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A Christmas Advent Calendar with Cricut

October 16, 2014

Create a custom advent calendar with your Cricut Explore by using the Print then Cut feature on | #designspacestar | #cricut | #cricutexplore

I’m back and it’s almost over. This is the second to last chance for me to show you the goods of what our team is back with. We are Team 16 and this time, we’ve got our giveaway! One lucky reader will have the opportunity to win their very own Cricut Explore. I know it, you just can’t contain your excitement cause I just can’t contain mine! This machine has seriously changed the way crafting has been done. To the tee, it is hands down the most fabulous product in the crafting world to date. That’s what us bloggers are here to show you, we’re here to show you all that can be done with this awesome Cricut Explore!

Cricut Design Space Star

DSC_0031-001I used the new feature of the Print then Cut of the Cricut Explore for these treat bags and decided I’d hang them across my window. I created a Christmas advent calendar. I found these fun treat bags at Target for $1 and they came with 8 each, perfect! I used the Scandinavian Christmas Cartridge for the stickers as well.


DSC_0015I used the printable Vinyl Sticker Paper which is available here. You can read my post about when I made these Halloween Treat Bags on how to do the Print then Cut method. You just stuff these with any little treat you want for you or your youngster. Fold them over and place the sticker to seal them. I used some Thickers from American Crafts to mark the days on them and some old school clothespins that I got from Joann’s

DSC_0010When using this feature there are bleed lines so that when it cuts you are guaranteed to have your image cut all the way with color. I had no images that had white borders or that had cut off mark. I use this feature a lot for my kids as rewards or just as a fun way for motivation. I love this decor.  Check back later on when I’ll be having some more decor pieces that I made with my Cricut Explore.

125 thoughts on “A Christmas Advent Calendar with Cricut

  1. Bev Edge

    I’d help my kids make some fun Halloween costumes! We’re running late on plans, like usual, but we always have fun creating awesome looks.

  2. Molly Braun

    If it’s possible to cut felt, I would cut lots of leaves for a Christmas wreath I’ve been wanting to make.

  3. Judy Bock

    I think I would make just about everything I could think of. Quilt appliques, wall décor, scrapbooks, cards and on and on and on.

  4. Paulyne VanderSloot

    Lots of scrapbooking would get done and the first would be my last vacation with my late husband. Then I would start working on the new chapter of my life which I am very blessed to have. I would also make lots of cards for my family and friends.

  5. Lisa

    I would use the Cricut Explore to make family scrapbooks of all our travels!! I have pictures from as far back as 30 years ago! Also, I homeschool and it would be a great addition to our home school!

  6. Erica D

    I would love to create some wall decor for my baby-to-be’s nursery (blue and whale themed) and for our living room. I also enjoy making clothes and blankets and would love to create some appliques that I can’t do well with my Cricut mini.

  7. Erin Reichert

    Wow! What can’t you do with this machine! Cricut really outdone themselves! I would make all my Christmas cards on this! So neat!

  8. Karen Critcher

    I would like to make vinyl decals. I have a project started and I could finish it lickity split with this cricut.

  9. Jeannie Buechele

    I am working on a quilt for my son and would love to be able to cut out skateboards and logos out of material to sew to the quilt I am making.

  10. Teresa Rubino Quenstedt

    Love the Advent Line for the window….would look cute to make felt Christmas Stockings with Santa, Trees, Angels etc…..also would love the Explore to make things like Greek Fabric Letters & items for my Daughter’s Sorority.

  11. Koryn Krekoski

    I would love to make homemade Christmas gifts, and definitely things for my new dayhome which should be opening in December!

  12. Priscilla England

    I would make cards — lots of cards. I never realized how much my family liked my cards until I wasn’t able to keep up, and had to send purchased cards. The Explore, especially the Print and Cut, would help me to make cards faster. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great machine!

  13. Lorna Plant

    I love my cricut, but I could share it with my daughter if I won a cricut explore. Thanks for all the inspiring ideas

  14. Betty Henry

    I have no idea what I would do with this new machine. I just bought a used Expression and am a newbie at all this. I have been reading blogs and watching Youtube videos. I don’t know what to start with!

  15. Anna Marie Allegretto

    I love the Advent calendar and think that would be my first project out of the box. Would also like to some sensory touch letters and things for some special people in my life.

  16. Estrellita

    I would make seasonal home decor, greeting cards, paper crafts for me and the kids. Gifts and gift accessories. And in the event I win this party supply for friends upcoming baby shower.

  17. Kathy Jett

    I love the advent “calendar”. Looks very easy to do especially with an Explore! Thank you for the chance to win one.


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