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Back To School Breakfast Idea That’ll Make Any Student Excited

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Back to School breakfasts have become a fun tradition in our house. Use some Caravan Shoppe printables to make your Back to School table memorable.

Back to School Breakfast on

So, your kids are headed back to school. You're either jumping for joy or you just couldn't get enough of them. Me, I'm in the jumping category. They were lots of fun and we did fun things but they're bored and can't wait to get back to seeing their friends who don't live super close to us and interacting with their teachers.

I've joined into the series with for The Joy of Boys Summer of Survival for Moms of Boys and those really came in handy. My assignment was ways that I can prepare my kids to return back to school. I decided why not celebrate the end of summer with a fun table with printable from The Caravan Shoppe!Back to School Breakfast on

I blew up this print to be 36″x48″ and I needed two of them to cover the entirety of my table.

One thing I do love about my West Elm table that I paid for is this glass top. I went to my local windshield repair place and gave them the measurements. It took about a week but it helps keep the wood looking pristine and no water rings. I can paint on my table and it just wipes right up off the glass. It's the best investment ever!

Back to School Breakfast on

Another thing I love from Caravan Shoppe are these FREE Proper Placement Placemats. They come in six different styles and are a great way for kids to learn to set the table.

Back to School Breakfast on

Another element to add is just something playful and fun to the center of your table. Non-edible things can be the most fun addition to go with your theme. Maybe get a higher pitcher and add some rulers, what an afterthought, lol!

My favorite part of the whole printable package were these framed draw your self. I printed these 4 to a page so I could put them in a frame to use them as place settings. I used Hazel and Ruby Stencil Masks on the back using their first initial.

This Back to School breakfast printable pack also comes with a really awesome questionnaire about how their summer was and what they are looking forward to the most this coming year and the rest of their life. It also has more place-mats that are colored or black and white that the kids can color on their own as well as some really outstanding lunch notes.

I can't thank Alma and her team enough for providing me the samples to be able to create this fun tablescape. Be sure to check out their site! I am always in awe of what they have to offer. They have much more free and paid printables that are to die for!

I printed the larger prints just at my local Alphagraphics cause they were the closest to me. Caravan has recommended Staples as well for them. Whatever is easiest for you. I'm happy with the quality of mine.

Also, Alma is a teacher on She walks you through Illustrator and shows you how you can create your own fun printable as well. You can also get her personal feedback.

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