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Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes

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Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyeballs on

Hey there! I'm baaack for an exciting post today that I am contributing for Alison with Cupcake Diaries series “30 Days of Halloween”. I've created some Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes! Let me tell you, they are delish! You can use any yogurt you want but the greek yogurt makes them a little more figure friendly and we all know we want a little help in that area!

I grabbed some yogurt and blueberries on my weekly shopping trip to Costco, this is normally something I'd grab so it was so easy to whip up and also use any leftovers that we may have.

Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes on seelindsay.comI started by combining the yogurt and blueberries to create the Iris, you could use whatever fruit you wanted. I originally wanted Blackberries cause I love the tart flavor so much more but my kids do love Blueberries so it was still a win!

Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes on

I then put some of the non-blueberry yogurt in a zip-loc baggie and pipped it onto my parchment lined baking sheets. I went for different sizes, mainly larger eyeballs because hey, it's Halloween! I then put the blueberry yogurt into a squeeze bottle and pipped different shaped and different positioned circles onto the ‘eyes'. I placed them into the freezer overnight and then I served with honey on the side. So good!

Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes on

Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes on

Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes on

I love how they look in this little wooden coffin from Michaels. For the honey, I just filled the bottom cupcake liner with Orzo pasta and then had a smaller cupcake liner and placed it on top and filled it up. I placed it a little snug before I filled it so it would not slide around.

Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyes on

These will not stay frozen long so take them out when you expect them to be eaten or serve them in a separate smaller dish along with your other appetizers. You could also have them pierced with bloody toothpicks! However, they won't last long cause they taste so good!

Ghoulish Greek Yogurt Eyeballs on

Make sure you check out the rest of Allison's series that's going on all month-long to get some serious inspiration for some Halloween goodies! I hope you love these as much as I did!

XOXO, Lindsay


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