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Lion King Rock Painting Designs in Under 15 Minutes

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Lion King hits theaters tomorrow so what is better than celebrating with a Lion King craft! Create these Lion King Rock Painting Designs on your own river rocks using supplies you already have.

Disney Lion King Painted rocks

Supplies for your Painted Rocks

Lion Paw Painted Rock

Where can I find rocks for painting?

Nature is your best option when it comes to finding river rocks. Look for rocks that are smooth and have no indentations. I like ones that are flat rather than a big round mound. You can buy river rocks on Amazon for around $10 for 6 or you can head to your local creek and pick some there.

When creating your own Lion King crafts, search in Google for some art inspiration on how you want to paint your Lion King painted rock designs.

pride rock rock painting design

how to use the pebeo drawing gum

When you're using the Pebeo Drawing Gum, be sure to press down the tip to bring the drawing gum to the end. It won't be a large amount of the drawing gum that comes out so don't expect to have a giant blob of drawing gum to remove after you paint. I did two or three coats to make sure that some of my lines were sharp. You can buy the thicker marker tip if you're not wanting to deal with the fine tip.

samba painted rock

Once you've freehand drawn your Lion King images, paint the rocks using some standard metallic craft paint and allow it to dry for over an hour to ensure that it is completely dry. The rock painting designs can be anything you want them to be. Don't look for perfect!

Lion King Painted Rock Designs
paint metallic on rock

how to remove drawing gum

Once your paint has dried on your new rocks, start by rubbing the Pebeo Drawing Gum off of your rock. This will leave you with a negative image painted on your rock. It takes a little bit of effort but it's nothing a child couldn't do.

Display your Lion King craft in all it's glory and head to the theaters to see it nationwide on July 19th. If you're wanting to include an awesome Disney Vacation into all this mix, head to Get Away Today for the best deals on Disney Parks.

Kids Lion King Craft rock painting design

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