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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party

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Siaki celebrated his 7th birthday recently and I had to share what an awesome day it ended up being. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party Is perfect for any TMNT fan in your life.   toxic ooze drink

Toxic Ooze drinks for everyone! I combined kiwi flavored syrup, Fresca and fresh limes. I was a little nervous how it'd taste but everyone loved it, including myself. The drink dispenser is from Oriental Trading and it'll go with any style. lollipics kid birthday

Lollipics creates custom lollies for kids and we just had to have some for here. I chose a few flavors and two designs. Each flavor can be customized in a bunch of 6 and so I chose the TMNT logo and little booty's face. Emmy Lowe Photo is who took our pics and I couldn't be more pleased. tmnt cake

You probably saw Ashlee Marie on Food Network for the Halloween Baking Comp. I think she got robbed because she makes AWESOME cakes. They don't only look awesome but they taste delicious. We chose a chocolate cake with marshmallow filling. I was expecting to have some fake fluff in the center but when we cut into it and saw freshly made marshmallows, I was giddy!tmnt caketmnt party tablescape

Party flair is from My Minds Eye and the killer tower is from Oriental Trading. tmnt drink

I also found these cute milk bottles to go along with their mini pizzas that they were going to create for the activity. The milk bottles can easily be washed and used for another party. You may just want to buy extra lids, your choice. The honeycombs and small treat cups are also from Tom Kat Studio. I found lots of goodies on her site. ninja turtle games

We also had a dear friend of ours come over and do some awesome face painting for the kids. This was another fun activity for them because it was able to keep them occupied for about an hour while she painted 20 kids and got them to play outside for a bit. If you're local in Salt Lake, give Amy Boehme a call. She seriously rocked it. party face paintingutah face painter

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