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Create personalized suckers with Lollipics

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Lollipics make the most memorable birthday favors. Have them custom print any photo onto suckers and pass them out for others to enjoy.Create custom suckers using Lollipics. Take a photo and turn it into a lollipop. #partyideas #customsuckers This post is sponsored and all opinions are my own.
Lollipics and Frenchie

I met Carl with Lollipics at SNAP this last April and they had some of the coolest candy I've seen in a long time. We were able to hashtag our candy and they printed our pictures on the Lollipics then and there while we were at the conference. It was so fun to see what we were going to get. What fun products these are.Lollipics and Frenchie

I knew when I was planning Leila's birthday that I wanted something unique and when I thought back about Lollipics, it was exactly what I'd want.

Dreamy Birthday Party for a Birthday Girl

The process was so easy. I went to their website, uploaded my picture, chose my flavor and quantity and it was in the mail within a few days. That's it. So easy.

The picture I chose was when we were in Tonga flying from the main Island of Tongatapu to my husband's island of Ha'apai. There were 7 of us on the plane and it was a sketchy plane ride, to say the least. You can read more about our trip here.

Lollipics and Frenchie

I chose to do the clear pink bubblegum Lollipic and it truly tasted like bubblegum. It didn't have that artificial taste and wasn't overpowering. I can't say enough about this company and their work ethic. They were so helpful and the quality is amazing and worth every penny.

Lollipics and Frenchie

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