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Easy Halloween Craft – Crazy Yarn Pencils

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Create this easy Halloween craft in less than 5 minutes using some yarn and googly eyes. It's perfect for a Halloween school party or just to try with your littles at home.

Today I'm gearing up for for the Fall season with a quick and easy Halloween craft for kids. It's so simple and you only need a few things.

monster pencils

Supplies for your Easy Halloween Craft Pencils

You'll want to start by making a hole in the foam ball by piercing the end of the pencil about halfway through the foam. Next, brush some glue onto the ball and start laying your yarn across the ball. I used about 10″ pieces of yarn to make the monster.

halloween school craft

Next, glue those googly eyes on and let it dry. Kids love these, I love these. It's such a fun Halloween craft for kids and a great alternative to candy.

easy halloween craft

Allow your pencils to dry for at least a good half an hour. This is the perfect craft to do at the beginning of a party and then when it's time to leave, they've got their pencils in hand and they won't get ruined.

You absolutely can use hot glue for this and those will dry a lot faster (obviously) but with little hands, Elmer's glue is perfect.

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