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Using Hemp Oil – Revamped Cigar Box to an Awesome School Pencil Box

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Using Hemp oilOh, how I love Miss Mustard Seed and her fabulousity. I wish she'd come into my home and throw away everything and take me with her and show me what is up in how to find her magnificent finds. I don't know what it is about Utah, maybe it's just my lack of travel or my funds but I have a hard time finding that one piece at the right time. I'm 99.9% it's just me.

DSC_0006If you link up to our weekly link parties, you'll see that most of us are involved in this Drab to Fab Blog Hop. We decided that we'd each send each other something that we knew could be fabulous but was looking a little drab. I was sent this old cigar box. I really loved it, in fact it sat untouched until yesterday because I was in love with it. I didn't want to paint it cause the finish I knew could be stellar. I didn't want to alter it because I wanted to keep as much originality as I could. The only thing I knew I couldn't keep was the fabulous picture on the inside. Which there is no picture of but just imagine a picture of that woman on the inside.

DSC_0002-001When I started on the project, I wanted to turn it into a little bed for my daughters toys. Then as I was putting the hemp oil on it, it was magical, it was turning into something I wanted on display. I already had some hemp oil on the picture so it was over, my life – that beautiful Hispanic woman washed away. I was so mad at myself but I just had to keep scraping sucking in the tears of failure. It's really ok, it was just disappointing.

DSC_0003I placed some of Miss Mustards Seed's Hemp Oil in a plastic cup and used a sponge brush. I used about 2 tablespoons but the beauty of this is that if you poured too much, just pour it back into the jar. You can see above where it immediately put moisture back into the wood and how this box used to look. I let the oil sit for about 5 minutes and then I wiped off the excess with a lint free cloth. It takes about 24 hours to cure but something this small I was ok to put things in it right away to take pictures. Can you tell the desk will be my next MMS project? I'm going to paint it with her Eulalie's Sky. I've already have one dresser done but with life, you're never done with anything!

DSC_0025I love how dark it is and how rich it looks. I love the turn it took during the process of making this whole project. What was supposed to be a girly looking product ended up being more of a masculine looking piece but really something that can be used for its true purpose but also for years still to come. It didn't go too far off of its originality so that's what I love most about this. Make sure you check out the other ladies transformations too!

XOXO, Lindsay



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  1. Lisa says

    My husband collects old and new cigar boxes and a fair amount of them look like your ‘before’ photo. You have just given me a great excuse for a new project. Yours turned out wonderful! What a simple solution.
    Came your way via Miss Mustard Seed.
    Nice to meet you and find a new blog.

  2. Heather says

    I had no idea hemp oil could be used to refresh wooden objects! The result is outstanding, I just love all the different ways cigar boxes can be used in the home. Thanks for sharing!

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