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Pottery Barn Superhero Sign Knock-off

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Every Brother is a SuperheroWell this was super easy and free so it's a score! I love PB but hate the prices but I can't complain about the quality so it's just a struggle for me sometimes. However, when I saw this sign for my boys' room, I thought that I could easily do that. Hazel and Ruby Makery Members are joining up to do a pallet post remake so be sure to check everyone's projects out. Hazel and RubyI used my power tools cause I'm really strong like that and cut some cedar fencing slats that cost about $1. Again, I said this was free because I had them on hand but if you needed to buy them and didn't have a pallet, these are the things to buy. I cut them to 22″ in length and I used 4 of them. I also cut 2 pieces that would fit along the back of it so I could nail it and hold them all together.

Wood Pallet SignI stained it using Rustoleums driftwood for a greyish color and used Hazel and Ruby's Broadside Alpha stencil masks. I laid out the saying “Every Brother is a Superhero” and then sprayed it in Krylon's Blue Ocean Breeze. I gave it a light spray because I still wanted a lot of the stain to show.

Vili and EfiI allowed it to dry for 30 minutes and removed the stencils and sanded the corners. Really easy and really cute. I love how this project turned out and it's pretty fab for the boys' room. I also love finding pictures of my husband in his youth. He's the one in the green. We don't have too many pictures of him but he looks the exact same, head size and everything! 

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