure but do not move your EasyPress around, just leave it in the same spot the entire time. It can cause ghosting on the blank when you do that.

disney trick or treat bag

Set your temperature to be 385F degrees and press for 40 seconds. Allow the infusible Ink to cool for a few minutes and then remove the carrier sheet. The cut image will still remain on the carrier but the ink will be transferred to your blank.

making your bo peep pants

Begin by cutting all your images from your Cricut. I started with the HTV and pressed those onto the leggings. One thing I didn't keep in mind is that the HTV doesn't stretch so add it to the lower portion of your ankles so that you can pull your pants up to where you want them to be.

iron on pants

How to make your bo peep shirt

Now that you know how to cut and press your Infusible Ink, you're going to start making your Bo Peep shirt. Lay your cut pieces of Infusible Ink onto your blank shirt and press. I pressed the lower blue lace and the pink strip of Infusible Ink at the same time.

cricut Infusible Ink

Creating your felt flower is super easy when using a Cricut Maker, just use the rotary blade. If you have an Explore model, use a stiffer piece of felt or back some polyester felt with some fabric stabilizer like Heat N Bond.

Use some hot glue or fabric glue to adhere both pieces together and set it aside to dry. Once it is dried completely, use a safety pin to adhere it to your blue cape.

felt flower

Cricut Design Space files for your Bo Peep Costume

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