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Free Summer Printables – Welcome to Summer Labels

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Summer is right around the bend so these free summer printables are perfect for any pool party you may be having. Adhere them to water bottles to make custom labels for your summer party.

pool party water bottle wrappers

I try to do a little gift for the kids when school finishes and give them little goodies welcoming them into the Summer season. I am not the most organized person (shocker) but having these printed for me and ready to go makes life a lot easier.

Supplies for your Free Summer Printable!

  • Printable (below)
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Tape
  • Photo Paper (for waterproof) or Cardstock
diy water bottle labels

How to print waterproof water bottle labels

The best paper to print on is some photo paper. I know! It won't bleed if you use the right kind. It needs to be glossy and then adhered with some crystal clear tape. You can sink your water bottles into a bucket of ice and they'll be cold and be perfect for your party.

Begin by using your at-home printer on the photo/best setting. This will use up a bit more ink but you won't have a grainy print and they'll be done immediately and last minute.

If you don't have a home printer that is good at printing photos, Persnickety Prints is great and if you just put a note on your order then they will know exactly what you need. They are affordable and fast so if you're planning in advance, you'll be able to save a little money, materials, and ink.

flamingo water bottle label

How to print labels at home

The easiest and least expensive way to print at home if you have an HP Printer is using the HP Instant Ink program. They are connected to the ink supply in your printer and as soon as you're running low, they automatically send you the cartridges and envelope. You just pay a monthly low-cost fee and you pay by the amount you print. If you print a lot, your price will be a little higher but I don't pay more than $10 for up to 300 pages a month.

I have an HP8610 that is now discontinued but any of their printers do great. To get the best print quality at home is to choose the best quality setting. If you're using photo paper, choose the photo print. You shouldn't get any streaking and your print will be perfect.

If you've invested in a craft printer like the Canon Pixma T9520, they also have a auto-renew option that they will also send you your cartridges when they're running low. The colors on the Canon will get you closer to the RGB codes but it does use a lot of ink.

The main reason I bought the Canon was to print my own 12×12″ scrapbook paper and have the ability to do larger Print and Cut images from my Silhouette Cameo 4.

How to Attach the Printable Water Bottle Label

  1. Cut out water bottle labels

    Print-off your water bottle labels and cut them out using scissors or a paper trimmer for more accuracy.

  2. Remove old water bottle label

    The Kirkland brand just peeled right off but I do know of some that leave quite a bit of residue. You can use some lemon essential oil to remove that off the bottle.removing Kirkland water bottle label

  3. Apply the water bottle label

    Get a strip of tape and then eyeball where you want your label to be on your bottle.welcome to summer water bottle label wrap

  4. Tape your water bottle label

    Use some clear tape to adhere the strip to the water bottle. You can use some double-sided tape and leave the sides of the paper a little longer for a full wrap or cut where I ended the labels and have a little bit of a gap on a 16oz. water bottle.taping a free summer printable to a water bottle

How fun are these for your kids to come home to or to even have an end-of-school pool party? These gender-neutral water bottle labels are so fun! I also love these mylar pineapples I made with another Welcome to Summer printable and my Cricut.

More FREE Summer Printables

free summer printables

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