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DIY Christmas Ornaments and Snow Village using my Cricut Explore Air

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Make these DIY Christmas Ornaments using your Cricut Explore or use a simple holiday paper punch. Add it to clear ornaments and you have your very own customized Christmas ornaments.Create your own ornaments using your Cricut Explore and vinylThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I love Christmas and I love decorating for Christmas. Unfortunately this year I won't be doing any of it. We're off to the islands and we can't wait. I do, however, have this mini red tree that I put up so I decided to make some DIY Christmas ornaments so that we can have an easy peasy Christmas. When we get home after the new year, the kids will have some presents underneath this tiny tree to come home too. I'm just glad it will be a little bit decorated.Create your own ornaments using your Cricut Explore and vinylSupplies:

Create your own ornaments using your Cricut Explore and vinylI began by cutting out the adhesive foil using my Cricut Explore (or if you don't have one, just use a small paper punch). I double cut my shapes because I wanted to be sure that I had a good, clean release with the vinyl.

I next took each tree and folded the wire in half. I took off the tops of the ornament and used my tweezers to hold onto the tree. I dipped the wire into some hot glue and pushed it into the hole in the ornament. I held onto the tree for about 60 seconds so that it would hold straight once I let go.Create your own ornaments using your Cricut Explore and vinylI used a small funnel to get the snow paper into the ornament. I had to use my tweezers to help push through the paper because it was all different sizes and so I made a huge mess. I chose this snow paper because of the iridescence. I then placed the top of the ornament back on and held onto it while I prepared my foil.Create your own ornaments using your Cricut Explore and vinylI peeled the backing off my adhesive foil and placed three snowflakes on each ornament. I'll probably end up putting some ribbon on the orbs to add some dimension. Create your own ornaments using your Cricut Explore and vinylI made this paper Christmas Village using grey and red paper and then placed the adhesive foil snowflakes to add an ornamental detail. diy-ornamentsTo get more ornament inspiration, visit these other bloggers and see what they made! Marry Christmas!

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