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The Cutest Pumpkin SVG to use for T-Shirts

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Making this DIY Fall T-Shirt is easier than you could ever imagine. Use the pumpkin SVG file to make your own at home. Plus see how the three of us took the same pumpkin SVG and made it our own.

DIY Fall T-Shirt Ideas
This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support.

I've teamed up with Everyday Party Magazine and Pineapple Paper Co. to show you guys the easiest way to use one pumpkin SVG file and create three different projects. We all use a Cricut but this can easily be used with any craft cutting machine.

Supplies for your DIY Fall T-Shirt

To begin, head on over to this shop and purchase your pumpkin SVG file. The top and the bottom are separated at the stem so that you can make it two different colors. I wanted it all solid so I welded the shape and then cut out my whole pumpkin.

How do I mirror an image in Cricut Design Space?

Whenever you're cutting Iron-On Vinyl or HTV, you want to be sure and mirror your image before you cut. When you use Cricut Design Space to mirror your image, you will be taken to the mat preview screen. You can just slide the indicator over to choose what you want your image reversed.

If you pressed go before you have mirrored it but not yet cut it, you can select the edit button in the lower right-hand side of the mat and then mirror it on that screen

If you forget to mirror your image and you've already cut your vinyl, it is ruined. I hate to be the bearer of bad news. You're going to have your letters turn out backward and no one wants that.

I have wasted a lot of product because I have forgotten to mirror my image. I don't want to talk about it anymore.

What weeding tools will I need for vinyl?

A weeding tool is something that is going to remove the negative image from your carrier sheet. Leave whatever part of the image you want on your DIY Fall T-Shirt on the carrier sheet. If a piece happens to fall off, you can stick it back on but save that for the end.

You'll need something that is sharp and that most likely has a hook. I like to use a spare piece of transfer tape to collect my HTV scraps. I like the Cricut Weeding Tool Set because it has everything you'll ever need. If you don't want to buy all of them, just buy the one weeding tool that is packaged separately.

Some people use safety pins and others prefer the tools. I think the weeding tool is something important to have because you'll use it a lot more than just removing vinyl.

How do I attach my pumpkin SVG to my T-Shirt?

I like to use my EasyPress whenever I am pressing HTV to any surface. A lot of people use heat presses which you can find at a similar cost to the EasyPress. I use the EasyPress because I have zero room in my home to store an industrial heat press.

When using any heating object, always have a cushion of some sort underneath your material. If you use a heat press, that is all in your machine but if you use an EasyPress, I highly recommend getting the EasyPress Mat.

If you are going to use a household iron, remember to use lots of pressure and maybe place a rolled towel on the floor or table and press there rather than an ironing board. Go here to learn all my tips on how I use an iron for my HTV.

DIY Fall Shirt for women

Follow all manufacturers instructions on time and temperature when you're pressing your pumpkin SVG to your DIY Fall T-Shirt. Pay attention to the material of your shirt and what they recommend for that too. Some Iron-On Vinyl will have a high temp but your material won't handle it. With cotton blend shirts, Cricut recommends 305ºF for 25-30 seconds for their Everyday Iron-On Vinyl.

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