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DIY Color Memory Game for Toddlers – Popsicle Match Game

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Does your Toddler need help with memory games and learning their colors? Use this felt template to create your own color memory game for toddlers to help them learn and play.

kids color matching game

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Today the theme is general crafts so I wanted to show you all this adorable color matching game I made for Malakai.

With Malakai being born at 24.5 weeks premature, he's been a little behind on the learning curve. He's 4.5 years old and he's still a lot like a three-year-old. I need to do more things to help him with his language and learning so these toddler matching games are perfect.

If you have felt on hand, don't feel like you need to go to the store just for that but the more colors you have, the more successful your child matching game will be. This color memory game for toddlers is perfect for any skill level.

color matching game for toddlers

Supplies needed for your Color Memory Game

What is the best way to teach a toddler their colors?

color matching game ideas

First things first, be hands-on. Point with your finger, help the kids touch different objects that are those colors and to help stimulate their brains with the textures. Repeat the colors as in saying, “Would you like this yellow banana? Isn't this yellow banana the best? Look at this big yellow banana!” – you get the point.

Repeating words like this are great for speech as well because it helps them learn what they're asking for rather than just grunting out of frustration.

Color memory games are perfect for toddlers learning their colors because they'll flip one popsicle over, learn the color, and then try to find the match. Give them all the praise in the world when they get it correct and again repeat the color over and over.

How to Make a Matching Game for Toddlers

With Drying Time 2 hours

How to Make a Color Matching Game for Toddlers

  1. Print off printable template.

    Enter your email in the box below and then a link will pull up for the downloadable printable. Click on that link and print your popsicle template.

  2. Cut your felt popsicle shapes.

    Trace your template on the felt sheets and cut out two of each color with the corresponding number of black pieces for the back.

  3. Glue your felt to the popsicle stick.

    Place glue on your popsicle stick and a black piece of felt. Sandwich another color on top and set aside to dry. Continue these steps until you have 2 popsicles of each color in however many colors you want to start with.

  4. Play the game.

    Once your pieces are dry, start playing your match game. Turn all popsicles over so only the black is exposed and watch your toddler play their matching game and learning colors.

felt matching game
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  1. Heather says

    A tip from a child language development perspective – it’s more helpful to name the object first and then the color – i.e. “The banana is yellow.”

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