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Being Brave and Being Fat

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What is being brave? I don't know if I have one answer for that. Being brave to me is trying something you've been afraid to do. You finally have that exhilaration that you've experienced something you never thought you'd try or would have to face. Being brave to me has different meanings in different situations. DSC_6762One thing I've struggled with my entire life is my weight. I'm finally past all the issues of what others think of me but I've had a hard time getting over the things that I think of myself. I'm extremely critical of myself and I hate that I physically cannot do things I want to do. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few weeks ago that I posted on getting stomach surgery to help with weight-loss. Being brave has helped me face that I need intervention to help myself.Cents-Of-Style-Be-Brave-gray-graphic-tee_web_grandeSome may see that this is an easy way out but it's far from easy. In 2006 I had a lap-band placed on the top of my stomach to help restrict the amount I eat. The last ten years I have figured out ways to manipulate it so that I can eat more than what I am supposed to. In that it has led me to bulimic tendencies because I've been too afraid to face the truth and food has always comforted me.

I've learned that throughout this process I have to face real life and I cannot hide behind food anymore. I think the reason the lap-band didn't work for me is because I hadn't faced real life. Now I am more than ready. I've had physiological help within the last year to help me deal with the issues of overeating. I've faced my own issues of suffering from Post-Partum Depression and PTSD. I've faced the fact that if I don't do something drastic now then I never will.DSC_6850I've had a very low quality of life these last few years since I had my baby and I don't want to do it anymore. That's why I've chosen to be brave and to have a gastric bypass on May 22. I'll detail my progress on Instagram but I also want others to know that it's OK to be vulnerable and it's OK to face what we've all been hiding from. It's now time to be brave, it's time for me to just be me.

I love Cents of Style for so many reasons but one of the biggest reasons is that they're a champion of others and support others to no end. I hope that you get a shirt to help remind you of what you can do and what you can accomplish!DSC_6741I also wish I got better pictures of my shirt but it was a reminder for me under my button up to continue to be brave. I basically folded my arms the entire time because I wasn't being brave this day. And we've also aged because most of our conversation included who is nice and at what store we're willing to revisit because they had great customer service…I do love my friends though!

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  1. Desi says

    I totally understand. I’m a compulsive eater and find ways to cheat on every program. I’ve been doing compulsive eaters anonymous for almost a year. I’m ten pounds away from my maintenance but I am starting to cheat. Food has been my comfort through so many times of my life. I even had a miscarriage almost exactly a month ago and I really struggled facing those feelings without going to town on the food. I also have PCOS so that complicates things. My sister in law eats processed crap ALL THE TIME and doesn’t gain a pound. I eat a piece of bread and gain 5 pounds. I wonder what I’m needing to learn with this body of mine. Thanks for being brave and talking about it. With my program you abstain from sugar and flour and follow a meal plan you make for yourself. It’s hard for me to stick to that meal plan even though the food is good. I guess I like the adventure and rush of eating something spontaneously.

    • Lindsay says

      It’s not going to be easy but I am trying to resolve my over-eating beforehand. I’m hopeful and I’m mainly hopeful for my childrens sake. Thank you for being so honest. We as women have such different bodies and so many struggles that sometimes it’s hard to keep up. Keep going, you can absolutely make it to your maintenance! Follow me on Instagram @seelindsayblog and that way we can support eachother! XX

  2. Dianne says

    Thank you for sharing! I had a gastric segmentation at 19 and am just approaching half my lifetime with it vs without. But it is such a struggle some days to just see ME not my judgement of myself but rather my accomplishments. When I became pregnant in 2005 I was terrified of the weight gain and then had post partum depression after too. It was like I couldn’t escape myself or my problems with food. I have always wanted to share my journey with others but haven’t found the courage till now thanks to you. Xo

    • Lindsay says

      You’re so strong to share your journey with me. Luckily I’m done having children but my post-partum has been extremely difficult to navigate. I’m always an email away! XX

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