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Make An Easy Christmas Wreath

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christmas wreathCraft Lightning is back again for the Christmas holiday and I'm making this Easy Christmas Wreath. All it took was a pre-made wreath from JoAnn's (here is one in white), a holiday twig, some hot glue and some ribbon. It's woodsy and ties in to the trendy theme this year for Christmas.

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightningToday I'm going to show you how to make an easy Christmas wreath. I fluffed up the pines on the wreath and then I pulled away a small section so that I could add some of the twigs. I  placed some hot glue on the frame of the wreath and laid a twig on top. I continued to add them so that they made a swooping pattern and showed some sort of direction. When I cut the twigs off the giant post they originally came on, I ended up with 5 large and 5 small twigs. You can choose to use them all or only some, I used them all.

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightningI then took my ribbon and swagged it back and forth so I had 3 loops on each side and tied a ribbon in the middle. I fluffed the wire ribbon up so that it would have dimension and I took the extra ribbon that I tied it with in the middle and tied it to the wreath and hid a lot of the messy work. In the back I just knotted the deer ribbon on the wires and added some twine tassels just for some more dimension and that was it. Start to finish was about 20 minutes. Really easy and really a lot of fun!

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightning

Make a Christmas Wreath in less than 20  minutes on #craftlightningMake sure you check out more of Craft Lightning for the Holiday season and check out my other Craft Lightning posts!

XOXO, Lindsay


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