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DIY Felt Flower Pouch Using New Xyron Glue Guns

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Using Felt Flowers are an adorable way to upcycle any of your old cosmetic or pencil pouches. Learn how I used the new Xyron glue guns to create this adorable felt flower pouch.

pouch with felt flowers glued on

This post has been sponsored by Xyron and all opinions are my own.

You're only going to need a few items for your easy DIY felt flower pouches and the best part is is that they're 100% customizable. You could even add a personalized name using some HTV and your Cricut or Silhouette. You put these felt flowers anywhere your heart desires because I can even see more spaces I would have loved to add these flowers to on these felt pouches.

pom moms with felt flowers used as supplies for a felt pouch

Supplies needed for your Felt Flower Pouches

felt flowers on a felt pouch

You're going to take your blank pouches then place a small dot of glue onto your felt flower cutouts and then another dot of glue to adhere the mini pompom onto the center. Seriously, that's it.

I found these pouches at Joann for $2/piece then the felt flowers and pompoms were around $10. A gift around $5 total is perfect. Plus, they're one-of-a-kind and cute so there is that.

putting hot glue on a felt pom pom

Why Xyron Glue Guns?

trio of xyron glue guns

Xyron has been one of my most favorite adhesives for scrapbooking. The ability to turn anything into a sticker or to have a reliable tape runner is huge to me. They've now released a trio of glue guns and they all are awesome.

Their glue sticks come in mini width but in two different lengths. This makes it easier for using most of your time using it rather than making sure it's all loaded and you have enough glue in the cartridge.

Xyron Multi-Stick Glue Gun

The Xyron Multi-Stick Glue Gun is something I've never seen before in the glue gun world. It's a bit larger than a standard glue gun but it takes the mini size glue sticks. You have a compartment that holds three at a time and then when it's time to add more, there is slot where you can add it so that it's not having to be taken apart each time.

There is the rubber stop on the front of the glue gun which acts as a kickstand and a cover so you don't get glue all over your workspace.

multi stick glue gun by xyron

Angie Holden with Country Chic Cottage did an awesome run-through on her YouTube channel showing you all what the larger Xyron glue gun can do.

Xyron Mini Hot Glue Pen

The Xyron Mini Hot Glue Pen is slim and allows you to get into small areas with more control. You can insert the longer mini glue sticks and so it'll allow you to really focus on what you want to create without having to worry about running out of adhesive.

I like the feel of it in my hand but I am also a conventional glue gun user so this one isn't my go-to. However, it is an excellent substitute but it does get fairly hot and can ooze which is why I love the rubber stop that is on the multi-stick glue gun.

xyron mini hot glue pen

Xyron Mini Hot Glue Gun

The Xyron Mini Hot Glue Gun is just as it sounds. This is your most conventional glue gun that is comparable to the standard ones that are on the market. The area where you hold compared to the tip of the barrel is shorter than other ones which is what I like the best. It just fits better in my hand and it's more chunky to help with holding it firmer.

xyron mini hot glue gun

The reason why I love the Xyron brand of glue sticks the kickstand, the way it feels in my hand, and the ability to get fine details just as much as I can with the Xyron Glue Pen.

felt daisies on a coin purse

How to Create Felt Daisies

With the felt daisies you're going to want to use some felt-fetti shapes in white and then some coordinating felt pom poms. These can honestly go on any project and they'd be darling. Create a fun retro Christmas stocking, or an adorable doll skirt.

green felt coin purse with felt daisies

It's super easy because everything is cut for you and you don't have to worry about waiting for things to be cut using your Silhouette or Cricut. If you were to make it on a larger scale, an electronic cutting machine is definitely something you'd want to have to get consistent shapes and sizes.

felt coin purse with felt daisies
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