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American Flag Wall Art with Ribbon – Quick Patriotic Craft

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Create this quick & easy Patriotic American Flag Wall Art using some ribbon, hot glue, and a stick. This American Flag decor is sure to welcome anyone into your home for 4th of July.

I am more of a Fall and Spring kind of girl but I love decorating for Independence Day. This American Flag Wall Art is easy to complete in less than 15 minutes and will be perfect for your own 4th of July patio.

So you're going to need ribbon, lots of it. I would have run to the store to grab more but I didn't have any time. You can make this as full or as sparse as you want it but you'll at least need 4 yards of each.

Supplies For Your DIY American Flag

I stuck with the color palette of Red, White, and Blue but I also added some silver to give it some dimension. All the ribbon is different textures and widths but they all stay within my color palette.

I cut the Blue and Silver dotted ribbon to be about a 1/2 yard and the Red/other ribbons to be 1 yard each. I also worked from the front back so anything that I wanted in the front of my American Flag decor had to be glued first.

Just place a bead of glue along the back of the dowel and begin placing your ribbon any way that you'd like. I started in the smaller corner of the blue and then I laid the red ribbon behind it.

How To Hang Your American Flag Wall Hanging

I bought some picture hanger screws from my local Michaels but you can just use a plain screw in the back. I used one on each end of my American Flag on the back of the stick. It had loops in the hardware where I just threaded some ribbon through to create a suspension. You can do that before or after your paint your stick.

Next, on the back side of your door, use some mini command hooks and hang it upside down. Place your suspension ribbon in the hook and then let it hang over the front of your door. I hang a lot of my other door hanging decor this way too.

I love all the different weights of the ribbon and how they blend together to create the stripes of the American Flag.

What other things are you planning to create for your 4th of July decor?

You can grab the Red, White, and Boom free SVG file here and make your own custom doormat following these directions here.

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