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DIY Farmhouse Gather Sign with Loctite

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This large Gather Sign has been seen around a lot of farmhouse homes, but they can be expensive. Learn how easy it is to create your own farmhouse sign using a few simple steps and a lot less money. It's the perfect family wall decor for your home.

gather farmhouse sign

Bright is my style for my blog but farmhouse is my style for my home. Every once in awhile, I find a way to incorporate my home and love of crafting into one blog post and it comes out perfect every time.

I had this old board from a DIY Stocking Holder I made a few years ago and then it just turned into a board that I'd use to spray paint small objects on. I knew I wanted to reuse the wood, but I was waiting for the perfect project to do so. This large farmhouse sign was the perfect thing I'd been waiting for!

Loctite at target

Supplies for your large Gather sign

  • Wooden Plank cut to 48″x8″ or whatever size will fit your space
  • Electronic Cutting Machine with wood or chipboard cutting capability
  • Basswood Sheets
  • Ivory Spray Paint
  • Black Spray Paint
  • Dark Stain Wax or Wood Stain
  • Loctite® Super Glue ULTRA Gel Control®
large gather sign

Cutting your Gather letters

I used my electronic cutting machine and the knife blade attachment. You can use any other machine that has the wood cutting capability because I've included the Gather SVG file below for you to upload to your computer. I've also included the PNG file of each letter so that if you have a scroll saw, you can cut your letters that way with some MDF.

cut wood with cricut

The best wood to use for this project is 1/16″ or 3/32″ basswood sheets which are available at your local craft store or you can use chipboard sheets that are 2mm thick. If you don't have a machine with this ability, you can cut the thinner chipboard with your electronic cutter and do about 6-8 of each letter and glue them together with your Ultra Gel to create a thicker letter.

Preparing your Farmhouse sign

Begin by sanding all the edges and cleaning off any of the sawdust so you have a clean surface. Spray down your sign with the ivory and allow that to dry while you spray your gather letters.

spray painting wood
painting chipboard

How to Use Loctite Ultra Gel

Loctite ultra gel

You want to use your Loctite Ultra Gel in a well-ventilated area. For me, I used my garage and just a pallet of wood to protect my floor. A drop cloth would work great if you're working outdoors, just something that'll keep your surface clean.

chipboard letters

Space out your letters and plan ahead of time where you want your Gather to be on your sign. My space is smaller so I used a smaller board but you can easily adjust the size to be what you need it to be.

Loctite ultra gel

Use the precision tip to place the Ultra Gel on the back of your letters and then space them out where you placed them. The Ultra Gel does not require any clamping so set it aside to dry completely before you start on the next step. Wash your hands thoroughly after using the Ultra Gel.

Loctite ultra gel

I like using the Ultra Gel because I don't have to worry about any drips or glue getting in areas I don't want to make it perfect for crafting and the patented control applicator is easy to use and provides precise distribution.

Loctite Ultra Gel is available at your local Target stores in the hardware area. It's inexpensive and it's durable. It's the perfect adhesive for this large farmhouse sign.

loctite at target

Staining your wooden sign

sanding wood sign edges

Sand the edges of your sign and the letters to expose some of the wood and then wipe down again to get rid of any additional sawdust. Be sure that your project is dried completely so that your letters don't shift.

stain on staining sponge

You can use wood stain and a lint-free cloth or some wood finishing wax. Mix your stain completely and dip the cloth into the stain. Rub into the creases of the letters and the outer edges and then immediately wipe. Depending on how dark you want it, keep doing the exact same thing over and over until you get the color you want.

wood glaze on wood sign

For the wood wax, just use a stipple brush and rub the wax in a circular motion. Start out light-handed until you get the finish you want. You can rub some of it off using a lint-free cloth but for the most part, it'll look like what it does when you first apply the wax. The more you move it around, the lighter it becomes as the wax spreads.

How to finish your Gather sign

farmhouse gather sign

Now that the large gather sign is complete, you need to seal it. If you did the waxing, then you've basically already sealed it and it needs to dry for 48 hours. It'll be completely cured within 30 days but since it's on your wall, you won't have to worry about it too much.

You can finish your sign using some spray polyurethane but it's setting time is similar to the wax. The spray usually is set within 2 hours but it won't be fully cured for about 30 days as well.

Hook some D-rings on the back of your sign and hang in the desired area you want.

d rings on wood

Go with whatever finish you're looking for whether it be light in dark or dark on light like this farmhouse sign. I created this one vertically but horizontally will look just as good.

farmhouse gather sign
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