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National Send a Friend a Card Day Craft with a FREE Printable

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I miss my friends all the time so what better way to celebrate National Send a Friend a Card Day than with a free printable greeting card for your besties.

best friend card printable

For today's obscure holiday, we're going to be celebrating Send a Friend a Card Day. What better way than sending the women in your life a women empowerment card and show them that we're all stronger together.

I have three BFF’s. My sister in Arizona, my friend Ree 20 minutes away, and my friend Meg who lives in California. Whether they’re near or far, I need to send more correspondence than just a text every once in a while.

national send a friend a card day printable

National Send a Friend a Card Day is real. what?! It makes sense a bit to me because what better way than an obscure holiday to remind you that you need to stay in touch. These free printable greeting cards are perfect. 

supplies for your printable best friend card

Super easy best friend printable card. Print the PDF file on a printer of your own or send it to Kinkos or another copy shop.

national send a card to a friend day

Trim the card to be 10”x7” and then fold in half. Write your cute little sentiment on the inside. Grab an envelope that will fit this 5×7” greeting card. And now send it on its way. 

So, how are you going to be spending National Send a Friend a Card Day from now on?

Check out the free printable for National S'Mores Day Here.

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