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DIY Unicorn Valentine Box

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Valentine's Day is coming up soon so create this easy Unicorn Valentine Box using your Silhouette Cameo, Cardstock, and the cutest glitter vinyl from Expressions Vinyl.

diy unicorn vox

Unicorns are so nostalgic when you're a child so I wanted to create a cute little box for Leila to bring this year while she still loves this kind of magic. The box is small so I would recommend it for preschoolers as is or you can adjust the size in Silhouette Studio.

Supplies needed for your Unicorn Valentine Box

expressions vinyl

First things first, cut your Valentine Box using your Cameo. If you have a Cricut or any other electronic cutting machine, you can purchase this shape as an SVG in the Silhouette Online Store. There are quite a few shapes you can do that with and it's worth every extra penny!

I cut the body using some thicker white cardstock so that it would stand on its own. I used a variety of rainbow colors for the hair and the tail and then cut out my daughter's name using the Expressions Vinyl glitter vinyl.

How to assemble your Valentine Box

assemble the body of your unicorn

Use your tape runner and begin by assembling the two boxes individually. The larger pieces go together and the square slits will be the top. For the head, you're going to assemble one side of the box that has the V cutouts. Take those V cutouts and you're going to insert them into the square of the larger box. Then adhere to the other side of the box and set that aside.

making a unicorn valentine box

You're going to layer your hairpieces now. Start with the tail and you'll have one of the yellow pieces and then you'll layer the colors on both sides of the tail. Keep in mind if you have textured cardstock because you'll want to mirror one of the colors of hair to keep the texture on both sides. Only one side of the tail has the texture.

heart with vinyl name on it

For the mane, it's the same as the tail but it will be two pieces. They tuck right behind your Unicorn's ears. Set those pieces aside for now.

You have two body pieces that are going to adhere to the larger square over the sides and then the smaller pieces will go over the sides of the head to create the ears. You have the nose pieces that you'll assemble first and then use the smaller rectangles and adhere those to all four sides of the mouth.

unicorn valentine box made with silhouette cameo

I didn't want the cheeks so I just used those scraps as the backs of the eyes and then you'll adhere your chest to the front of the Unicorn Valentine Box.

how to apply the vinyl to paper

For your vinyl name, I used the font called Summer Sunshine and spelled out my daughter's name. I used the reverse weeding technique and then I applied it to my paper hearts. Use some adhesive to adhere it to the body of your Unicorn.

applying glitter vinyl to paper

When applying vinyl to paper, it's easy to use a transfer tape that is too sticky. The Expressions Vinyl Transfer Tape is perfect for these kinds of applications. Be sure when you're removing that you slowly rock your transfer tape so that it doesn't just pull right up and risk tearing the paper.

removing transfer tape

How to assemble the paper mane

Now let's place the mane into the slots designated on the Unicorn. The tail was a little thick so I had to improvise and jam it in there. The hair mane was super easy, it just slid right into the slits of the paper. I did add a little glue on the bottom part of my hair and then adhered it to the side of the body so that I didn't have a gap between the head and the body.

paper unicorn valentine box

Use some glitter cardstock and assemble the unicorn horn. There were small pieces that you can also cut that help give the horn dimension but I kept those off. I thought it was perfect just the way it was.

Send your cutie off to school with this adorable Unicorn Valentine Box and make their Valentine's Day special.

diy valentine box for girls
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