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Homemade Funfetti Cake with Trix Cereal and Skylanders

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Create this homemade funfetti cake using General Mills Trix cereal.

Nothing is better than taking something that you never thought was possible and turning it into something rad. That totally happened with this cake and some Trix cereal. Who doesn't love funfetti cake? Whoever doesn't is clearly losing in life! You have to try this cake and don't forget to get the box that has the Skylanders on it. You get the Skystones game and it's so fun to play with the kids. I'll explain that in a bit.

Create this homemade funfetti cake using General Mills Trix cereal.

So for the cake, you'll want to soak 1 1/2 cups of cereal in a small amount of milk for about 2-3 minutes just to soften the cereal so you don't get chewy/gross pieces in your cake. Not drowned it, just moisten them.

Create this homemade funfetti cake using General Mills Trix cereal.

My secret and my best ever advice is to go to your favorite bakery and ask to buy some of their frosting. They'll usually sell it by the pound. My local bakery sells it for $5/lb. and it's much more time efficient and tastes much better than store bought frosting. I prefer the cream cheese frosting for this recipe and you could even add some softened Trix cereal into it as well. I wanted a cleaner look to the cake and added the Skylanders character, Spyro, to the top. I was almost tempted to paint him gold but I refrained. I added the Trix cereal all along the edge just for another extra touch.

Create this homemade funfetti cake using General Mills Trix cereal.Now for the best part, Skystones! Hidden inside select boxes of General Mills cereal, you'll find it specially marked with Skylanders, is a special pack of Skystones. On the back of each box is the game board and you can collect up to 4 boxes of Skystones to unlock special characters in the mobile Skylanders game. If you've played the video game before, this is just a physical game of the card game. On the cards you have a character and each side has a number of ‘arrows' and you want to put that card next to a card with less ‘arrows'. If you have more ‘arrows', you'll be able to turn that card around to either blue or red, depending on which team you are. The whole point is that you want to dominate the board. I really hope I explained this so that you parents understand it, lol. I do much better in laymen terms and I'm a visual learner.

With that being said, I had some of our neighbor boys come over with my boys and we opened our box that came in the mail. These boys were so excited. I let them take home an empty box of course, I can't let them take my GM cereal! My boys were pretty funny afterwards and we're trying to trade cards. I'm glad I got that civil moment on tape.

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