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Make Your Own Puzzle with the Cricut Maker

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Creating a puzzle with your Cricut Maker is super easy when you're using Chipboard and the Knife Blade. Learn how to make your own puzzle using the Cricut.

make your own puzzle

I've seen lots of puzzles made with the Cricut Maker but I've never seen one where you can open it up and there are little prizes on the inside. I love this little Christmas Cricut puzzle for Malakai and I've even got a few more ideas for things like this.

how to make puzzle pieces

Supplies Needed to Make Your Own Puzzle

how to cut chipboard on your Cricut Maker

You're going to need to first cut all of your Chipboard using the Cricut Knife Blade. The Knife Blade is the only thing that can cut through Basswood or the 1.5 or 2mm Cricut Chipboard. It raises the pressure with each pass and allows for the chipboard to cut with precision.

How to use the Cricut Knife Blade

You're going to use some painters tape or masking tape to tape down all four sides of the chipboard and you're going to want to use your computer to cut. You cannot use your mobile device to cut with the Knife Blade because the cuts take so long and it could interrupt the cut and ruin your project.

What adhesive do you use for Cricut Chipboard?

I've layered six pieces of the Cricut chipboard onto one another and then sealed it with some Beacon Adhesives Power-Tac. I clamped them down using some photo clamps or you can use something heavy on top to hold it all down and tight. The Power-Tac dries quickly so keep that in mind.

beacon power-tac adhesive

When you're gluing chipboard, you either want to stick to a dry or wet adhesive. Mixing the formulas of adhesive can cause your chipboard to warp or fall apart so use it sparingly but also make sure you have enough to stick it all together tightly.

How to use Patterned Iron-On Vinyl on Chipboard

You want to set your EasyPress 2 to 315F and press for 30 seconds. Use the EasyPress Mat or a towel so that you have the ability to press and it'll get adhered to all the areas evenly. Allow your patterned Iron-On to cool completely and then peel.

iron on vinyl on chipboard

Adhere your patterned Iron-On before you glue it all together. It's harder to get a good adhesion when all your pieces have adhered because there is no give in the chipboard.

adhering chipboard for a puzzle

Hostess with the Mostess has a new line of vinyl and paper and it's so dreamy. There are some patterns that scream Christmas and others that tie in the winter wonderland feel and it's all so cohesive.

cricut christmas iron on vinyl

I pressed some Patterned Iron-On on the base layer so that when you opened it, you could see a design, as well as the top layer of the small holes, the top layer, and printable vinyl on the individual puzzle pieces.

cricut printable vinyl on puzzle pieces

Once the top was cooled, I placed the teal Premium Vinyl to adhere to it on the very top so that my puzzle was personalized for Malakai.

cricut personalized project

how to assemble your DIY Puzzle

Now it's time to adhere it all together. Use the same method as before by gluing the pieces in the correct order. I attached some cute wooden beads to the tops of the puzzle pieces for easy lifting and placed some cute Christmas candies inside the holes of the puzzle.

diy puzzle

You can add little trinkets, charms, anything tiny in these spots so that your little ones can find prizes. I found these mini dinosaurs in the model aisle at my local Hobby Lobby and some little candies at the checkout.

how to make a puzzle

Malakai loves that he can open each Cricut puzzle piece and find a treasure and once he's eaten all the candies, he just hides whatever he can fit inside.

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