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DIY Cupcake Toppers for a Woodland Party

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These Woodland DIY Cupcake Toppers are really perfect for any party but made customizable with Derwent Water-Soluble Markers and Xyron. Having a forest themed party anytime soon? Learn how easy it is to create your own woodland animal party decor. #derwent #xyron #cricut #cricutmadeThis post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

These DIY Cupcake Toppers are so easy. I made the customized cupcake toppers using some woodland animals I found in Cricut Design Space and printed them directly on the Derwent Marker Paper. Jessica from Everyday Party Magazine created a similar party crown by using her Derwent Markers and the drawing feature with her Cricut. 

Supplies for DIY Cupcake Toppers

Begin by trimming down your Derwent Marker Paper to be 8.5X11″ so that it can fit into your printer paper tray. Print off the woodland animals for your DIY Cupcake Toppers and load them into your Cricut machine. For an easy tutorial on how to use the Print Then Cut feature for your Cricut, go here.

How do I make Paper Rosettes?

Making paper rosettes is really easy when you have the right tools. I like to use my Cricut Maker with the Scoring Wheel. The Cricut Scoring Wheel gives me deep impressions so that doing the accordion fold on each of the rosettes is easier. You can also use a scoring board and a paper trimmer to make the edges of the rosettes flat.

Now you're going to cut out your rosette shapes and adhere them with the Xyron Tape Runner. I like to use clips to hold it together until the adhesive sets. Just some standard quilting binding clips are the best ones I've been able to find.

To see how to assemble your rosette shapes from your Cricut, head here to see how I made my Patriotic Rosettes a few months back.

As your paper rosettes are setting, color each of the woodland animal shapes in any coordinating colors. I used Orange, Scarlet Red, and Brown for the squirrel and then Gray and Light Blue for the raccoon.Having a forest themed party anytime soon? Learn how easy it is to create your own woodland animal party decor. #derwent #xyron #cricut #cricutmadeUse your larger circle as the base and then use the Xyron Tape Runner to adhere the Derwent Marker Paper to the coordinating cardstock. Now use some strong adhesive to place the circle on to the middle of your rosette.

How to Turn a Rosette into a Cupcake Topper?

Use a wooden skewer and place that on the cupcake topper so that it can sit on your cupcake straight.

Now you've created the most perfect DIY Cupcake Topper using the grass rosette shape and some circles. Your children or your own party will be awesome with some personalized party decor. 

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