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DIY Easy Floral Arrangement

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Making your own floral arrangement is a lot easier than it sounds. Grab some of your favorite flowers and create away.Create this easy floral arrangement with figs!

Creating an easy floral arrangement is easier than you may think.When I grab flowers at the store, I love to take them home and just cut them into varying lengths and set them in a vase. I don't usually have the floral foam on hand because I never knew it cost less than a $1 for a large block of it. You can easily find something totally off key to put flowers in. Using watering buckets, bowls, boots, mason jars, or even wooden boxes are unusual and add more conversation to an arrangement. Just even going for a different shape than the standard tall vase adds something that is pleasing to the eye. I'm not a professional florist, to be honest, I don't really know the names of the flowers I used, I just knew I wanted something fuller and purple.

In Salt Lake, there is a wholesale floral company called Ensign Floral. They have an amazing assortment of whatever you can imagine and can special order whatever you need, but they are wholesale and you need a business license.

When I went in I knew that I needed to work with height and fill in the bottom. I knew that I didn't need a lot of variety. I could achieve a lot of drama without going overboard with a lot of colors and species. I first start with my height. I was looking for some branches that had a worn look to them. When I saw these figs, I knew that they were the right fit. They had a slight grey tone but with the green in the figs, they ended up tying in with the lemon leaves that I was going to use in the base. I then selected the purple ones (these are the ones I obviously don't know the name of). They had the perfect fullness in them but yet they were mini enough that I thought they were just the cutest. When they bloom they have a white flower too! I then chose the lemon leaves because these are a hearty leaf and they last so long and dry beautifully.

First, I cut my oasis foam into thirds, just along the cut guidelines. I placed it in my square vase, pressed it down to the bottom and filled it with water. This soaks up a lot of water so just keep filling it until you think it can fill anymore. Usually filling the vase twice is ample enough. My vase has about a 4×4″ opening.

Once you have the oasis filled, you can start cutting your flower stems and placing them in your vases or pots. When cutting your stems, you want to cut on an angle. This makes it so that the water can travel up the stem and give your flower a longer life. I prefer also to have my water to be room temperature. I've heard that having warmer or colder water can make your blooms loosen or tighten up. I'm not really sure but I know that's what Martha Stewart said and I'm going to do what she said!

I placed my twig stem in the middle. I only had 2 fig stems so it was pretty easy to figure this one out. Once that was done I began placing my purple flowers around the base of the figs. These I wanted to have a bit of height since I knew my leaves were going underneath the easy floral arrangement.

Before I added the leaves to my easy floral arrangement, I wanted to make sure that my purple blooms were pretty symmetrical. The great thing about flowers is that they are so forgiving and that is what makes them so beautiful. They don't have to be perfect. When adding the leaves, you'll want to fill in any blank areas that you can. That's my personal preference. I've seen florists use apples or artichokes to do this too. I wanted a bit of a fanned look, so I chose the leaves for this easy floral arrangement. I cut them in different lengths and to just start placing where I could find a spot. Be creative, they don't all have to face the same direction. Make sure you get the dead blooms or leaves off too. If you don't do that, they will end up taking those vital nutrients from the others cause they are struggling to survive.

Once you've placed all your blooms and stems inside to vase, go ahead and double check everywhere and make sure everything is sitting where you want it to sit. This type of easy floral arrangement will last you a good while because these are not delicate blooms. The figs aren't necessarily the best thing to hang around but the twigs obviously will last. I really love this arrangement and it was fairly inexpensive. I was able to make 2 of these including 2 vases for $35. Again, that is at a wholesale price. Go ahead and ask florists at the end of the day if they have any blooms they are willing to part with. I'm sure they'd be willing to get something for them. Roses can easily be salvaged just by taking a few petals off. I'd say that this was a really successful creation.

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