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Kids Art Activities to do at Home

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Do you have kids who are home? Let me show you what indoor and outdoor kids art activities we’ve done while being at home that’ll keep their creative juices flowing and keep them off screens.

outdoor art activity ideas for kids

Create a basketball court

We decided during this time that we’d buy a basketball hoop for our older kids. They’ve become really accustomed to gaming these last few months and I needed something to get them out of the house since we live in a townhome and don’t have a huge yard. I figured they could create their own basketball court in our driveway using Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk.

Print a picture of what the basketball court lines look like and use it as a guide. Let them choose any color they want and have them try and design their own logo that’d be in the paint before the free-throw line.

This kind of activity is great for older tweens/teens because they may think they’re too old for sidewalk chalk, but they’ll learn really quickly that they’re not.

have an art contest

Have your kids draw on your sidewalk to create an art show and have mom or dad judge it. Another way is to have a drive-by parade and show off your creations to loved ones and let them cast their votes while in the car.

For younger kids, have them start with basic shapes and then add on small details to create an animal or some kind of face. Draw rainbows using half circles, suns using circles, trucks using rectangles, houses using squares, and rectangles.

Really simple shapes that they’d normally be learning in school but now you’re teaching them in a fun environment and so it’ll make it easier to let the time pass.

Indoor Art Activities ideas for kids

create melted crayon art

Have you ever melted crayons? Just plug in a crayon melter machine and let it warm up and insert your crayon and start drawing.

Using it on flat rocks is perfect because it gives you a larger surface to make different scenes. Or use it on some dark cardstock to really let the colors pop. I like to use my electronic cutter and have it draw an image on the cardstock and use that as a guide. Or you can print out some other fun artwork available at

Paper Plate Animals

Use your Crayola Washable Crayons to have them make their own paper plate animals. Use scissors to cut out a mouth and use that extra piece to create sharp teeth. Glue or staple the teeth onto the cutout to create the mouth.

You can add additional cardstock for the eyes and nose, Make your animals as creepy or as cute as you want them to be.

Air Dry Clay Creatures

Have your kids create their own creatures using clay. You can buy just the clay and let the older kids create their own monsters from their own imaginations of purchase a kit to help younger kids create fun ideas!

Keeping your kids clean and organized during arts & Crafts

I like to have an art bin for my youngest so that he has access to crayons, watercolor paint, and papers so he doesn’t feel left out when his sister goes to get her own stuff out of the craft stash.

Having age-appropriate activities for him in his own space works great because he knows that those are items he can use and I know that they’re a washable formula.

I also have my own craft room that is available to my older kids but they have to ask to make sure that I don't need it for work and that it's something I want to use first. For the most part they listen but they have their days.

After we’re all done with our creativity for the day, we send them straight upstairs to shower and use their favorite Dial® Kids Peachy Clean Body & Hair Wash. It’s a win-win situation because I know they have exercised their brain and I know their bodies are clean. Dial® Kids Body and Hair Wash is developed with Pediatric Dermatologists, tear-free, hypoallergenic, pH balanced for kids' skin, and does not contain any artificial dyes. 

I ordered mine online using the Target app on my phone, or you can do the drive-up service and have it that same day. Save $1.00 OFF ONE (1) Dial® Body Wash or 10-Bar+ (excludes trial/travel sizes) while supplies last.

The kids are going to be all right but we have to keep their brains active and we have to include our family into our playtime. My kids have had minimal fighting during this time because I think they're all trying to process it and realizing that they need patience so they're giving the others patience as well.

Get outdoors and play in the yard as much as you can and stimulate yourselves to help ease some of this cabin fever. I have found that having these fun art activities for the kids to do has helped the time pass faster and has helped them in their own healing.

Let me know what your favorite activities are to do as a family!

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