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Not By The Hair Of My Chinny-Chin-Chin Printable and Gift Idea

October 23, 2017

Women of any age suffer from the dreaded whiskers. Grab her some electronic tweezers and this fun facial hair printable and gift her something useful.Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Grab this free witch printable for the hairy person in your life.This post contains affiliate links. Just like any printable I offer on my site, this is for personal use only.

I don’t know a woman who doesn’t deal with whiskers or full-blown chin hair. If you don’t, then I don’t know what kind of witch-craft you’re doing but teach me your ways! It’s always a fun joke in our family and so one day at Ulta, I found this electronic tweezers that has six that spin around and grab them. It works awesome so I had to get my mom and sister-in-law one ASAP.I couldn’t just hand it over. That’s not my style. I had to make a cute little print to go with it. One of the witches faces even have two little whiskers on it. It’s only on one of the witches faces by mistake but it’s actually pretty cute so I’ll leave it to you to decide which one you want.


Easy enough, just print off the printable and cut it into the 4.25×5.5″ rectangle. Punch a hole in the corner and attach it to the box with some twine. I looped my twine a lot of times and so it looks like hair. Just a play on words. Give it to the hairy women in your life and laugh about it. There is always wax and someone is always coming up with great inventions like this to help women like us.

I love the thought of giving something like this for Halloween. Who knows, I may make one for men one of these days but I know hairy chins don’t bother them as much.

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