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Free Coffee SVG Files – Boom! Roasted

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Grab 12+ free coffee SVG files and get some inspiration for that morning cup of coffee. Create your own coffee mug and personalize it with these SVG files.

boom roasted coffee svg file

The Office is always a classic and Michael Scott is unbelievably cringe that it's hilarious. I've always loved the roast episode they did for Michaels birthday. His feelings are so hurt but the end of the episode is really where it gets hilarious. Another favorite is Dwight and he got his first SVG last fall.

Supplies for your personalized coffee mug

How to cut your coffee svg files on Silhouette

How to cut Cricut Infusible Ink using your Silhouette

  1. Design Your Project

    Design your project in Silhouette Design Studio and be sure to mirror your design before you send it to your machine.

  2. Add New Material

    You will want to set up a custom material to create your desired settings for your Silhouette Cameo.

    Begin by pressing SEND and then you will click on the dropdown menu for the materials. At the bottom of the menu, there is the blue box that says “Add New Material”add new material in silhouette studio

  3. Set Infusible Ink Material Setting

    Because the Silhouette hardware does not have Cricut items in their drop down, you have to find what setting works the best for your machine. Not every machine cuts the same so you may have to adjust some of these settings but this is what has worked best for me.

    In the bottom corner, you will add your custom settings as so:

    Blade Depth – 6
    Force – 10
    Speed – 3
    Passes – 3
    add custom material settings in silhouette studio

  4. Apply Infusible Ink To Your Cutting Mat

    Infusible Ink needs to be placed on your cutting mat color side up. Try not to touch the ink part of the sheets as much as possible and that your hands are clean and dry.

    The rolls are very tightly spun so start with the top two corners and then slowly work your way down the mat to flatten the Cricut Infusible Ink on your mat.

    The sheets are also muted in tone. The color that you see when you first open the package will be much more saturated once they are pressed. The Cricut Infusible Ink boxes show what color the ink will truly be. cutting Infusible Ink on silhouette cameo

  5. Weed Your Infusible Ink

    To weed Cricut Infusible Ink, you will want to slightly arch the paper so that the design cracks a bit. Use your fingers as much as possible or tweezers. If you use a weeding tool, you may end up pushing some of that ink into the carrier sheet and you will have a permanent oops.

  6. Place Your Design On Your Blank

    If you use a ceramic or polyester item, there are a few things to do first. First – wipe the item clean of lint using the lint-free fabric square that is in the Infusible Ink boxes or a lint roller. Remove as much dust and debris as you can.

    Secondly – if only using a polyester item, preheat your fabric before you add your design. If using a ceramic item, use some heat resistant tape to tape your image snug against your piece.

    Third – After you placed your design, cover it using some of the included butcher paper (or plain white cardstock) and then you will place the heat press over the design. If you're using the Cricut Mug Press, place your mug in directly on the heating plate and then press the lever down. Be sure to have equal spacing on both sides of the handles.mug in cricut mug press

Of course you can use your Cricut for cutting Infusible Ink but since Silhouette doesn't have settings for it, this is the easiest way I've tried to cut Infusible Ink on my Silhouette.

More FREE Coffee SVG Files

free coffee svg files
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  1. Cyndi says

    I love, love, LOVE this new coffee design! But when I went through the download process, I received a beer file instead of a coffee file. Did I click the wrong thing? Thanks!

  2. Debbi says

    Hello! I am trying to download the coffee Boom! Roasted svg but I keep getting Beer, it’s what for dinner instead. I’m thinking I did something wrong. Could you please help me? My son is a HUGE The Office fan and would LOVE this!! Thanks!!

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