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DIY Custom Wood Sign

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custom wood sign on Frenchie

You can find these cute wood stumps in the forest but seeing that I live in the city, I went the easy route and bought mine at Michaels! I got this super chic mint paint from my friend Carissa Miss at SNAP! The brand is Country Chic Paint and honestly, went on so smooth and dried like a charm. Also, if my camera battery didn't die and if I didn't have little hands who loved to touch everything you'd be seeing more pictures of the actual process. Remember, this is real life. LOL.

custom wood sign on Frenchie

So first off, I made a sign just in Word and picked a font I love. I used Meddon, it's a free script font and it goes along with the super trendy calligraphy these days. I made it as large as I wanted and printed it off. I placed it on my stump and traced over it with pencil.

custom wood sign on Frenchie

It wasn't dark but I traced it hard enough to make a significant groove in the wood so I could see the indentation while I was painting. I then took a fine paintbrush and began tracing. So. Easy. I like easy in this house. It literally took 5 minutes to dry and I was ready to hang. I bought some command strips at Michaels cause I didn't want to damage the subway tile we installed a few months ago (I'm a little bit behind starting this blog game), perfect choice. Yes, they are refill packs, but I didn't need hooks so they were the perfect thing I needed.  I adhered it to the wood pieces and placed the velcro like strips together and removed the adhesive protectant and slapped it on the wall. Literally.

custom wood sign on Frenchie

I love the placement, I needed something there and it gives it a little bit of an eclectic feel. It would also look awesome outside or you can do an initial and put it on a gallery wall. I bought a few of these wood discs so I know I'm going to incorporate them a bit all over the house, just got to figure it out! Thanks so much for stopping by and make sure you check out all the others participating in Craft Lightning!

XOXO, Lindsay


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