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On the Table and Dreaming

This post and the photos within it may contain Amazon or other affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, I may receive a small commission at no extra charge to you.

*This post does include affiliate links, I may or may not make commission off of these links but all opinions are 100% mine and are 100% honest*

Cricut Design Space StarTeam 16 is back with our September theme for Cricut's Design Space Challenge! We're so excited about this month's cause we had creative freedom. We decided to do tabletop decor and use any use any celebration we wanted. Myself, I chose to do wedding decor. I wanted to show some different variations on what you can offer to guests from backdrop decor, centerpieces, cake table, menu offerings and actual placemat settings. Be ready for lots of posts this week! Today, I'm going to share with you my backdrop.

Wedding backdrop and decor using your Cricut Explore on

I originally had this hanging clear on my window but for the life of me could not get a great photo of all the chipboard and pinks. I used a fabulous line designed by The Project Girl for My Minds Eye called Market Street. It has subtle pinks, golds and blacks but also it can be kicked up a notch and use the teal, navy and corals in it as well. I love this line and it'll be a go to for a long time! For the larger polka dot vellum looking paper and the lacy feathers, it is Hazel and Ruby's new line of Tissue Rolls and Wrap It Up Papers. They are killer and just put your Cricut Explore on the paper setting and it'll cut like a dream. It is so delicate, just like actual tissue paper, it just added the right touch to the dream catcher.

DIY Dreamcatcher with a Cricut Explore on I'll walk you through the DIY Dreamcatcher first! For the center, I used standard chipboard. You'll want to choose your design in Cricut Design Space, I needed something that was going to have points where I could interweave the ribbon and connect it to the embroidery hoop. I searched for Doily in the Design Space and this Tatting Doily was the perfect design. My hoop was 8″ so I set the dimensions as that and cut. I places my cut settings on the Custom to the Smart Set Dial and then set it to Chipboard when it came up to set my settings before I actual pressed cut. I was so amazed at the detail. It gave each cut three rounds, I had it on the .7mm but I could have had it at the .5mm and it would have done it twice and that would have been fine too.

DIY Dreamcatcher with a Cricut Explore on


DIY Dreamcatcher on a Cricut Explore on Frenchiewraps.comI then wrapped the outside of the embroidery hoop and the doily with some pink twine. You can see in the picture below how I did that. Then I placed another piece of the twine inside and around the hoop, I then placed some ribbon on the inside of those and tied it around to add some depth on the sides. I then attached the feathers that I had cut out of the Hazel and Ruby Tissue Roll and attached it with some Elmers glue. For those I pasted Mod Podge on the tops and placed glitter on the top.

DIY Dreamcatcher with a Cricut Explore on


DIY Dreamcatcher with a Cricut Explore on

I did decide later on to add more ribbon and then some button/bead embellishments. It was a breeze. I just did the exact same thing. This is super fancy and any little girl would love this. You can make it as girly or boyish as you want. I think an Aztec style would be awesome. This for sure is going to be something that I copy later on and do different renditions on.

DIY Dreamcatcher with a Cricut Explore on

Rosette Wedding Backdrop with a Cricut Explore on

The next thing I created on the Cricut Explore are these fabulous rosettes available in the Design Studio. These were just about as easy as you can get. You'll want to decide how wide you want to rosettes. You'll go to the measurements pad in the edit box and with the lock ON, you'll put that number in DIVIDED by half. If I wanted an 8″ rosette, I would put the number 4″ in the width field of the measurements of my edit box. You will need four cuts each to complete one full circle rosette. It'll have a score line and a cut line. Make sure you have the scoring tool because it is a huge help. You'll definetly want this one!

DIY Rosettes on a Cricut Explore on Frenchiewraps.comDIY Rosettes with a Cricut Explore on Frenchiewraps.comUse some sturdy double tape, American Crafts makes an excellent one. Make them into a complete circle and then you'll basically push down in the middle to make the rosette bow out. You'll apply hot glue to the back then turn it over and place a small amount in the middle. Also, have your centers ready to be able to place those over the tops of the fronts. I added some junque that I had collected over the last little while and I love the depth and classiness it adds. Go through some old jewelry, go to the dollar store and buy some cheap pearls. I love to go to JoAnns and go through their trims section and see what they have to offer. They have some really unusual things that you can use your imagination and have at it!

[left]DIY Rosette on your Cricut Explore on[/left]
[right]DIY Rosettes from a Cricut Explore on[/right]

For the stick, I had a fun meeting up in Ogden for a craft night and we painted sticks and did a bunch of other crafts. Mine was painted in simple $1 paints of white and gold, it was so easy and I've been looking for the right thing to use it for and now I did!

DIY Pinwheels with a Cricut Explore on

For this round of Cricut Design Space, I was so impressed with my team. These ladies can do it all. We have a lot of fun seeing what we all can come up with and with seeing what we did last month, I can't wait to show you what we've got for the next two months!


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Disclosure  |  I am a member of the Cricut Blogger Network.  I may receive prizes in exchange for my winning projects.  Even though I am not being directly compensated for these posts, I am under consideration for a prize with Cricut Design Space Star. All opinions are 100% my own. This post does contain affiliate links.
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  1. Cortney says

    Awesome! How did you get the cricut to cut the tissue paper without ripping? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!


    • Frenchie says

      Hey Cortney! The tissue paper was really tricky. It took a few tries but the cutting wasn’t the issue. It was taking it off the mat without ripping. I used the blue light grip mat, however you can’t use a fresh one. Use it when it’s been well loved and use the paper setting on your smart dial. I found it doesn’t help to do fine details either cause it’ll just rip very easy as well. The polka dot paper is like a fine vellum. That one cut very easily.

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