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Make a Memorable Game Night for Kids

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Thank you Goliath Games for sponsoring this post. Pick up your favorite game today to enjoy the holiday season and beyond!Family Game Night ideas and how to keep children entertained.We love a good game night in our family. I’m here to show you how to memorable game night for kids in any age group.When game night comes in our family, we get really excited. When we get to spend quality time together laughing and making memories it makes us remember the more important things in life, like each other.When I have a stressful day with the kids, I have to find a way for them and myself to unwind. Goliath Games and Pressman Toy are just the items we need. They’re easy to play, easy to clean and a lot of fun for everyone.When having a game night, the most important thing to remember is to have fun! My personality isn't always suited for fun but these games bring out the best in me.

Here are some of the games we play and why my kids love game night:
  • Shark Bite

Shark Bite is made by Pressman Toy and was so easy to set up and play. The kids had a REEL-ly fun time trying to pick up different fishes with the rod and always wondering when the shark would bite. To set it up, just snap the mouth open and place the colorful sea creatures in each space until it snaps. Roll the dice and use the fishing rods to pull each creature out but watch out – you never know when Shark Bite will snap! No batteries required.

  • Giggle Wiggle

Giggle Wiggle is made by Goliath Games and this one was Malakai's favorite. Easy assembly and a blast to play. Just have the start at the bottom and race to the top to get him to hold the marbles. He moves like crazy so you'll definitely have marbles that will fall off. Just pick them up and keep at it. I love this one because it's a challenge to the kids and they laugh the whole time.

  • Pop the Pig

Pop the Pig is another Goliath Games top pick. You feed him cheeseburgers and press his head until he pops! This one is a suspense the whole game – you never know when he's going to pop. All the cheeseburgers store in a compartment so you don't have to worry about losing pieces. This game teaches numbers, colors and counting and is the #2 best selling game among kids the last 6 years.

  • Catch the Fox

Catch the Fox is made by Goliath Games and was France's #1 toy in 2016. This one I loved cause his pants just disappear and you're scrambling to pick up all the loose chickens. His pants are baggy enough that he's trying to steal all the chickens in the coop. But then his pants just disappear and he's left out in his underwear. The kids loved scrambling around trying to fill their coop with the loose chickens trying to win the game.

  • Doggie Doo

Doggie Doo is another Goliath Games classic but now it's been redesigned. You feed the pup and spin the wheel to determine how many times you pump his leash. Kids love the inappropriate noises the Doggie Doo makes. This game has 120 million views on YouTube already. Once the doggie goes plop, just scoop it up and start again.

These games are great starters for kids of any age trying to learn strategy and competition.Goliath Games is the fourth-largest children's game manufacturer in North America. Adi Golad started Goliath in the Netherlands in 1980 fueled by his passion to bring new toys to the market and today Goliath sells products in more than 75 countries with direct distribution in Netherlands, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Australia, Canada and the USA. On July 4, 2008, Goliath opened its US subsidiary, headed by board game guru David Norman, and has been entertaining children and adults ever since. Examples include Rummikub®, Rubik’s Cube®, Tri-ominos®, Wordsearch, Pop the Pig®, Doggie Doo, Gooey Looey, and Catch the Fox.

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Pressman Toy Corporation, the third largest game manufacturer in the United States, was founded in 1922. The company has released many strong brands that consumers have enjoyed for generations, such as Rummikub, MASTERMIND and Tri-Ominos. One of the first companies in the industry to begin licensing popular characters and content for toys and games, Pressman Toy has created games and puzzles based on, Elf on the Shelf, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter as well as popular games shows Deal or No Deal, Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune. The company’s iconic red boxes have introduced millions of Americans to the joys of Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Cribbage, Bingo, Dominoes, Mancala, and a host of other classic games. Pressman’s current offerings include these time-tested favorites along with a mix of exciting new games and puzzles designed to spark young imaginations and bring families together.

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