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Cute Kids Matchstick Valentines and a FREE Printable!!

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Pretzel Stick Valentines for kids

Well, I hope since I've been gone for a bit, you can at least forgive me with this super cute Valentine's Day project! I know that these lyrics can be interpreted by your favorite artist but I am simply thinking of Lauryn Hill when I read these. I grew up on her Miseducation album and it by far will not be compared to a lot of albums. I've seen the miniature matches done a few other places but I wanted to do some larger pretzels basically because my kids devour pretzels. These are so easy and so inexpensive. You can have your kids dipping along while your minding your own business and it'll be even cuter cause it'll have their touch.

Pretzels and Chocolate ValentineI started by running to the grocery store and grabbing some Snyder's pretzel rods, some small pretzel sticks and some red Wilton Candy Melts. I did use my Cricut Explore to make some matchboxes about 3″ long but it really isn't necessary. If you're looking for the shape, it's on the Tags, Bags, Boxes & More 2 Cartridge.

Red ChocolateI started by melting my Candy Melts. I started in 30 second intervals. I used about 15 melts at the beginning. My tempering method is pretty fool-proof – you start with 30 seconds, stir (it will barely have any melt at this point); 30 seconds again, stir (more melted but not completely); 30 seconds again, stir (all your pieces will have mostly have all melted, you may have a few nuggets of the melts that have not completely melted through and that's ok). You'll now add a small handful of the melts (7-10) and stir. The residual heat will melt them completely and give your melts a good glossy look and it won't be cloudy.
**This method also works well for real chocolate

Pretzel Valentine

This will be the best time to start dipping your pretzels. Lay out a sheet of parchment or wax paper and dip the tip ever so slightly and kind of shake off the excess softly so that you won't have a pool of extra melts at the tip like the third one up from the bottom of the picture ;). Just keep going until all your pretzels are dipped. If your candy melts start to get too stiff, just put them in the microwave for another 20 seconds.

Fire Valentine

I made these cute printables to go along with your matches that you can give to your hot stuff, they are just at the bottom of the post! For obvious reasons, you'll want to wrap them up in a plastic gift bag if they are not in your immediate family! I hope that you love these, it took a lot of love and I think they're kind of perfect.

Pretzel MatchThank you! XOXO, Lindsay

light my fire  <– GRAB YOUR PRINTABLE HERE!!!!!!!!


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  1. Dalisa says

    Just brilliant!
    I’m making these for our office.
    I’ll let you know how it goes and if successful I might post a picture too.
    Thanks for the detailed instructions.

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