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Make a Mermaid Pillow with your Cricut Maker

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This mermaid pillow was so fun to make with my daughter. She loved picking out the fabrics.
See how easy it is to make with your Cricut Maker.Create this easy Mermaid doll from Simplicity using your Cricut MakerThis post contains affiliate links.


Make a mermaid doll with your Cricut makerThis mermaid doll was so easy to make and it was all thanks to my Cricut Maker. I used the rotary blade with the fabrics and the felt and it cuts so smooth. The darts are all included and you can choose if you want the pen to do the markings.

I chose to do the markings on the face so that I could do the embroidery on it. I just used a simple backstitch to complete the eyes and lips. Mermaid doll diyThe flower was easy to assemble as well. I used the purple felt that comes in the felt sampler pack from Cricut. I like the Cricut felt because it is stiff. You can get a good clean cut from it and it doesn't slide on your mat. I've cut different brands of felt on my Maker and I do like the Cricut felt best. Some wool felt I had would move as I was cutting or when I peeled off the mat, the entire piece of felt fell apart. It's all trial and error when you're cutting materials on any machine though.DIY Mermaid doll with CricutTo assemble the mermaid doll, follow these instructions. assemble the front of the doll and then the back of the doll. Sew them together right sides facing each other and then leave about 3-4″ on the tail. make a mermaid doll with your CricutStuff your mermaid pillow doll with some pillow stuffing or I just used few snow that I bought on clearance years ago, works just as good for stuffies. Now whip stitch the opening closed. Now you can attach your flower to your doll and you're done.

This mermaid pillow doll was a lot of fun to put together. It's the first time that I let my daughter pick out coordinating fabrics and that was a hard thing to give up. She loves her personalized mermaid doll and loves that I loved to make it for her. One day I'll let her use my sewing machine…one day.make a mermaid doll with your Cricut

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